Monday, January 17, 2011

Decision making


Making decision is not an easy thing as pronouncing the word per Se. It involves critical thinking where internal and external aspects need to take into account.

The best solution,apart from absolute relying on our mind,experience etc., it is a good practice to seek the answer from our Creator, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

The question is,if we need to respond to the options infront of us on the dot,how would it be then?

Personally,I will follow my instinct plus considering at a glance on few aspects.However,human instinct sometimes can drives to the wrong sides.That is why the importance of 'longing our heart to Allah at all times' need to be instilled at all time.

It is hope that whenever we are in difficult situation, Allah will guide us to the right way.


*Actually I need to make a decision for tonight events.Which one should I go?

A)I've been invited by my Turkish friends to go to their house tonight,participating in book reviews written by Bedi'uzzaman Sa'id An-Nursi.(It's a weekly event)-Actually I haven't meet them for quite called 'BUZZY'.

B)I've a weekly Kuliyah Tazkiyah An-Nafs which is held inside the campus.Deliver by Ustaz Darus Senawi.

C)I'm planning to go to the library tonight..-settling few academic things.

D)I've been invited by my friends to join them having the dinner somewhere outside the campus.

E)Do nothing.Sleep early.Tired as I was quite 'hectic' today..

Talian hayat....waiting for suggestion..(oh,no need to suggest me anything.It's my probs and I should know it better.Just to express it here.)

May Allah guide all of us...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your comments.

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ukur kira said...

Thank you