Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing language

I was chatting with my Turkish friend...

Me: Assalamualaykum.Nasilsin?

Him: 'Alaikumussalam.Khabar baik.
Apa khabar?

Me: Alhamdulillah iyiyim tesekkuler. seems like as if I'm a Turkish and he is a Malaysian...
I Haven't meet him for quite sometimes.He is currently doing his PhD.(biotech) in UTM but now he is in Istanbul university doing his research for 6 months.

I used to go to his house (including some of his friends.My friends too actually) in KL years ago.

Quite funny when suddenly he asked me whether I've already anyone (girl) in my mind for my future wife.- Are you serious?I've already engaged! Did I? (wallahu'alam)

When I was chatting with him, he was kinda 'mengajuk' our Manglish (Malay+English)style.Most of Malaysians tend to say 'la' at the end of every sentence.

E.g. Maybe la,You go first la etc.


*He wanted me to be his spokesman as he is going to marry a Malay girl insha Allah.Oh,no no no..Teman boleh la..Jadi jurucakap absolutely not.

I really enjoy making friends with Turkish.May Allah bless our ukhuwwah..


Hiromi Ichiban said...
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Hiromi Ichiban said...

Senior, i wonder the person who'll be your wife...

Ana doakan yang terbaik untuk nta...

ukur kira said...


No need to wonder2..I'm still single n not available.

Jazakallahu khair adik hiromi.
Moga nta juga mendapat yg terbaik dari Allah

LuQMaN M.J said...

jom kahwin :D

ukur kira said...

@Luqman MJ

Hehehe..kita x sampai 'seru' lagi..
Jadi pak menakan pun jadi la kalau x dak rezeki jadi bapa kpd anak2 sndiri. (already happy with that)

LuQMaN M.J said...

setiap insan ALLAH dah tentukan jodohnya. jika x bertemu d dunia, i'A akan ketemu d syurga =)

kau jgn x kahwin..kang kita pun x jadi kahwin :D