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Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah for all the things we have.It's countless all the graces HE blessed onto us.

Sometimes you need someone to talk to,releasing the feelings hide deep inside your heart.Looking and searching for someone who could brings you closer to Allah The Almighty.

In the middle of our chaotic environment,full of distractions,it is undeniable that we endeavoring some 'relaxing' time or spaces,sitting for a while hoping that the normal life will be come again.Praying for all the confusion,distractions,stressfulness would vanish into the thin air.

Yes,it do happens to me many times.And of course the first thing we, as a Muslims need to do is asking from Allah.After all HE is the one who created us hence HE knows better about HIS creations.

However in psychological point of view,sometimes it is necessary to share the 'situation' with someone else whom the one you trusted the most.The one who could brings you closer to Allah.Otherwise you'll be deeply under depression and for those who didn't have faith in Allah,most of the time they'll end up their life by committing suicide.Na'uzubilllahi min zalik.

Alhamdulillah yesterday I've managed to visit my Turkish friends at their house after almost 2 years I didn't met them.(Actually instead of 'I',it is supposedly 'we' as I went there with my roommate.Just to introduce him with my Turkish friends).Everyone too busy with their commitments.

Although I didn't managed to meet my best Turkish friend Umar, as he was leaving for Shah Alam,alhamdulillah Allah gave me the opportunity to met with new Turkish friends.

We had our dinner there although both of us had already taken it before maghrib prayer.I like the Turkish tea very much.(seems like I need to live in Turkey after this.)

This is the Turkish teapot.It has two 'story' on top of the other.The bottom one is where the plain boiled water is inserted.While the upper pot is the 'treacly' tea.(teh pekat/likat/'kaw' punya)We just mix it up according to our desired taste.-Noticed the teabag behind the teapot?CAY(pronounce Chai) is actually coming from the Arabic word i.e. tea (Arabic = Shai)

Most of the glass is this kind of pattern.The sugar is also in accordance to our desired taste.You like sweet,you put in more. (The tea is absolutely hot!.Boleh 'melecet' bibir dan lidah)

After Isyak prayer,we listened to Abdullah hoçam tazkirah.He shared with us about the story of Prophet Yunus 'Alaihi salam and his longing towards Allah during his experience inside the whale.

The story of the Prophet Yunus 'Alaihi salam supplication:

"La ilaha illa anta,subhana ka inni kuntu minaz zalimin".
-There is no God but YOU,Glory to Allah verily I am amongst the wrongdoers-

Based on one of the Bediuzzaman Said An-Nursi books entitled "'ilmular", he commented that Allah Sbhanahu wa ta'ala would not restraint the things HIS servants had asked when they supplicated together with this 'Dua.

But then the question is,why is that although we used to say this du'a but still Allah didn't granted the things we wanted for?

Here comes the 'iman'/faith in Allah.Yes,the Prophet Yunus 'Alaihi salam supplicated this when he had no other means to hope for,except for Allah.This can be clearly understood when we are in the situation where our level of 'believe' and hope are no more attaching to something else.

For instance,we used to asked Allah for wealth but then it never happened to be granted by HIM.Why,because we didn't totally put our faith in HIM.Or in simplest word,we still have other options to survive.We still have money in the bank etc.Hence the feeling of mengharapkan' from Allah is not reaching the level of Prophet Yunus when he was inside the whale.


Just sharing a short and simple tazkirah I've listened to.
Hopefully readers will benefits something.


1)It seems like the Turkish house will be my regular 'spot' after this.I've been invited to sleep there if I wish too.Cooking with them etc.(Oh,cooking part is my favorite one.I need to learn to cook the Turkish cuisine.)They said,the house is opened for me 24 hours.Alhamdulillah.(I'm most welcome)

2)If you met any of my Turkish friends and introduced yourself as Nabil's friend,don't be shocked if they said they even didn't know nabil.I have other's name among my Turkish friends.-Ahmet

3)One of my Turkish friends i.e Sadik Özata will be marrying to a Malay girl this weekend.That is why my best friend, Umar went to Shah Alam for discussion among other Turkish for the wedding reception.

4)Now I'm a Turkish-Indonesia-Yemen.(Yemen line's coming from my mom's side.My ancestors were all coming from there,while indonesia is from my dad's side.)

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