Monday, February 28, 2011



The submission date for our dissertation is about to come to an end.Yet most of us still struggling completing here and there,including me which I could describe my situation as " I'm in a deep shit".
It really drives me crazy thinking all of these things.

Even it distracted me into the class.I couldn't focus!
For instance in Construction Business's class, we were discussing about 'market' and each words my lecturer uttered,I couldn't stop myself from relating it with my research.

Let say the lecturer was telling us about the importance of identifying the aim and objectives of our Business in order to cater the market demand.And somehow from nowhere I started to think about my research aim and objectives.Were it tally with my literature review or not and etc.

And when my lecturer started to talk about surveying (demography,needs and etc.) on the society,ensuring the successfulness of the business,I was thinking about my research methodology.How,I'm going to conduct my case study,survey or interview.

As a result, at the end of the class,I jot nothing except the date and the course title on my A4 sheet notes.I could say I just absorbed less than 50% from the lecture delivered.- Very BAD!!

 See..This was my note.Please ignore the 'doodle' at the bottom right of the paper.
(It's a piece of shit with 3 lovely houseflies)

 * Now,there'll be a studio trip to the northern part to visit the construction of the double lane of the train railway at Bukit Merah and also the construction of the second Penang Bridge. It would consume 4 days for the whole trip, started from 16th of March.- Guess what?I didn't plan to join it as my mind is still thinking of the dissertation.(Although I'm eager to join it as it would be my final studio trip.)

* A bit stress now and headache seems to happened frequently. 
* Baru undergrad dissertation,belum master or PhD. (but it will never stop my spirit,Insha Allah!)
* Hope for your pray..

Now I'm getting stress!! Is it wolverine or two bat man?
Tell me!!!


.::: mr IQ :::. said...

wolverine or 2 bat men?
i think it's you...

Atiqah said...

when i read this post, i remembered myself last year, struggling for thesis and classes..hehe..what a great experience i had..thesis, a very strict lecturer, other classes and assignments...on top of all, friends were the best part at this critical stage..dont let yourself drowning alone in the swamp of books, journals and papers..get someone to consult u, support u and listen to u..

Syed Ahmad Fathi said...

chillax senior NJ.
slow slow nnt siap la.
tapi jgn slow sgt pulak.
moga ALLAH terus curahkan kekuatan.
bab batman tu mmg tricky jd tak reti lah nak jawab.

NJ said...

@mr IQ:
I got ur point.U were trying to say that I'm strong like these super hero right?Well of course it is.I'm an extraordinary guy!.

W/salam.Yeah.seems like all undergrad students will be facing the same thing.
But I believed that I'm good in being alone and keep all those weired feeling on my own.- except sometimes I'll share it with my parent.

Lets chill Fathi!!
Hehehe..Slow slow tapi jangan slow sangat?ok ok..
Insha Allah.Thanks for ur pray.

Nta jangan risau,bak kata mr IQ,these super hero tu ana la.