Monday, January 31, 2011


Is it winter now in malaysia?

Subhanallah it's totally cramping cold down here in the campus.I've switched off the fans,closed the windows but then the 'coldness' is still there.

It's a windy day today as the rain has stopped.

I almost 'stumbled down to the earth' this morning while riding (borrowing) my sahabat motorbike to the masjid for Fajr prayer.(too cold + raining )..

Even in the afternoon I was wearing my long neck sweater inside the room while doing my works.

Hopefully the weather will be quite good this evening as I've planned to visit my Turkish friends at their house.

Suddenly the weather reminds me on one of my sweet memories..somewhere back in 1996..



Hafiz said...

Xdak la sejuk sgt pn....Ana cat rmh mlm2 ok ja,x sejuk pn dkt luar walaupn mlm,hehe

ukur kira said...

Ooo..mmg la.cuaca kat Uganda mmg mcm tu.No doubt la cat malam2.I'm talking about here,in IIUM.

(Hai,cat rumah..ada majlis apa2 ke?..smthing I should know?)

LuQMaN M.J said...

Tahniah hafiz =)

Hafiz said...

Majlis apanya.....Menjaga kecantikan rumah la....