Sunday, January 9, 2011

short tazkirah


It was early in the morning when my phone beeping.I looked at my 2 inches mobile screen and found out that I've received a message from one of my sahabat.

The message:
"Salam 'alaik.Just a short reminder.If a Dai'e couldn't force himself to wake up for tahajjud,then he is dreaming of being a Dai'e and leader's of the Ummah.-Ustaz Darus Senawi"


*This message really 'slapping my face'.I used to sleep late at night.Settling my 'academic works'.Sometimes around 5am.-So,kalau dah tido pukul 5am tu,agak2 bangun ke utk tahajud?

A reminder for those who have 'heart' and intended to purify it...


mitaUMARu said...

like this ! :)

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

satu tamparan hati..

ukur kira said...

@umar&mr IQ:

moga jadi muhasabah utk kita..