Monday, January 3, 2011



In the class...

Lecturer: When u've graduated there are many more students from other universities who're graduated as well.You need to be extraordinary compared to the rest.What makes an employer need to employ you in their firm rather than the rest?What so special in you?

Student A : We,from IIUM have taken 'Parenting class'.That makes us special compared from others.

Me: Apakah? (is it an added value contributing to the construction industry)


Coincidently i was wearing a robe to the masjid (Oman's style)when suddenly I met two of my sahabats.Both of them were wearing the robe too.(Morocco style and Sau'di style).We went to the cafe after isya' for dinner.

I met my friends (same faculty) at the cafe.

A : Eh,aku ada soalan ni.Kau ni tarikat ke tabligh ke syi'ah?

Me: Tabligh pun ye.Aku sampaikan apa yang Allah suruh.Kira tabligh juga la kan.Tabligh kan menyampaikan.Tarikat pun ye.Aku ni atas 'Tariqut d'wah'.Aku sayang saidina husin.So,aku syi'ah ke?Kau jawab la sendiri..

A : ........

*People perspectives when looking at those who are wearing 'jubah'.Hmm...


I was at the Palestine booth when suddenly an arab guy came.(oh,me and my sahabats and sahibahs is opening a booth for rising fund for the Palestine.We're selling lot of stuffs e.g. t-shirt,mug,key chain,sticker,muffler,flag,books,'smylo'an alternative choc drink for Milo and many more)

Arab guy: Why people are always concern about Palestine?Everytime Palestne,Palestine,Palestine.Why not Iraq,Afghanistan or even Indonesia?

Sahabat A: Just smiling.(A bit shocked being provoked by such question)

Sahabat B: Palestine is our main concern and... (Haven't finished explained and that arab guy just left with his hand showing like 'blah la')

Sahabat A: Aduh,how are we going to explain if others are asking the same questions later on?

Me:Just ask them back;does our faces look like we are not concern with Afghanistan,Iraq etc.?Watch out for your words!

Sahabat A: are too harsh.Syadid!

Me : oh,sorry.Then you just say like this;Oh we are focusing on Palestine and if you are too busy criticizing why not you open a booth besides us and promote for the liberation of Iraq,Afghanistan etc.It's your responsibility though.We're welcoming you to open your booth.If he refused,'amik buku yang kita jual tu ketuk pala dia.Amik hang!'

Sahabat A: Too harsh.Not a good approach.

Me: Then I shall keep quiet.All of my suggestion seems to be 'tidak sopan'.

*Well,I'm a guy who are very sensitive on Palestine issues.If people dare saying something bad related to Palestine in front of me,then they better prepared to be 'kick their ass!' (sorry harsh words)

*Arab pun tak leh pakai la...Agenda Zionist dah merasuk pikiran dia kot?(Pandai pulak aku kata kat orang..sori..huhu)

Wallahu'alam..(cerita ini mungkin ada unsur2 tambahan agar ia nampak real.Tapi gists of the stories are still the same.Tiada kaitan antara hidup or mati)


Anonymous said...

situation 1 : that answer consider okay... kalo dijwpnye coz i'm cute/hensem? cane?

situation 2 : that what many malays believe...

situation 3 : sometime all this foreigner know bout it.. and they try to make u think n convince them..
for those who do not know, they may be wondering. and for us as the one who know the truth shall tell them the truth..
the truth is, Palestine i ours..
use Quran as reference..sometime they do not..
and, masjid al aqsa is our first, it is important as tanah haram..
convince them with that kind of 'hujah'...
those harsh word only will let them remain ignorance...
our main aim is to let people know and care bout the palestine...
so, that is ur responsible to spread out the knowledge...

but, if they still don't wanna hear, let them..
arab is harsh people..
SOME arabs act like 'mr.know it all'...
the like to provoke n like o fight..
but, if u know how to touch their heart, their soft spot, they may be better...


-cik ABC-

Hafiz said...

Haha....Brani la sgt nta nk marah pak arab 2,nk ketuk kepala dia lg la ana rs ssh....Adik2 dkt dorm dlu buat prangai pn nta x bising,harap ana ja.....Ni kan pula pak arab yg jauh lebih besar pada nta,mustahil.... :)

ukur kira said...

@cik ABC:
Quoting from your statement:
"so, that is ur responsible to spread out the knowledge"

Err..I guess it is not the only my responsibility to spread the course.It's in fact 'OUR' responsibility.Wallahu'alam

Well,ana ni kan cool.Tak main la marah2.Lg pun ana malas nak 'beramah-mesra' dgn adik2 form 1 dulu sbb takut tiba2 depa nak amik ana jd abang angkat.hahaha.

Eh,org2 arab ni kdg2 bukannya berani sangat.(in certain circumstances la..)huhu

Anonymous said...

yes, it is our responsible..
but, as i write this to u, that why i'm using ur..

-cik ABC-

Anonymous said...

yes, it is our responsible..
but, as i write this to u, that why i'm using ur..

-cik ABC-