Monday, January 31, 2011

the childhood (part 1)


It has been raining since the past two days.The condition is quite chilling and In fact,yesterday when I was in the library the tendency to sleep was quite high but Alhamdulillah I've managed to overcome it.A high neck sweater and a black cap really comforted me.

Each and everyone of us has their own childhood story and experience.The only thing that make it different is the way on how we perceived it.Some of us having a 'nightmares' but I guess most of us having a happy-naughty experiences.

Well,if I were about to be asked about my childhood,I would say I was having a very sweet moment as I grew up in sub urban area where we used to play all the traditional games etc.

My house was the 'port' where we used to assemble in the evening.I could say it was like a center where my friends will gathered after asar before we started our evening routine.


One of my favorites games was the 'guli'/marbles.I used to be the 'king' where I swap out all of my friends marbles.I started with few numbers of marbles but at the end of the day,I had pails of marbles.

It really enjoyable when you need an extra skills to shoot out the marbles inside the circle.Sometimes it required us to lie down our body on the ground.At a glance it seems like a soldier crawling during the fitness training.

I'm not sure what other people called the shining white marble.Amongst the other marbles,it is the most beautiful and expensive one.So,I used to set in my mind,shooting the white marbles before someone else did that.

Those the beginner,we allowed them to use the big marbles for their shooting bullet.(the main marble where we used it to shoot other marbles inside the circle).The size of that marble is about 3 times the normal size.

I'm not sure whether the 'beginners' realized or not that they were actually kind of being 'cheated'.As they thought the bigger the marble they used,the chances for them to shoot out other marbles in the circle were high.Yes of course it do but they really need a skillful technique to do that.They forgot that the bigger the marble,the heavy it is hence the chances for the marble to stuck inside the circle is quite high.- Argghh.. whatever..

I really missed my childhood life especially my best friends.
I'm pretty sure that kids nowadays are reluctant to play such games.In fact most of them didn't even know how to play this game.

Technology really kills our kid's life..

Anyone wanted to play 'guli' with me?Rise your hand please!!

I had many other experience e.g. buli anak2 cina.(I'm not racist.Just enjoy 'fighting'),mandi sungai,pancing ikan,main gasing,layang-layang,main hide n seek di malam-malam Ramadhan,kayuh basikal ke sekolah,buat cha-plom (a bamboo we used as a gun to shoot others.guna buah cenderai as the bullets.Kena baju memang habis la..Tak tanggal getah dia tu.Kira ada parut di baju la.huhu

(suddenly missing my olden days.)


.::: mr IQ :::. said...

jom r main tembak2....
Counter strike... huhuhu

ukur kira said...

@mr IQ:
Ana x reti la main counter strike.tak pernah main..Main PES reti la jugak

LuQMaN M.J said...

missing the old days also..
main ligan2/ lumba lari dlm rumah sampai patah tangan.. :)

ukur kira said...

Hehehe..sure u'll be missing that part a lot.