Saturday, January 22, 2011

After every rainfall there's come a rainbow


Praise be to Allah as HE is still giving me the opportunity to share something here.Although my daily schedule is a bit 'pack', Insha Allah i'll be trying to spend 'some of my precious time' sharing my thought which is basically coming from my personal experience.

Actually 'After every rainfall there's come a rainbow' is a song title singing by the Outlandish as a tribute to the Pakistanis whom were suffering during the previous flood.

I'm not going to share the lyric here nor to sing it,but I wanted to share the gist of this phrase from my own understanding and perspective.

As far as my understanding is concerned,it is all about 'Never loosing hope'.Because each and every single thing that happened there are 'something' to be deserved in the future.

Or in other words,in every hardships, there is still a hope and rewards later on.The point is,never give up and and loosing faith in Allah.Believe me,Allah never burdening His slaves.ALLAH is Al-'ADL.

Just to share with my fellow readers a true story which was happening to my best friend.- In Every Hardship there is always a light.

Long story short,my friend need to extend another "ONE YEAR" before he could graduate, as he was failed his 'Studio' during the last semester. (Those in the Architecture/Landscape Architecture/QS/Art and Design etc. knows better on this subject)

Frankly,if I were at his situation,it would be totally messing up my life.I'll be mourning all the day.Of course my friend was having the same feeling.Crying etc.Alhamdulillah he kept on smiling whenever we met as if he was having no problem, although sometimes I did know he was in the 'deepest sadness' by looking at his eyes. (Believe me I could 'read' people...sometimes)

Suddenly one day unexpected thing happened to him.He was offered to travel to Morocco for two weeks.He only need to pay for the flight tickets i.e RM2000.00 (two ways tickets)which is actually quite cheap as the normal price would be RM6000.00

All the expenses for foods,hotel etc was fully sponsored.

He got the offer not during the semester break hence he need to 'sacrifice' his classes.Biiznillah, as he failed his studio ( die hard core subject),he couldn't take many subjects.He only have 2 classes per week.

In fact,these two subjects are not too 'heavy' and he could 'catch up' later on.

His 'vacation' was not a 'fully rested mind' type.It was about attending conferences,meeting with other youths from all over the world etc.At least he could broaden his experience and knowledge.

Before he 'fly', I met him and he told me that This is the 'HIKMAH' of 'husnuzon' with Allah.Although he failed his studio,Allah replaced with something else which I think is a much more better for him.


*Dengar khabarnya,akan ke Spain sekali memandangkan Morocco berada di Selatan Spain.Semoga Allah berkati perjalanan sahabatku ini.


1)Never lose hope
2)Husnuzon dengan Allah
3)Jangan pulak saja2 gatai nak bagi fail subject than expecting nak pi travel jugak.
4)Senaraikan sendiri mana2 rasa yang patut.

Jazakallahu khair to my particular sahabat as he gave me two books as a present before he departures to Morocco.

.::. After Every Rainfall there's come a Rainbow .::.


Atiqah said...

I believe with this phrase too..i met with so many obstacles...the most hardest part was to accept the fact that i was failed to further studies in UK...Alhamdulillah, continuing studies in UKM indeed a good choice of all...

nurizbhr said...

Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Sesungguhnya besarnya ganjaran itu dinilai pada besarnya dugaan yang menimpa. Dan sesungguhnya Allah itu apabila mencintai sesuatu kaum, maka akan mereka itu diberi dugaan. Oleh sebab itu barangsiapa yang redha dengan ujian yang menimpa, dia akan memperoleh keredhaan Allah dan barangsiapa yang tidak maka padanya kemurkaan Allah". [H.R al-Tirmidzi]

Hikmah Allah dalam mengajar hambaNya sentiasa penuh dgn kerahsiaan. Oleh itu, sentiasalah kita mohon yg terbaik..

kalimah 'repeat/extend' year sudah menjadi kelaziman tp menggerunkan bg student2 cn. Namun kadang2 'iadah (repeat) itu sbnrnya terkandung 'ziadah ilmu' di dalamnya.

Atiqah: still ada chance, jom smbng PhD kat sne ^_^

ukur kira said...

Seems like you were having quite the same experience with my friend.Insha Allah,wamakaru wamakarallah.Wallahu kairul makirin..

Thanks for sharing the hadith.Betul dan setuju.REPEAT subjects tu kadang-kadang or i should say most of the time membawa 'kebaikan' jika diredhai,dikaitkan dengan kuasa Allah dan looking from a perspective yang baik.


LuQMaN M.J said...

the same thing happen to me and I praise ALLAH who had planned it for me =)

met new friends, learn new things, went to more places, chosen to be the president, having a car etc..
what a wonderful world that ALLAH had plan for us all. =)

ukur kira said...

Luqman MJ:

yup exactly.But it's difficult to relate the 'good' things we received during the 'mourning' period.Most of the time we tend to blame 'the fate' at the very beginning of the 'failure'.

Most of the time we only feel the 'hikmah' after we have passed the 'situation' or after having a deep thinking/muhasabah and what not.


*Aa..baru terpikir.Kau dapat kreta dowh.Looks like you got the car,b.teh having the motorbike while I'm walking for the whole 4 years here..Hahaha

LuQMaN M.J said...

mintak kat abah naza blade 250 lepas ni =)