Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jejak Kasih


Announcement,tomorrow class (QS Practice and Admin) is cancelled.So,tonight I'll be spending my time for two things.(I mean before going to bed)

First,I wanna go to my friend's room and surfing the internet using the university signal/coverage.My room is a slide away from the signal.Hence,I need to bring along my laptop to my friend's room and surf the internet.His room is just infront of the router.
I couldn't access the university library using my broadband although I've setted a proxy to access.I couldn't figure out what's the problem.I need to access to the university library and download journals,articles etc. for my literature review during this raya break.Study tetap study!

Second,planning to go 'berfoya-foya' at my other friends' room.Makan-makan and sembang-sembang santai.After all,this sem I'm still in debt with one of my promises i.e. ziarah kawan-kawan especially classmates.Tonight's visit is worth though.Last before raya.hehe

Ok.ok..I've driven away the readers from the original topic i.e. jejak kasih.
Yesterday my old friend from the primary school sms, telling me he is currently in Japan,further his study.I just kind of what?Ok,FYI I've lost contact with almost 99% of my primary school friends.My bad I didn't intended to create FB account right now.(Still in dilemma).

So,after we hi each other I remembered my best friend during zaman kanak-kanak.I mean,standard 1-5.(Darjah 6 I moved to other school)

Ok,he is a Chinese.But,I bet he is much better compared to some of my Malays' friends.I was sitting next to him during darjah berape ntah.He's good in Math and English.

His dad own a bicycle workshop at the 'cowboy town' of Lunas,Kedah.So,sometimes,I will cycled all the way from home with my big brother to his dad's workshop just to meet him.His big brother was in the same class with my brother,while I was in the same class with him.So,we were like 'rakan adik-beradik' la..

I used to played video games at his house and lepak-lepak in his room.(It's a 1 Malaysia concept though..hehe).Sometimes the maid at their house offered us drinks but we refused to accept it.Biasala zaman kanak-kanak 'syadid' sikit.Kononnya takut bekas ada babi.kekeke.Tak pikir langsung hati orang.

Even we had our own activities at school.Bring along CD games and exchange with each others.Of course it was among school prefect only and I was the only one who wasn't the school prefect.Salah guna kusa zaman kechik-kechik dulu..hehe.But really enjoyed!(ini bukan nasihat untuk adik-adik melakukan aktiviti ini)

I left the school when I was in standard 6 when my family moved to somewhere else.I got to know that he succeeded in his UPSR and enrolled in one of the prestigious daily school in Kulim i.e. SMK Sultan Badlishah.

I didn't keep in touch with him as I was in hostel and the last thing I heard about him from my other friends was,he and his family was migrated to Australia.None of my friends have his contact number and it really made me upset.I didn't even have chance to say goodbye.Isk3..

I try searching for him via FB (my bro account)but it was useless.

Chang Wei Shion...Where are you now??

He taught me chinese (hokkien) language.But I requested from him to teach me only the *&^%# words!Kekeke.At least I can burst out the words when I've lost my temper.Kanak-kanak dulu la..Sekarang ni dah insap..Tak buat lagi.

So,for those yang mengenali saudara Chang Wei Shion son of Chang Huck Leong and brother to Chang Wei Ern,please inform me..I'm sure he's still in Australia or else he's working or further his studies at other place.

That's all...



1)Am I being the issue among the lecturers now?If yes,what it is all about?Is it cause of my badASS or vice versa?I'm kind of guy yang tak suka orang kenal.And I managed to be like that since 1st year.Out of all my lecturers,only one yang memang kenal and ingat nama I.I tend to remain silent and 'psycho' dalam class.Although duduk depan sokmo,tapi 'psycho'..hehe.So,just now 1 of my lecturer cakap ape ntah with my friend and suddenly she asked,"Eh,you ni ke Nabil?"and my friend pointed to me and I'm kindda 'eh ape silap aku?'(Otak terus ligat berfikir,apelah yang mereka dok bergossip tentang diriku ini..but I don't care n it wont bother me at all.tapi mcm nak tahu jugak sbb apa..hehe.knapa tiba2 terfamous pulak ni?)

2)Esok nak balik kampung..Sedih tak dapat nak nk bermakmumkan solat di masjid uia di 10 malam terakhir ni..


Atiqah said...

Somehow ukur kira, FB gets really useful to trace ur long lost friends..i manage to search and find my primary schoolamates after 8 years we have lost contact from each other..amazingly, they greeted me first when i completely forgot their names..huhu (teruknye kn)

i used to think Fb is not the only way to connect with friends, but when i thought about it from +ve point of view, i could see the good side of fb which i can really make full use of it..

1. U two were good friends back then, find him back for good
2. Stop ur dilemma and get urself a Fb account (ok..just kidding, its ur own decision)

ukur kira said...


Thanks for your advise.But I still didn't manage to find n search him using my bro FB account.Hence,if I did create my own account,what is the purpose then?

Insya Allah,I'll make my own account soon..(still dalam proses considering lot of things)

Thanks again.