Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm all round !!



A group of people were discussing something infront of the Lecture Theater while waiting for the lecturer to come in..
A: Seems like we still didn't have any representatives to perform during the upcoming Pre-graduation dinner.
B: Yeah..At least we have one.Plying guitar and sing or anything..Hmm..
C: Why not NJ?

A,B & C: Hey NJ,why not you represent our batch and perform at the upcoming dinner?
NJ: Ok! No problem..Any demanded song?
B: You seems to be suitable for Nasheed.
NJ: How if I sing any songs from Tim McGraw,Kenny Chesney etc.?
A,B &C: ............ (terkesima)


A: NJ is there any talk tonight at university Masjid? (related to Maulidur Rasul)
NJ: I don't know.
A: How come you didn't know?
NJ: Why should I know?
A: Isn't you the 'AJK' masjid?
NJ: Tooodia..Celah mana aku AJK masjid!..But as far as I aware, there is no talk today at the univ.Masjid.
A: See..I've told you that you're the 'AJK' Masjid..
NJ: ...........


B: NJ what is the Syari'ah verdicts on the issue of a man wearing a 'dragon-head' ring?
NJ: Why you ask me?
B: Because my instinct said that you are the person I should asked to.
NJ: I just share what I understand.. Bla bla bla.....

*Conclusion: Who am I actually?Some people perceived me as a so called 'ustaz'..(wekk!! I'm vomiting.Tak layak dowh..).Some of them looked me as a 'Rock' guy but having principles..Well, am I ALL ROUND?

*Note: Some of the dialogues might differ from the original one,but the gist is still the same.


.::: mr IQ :::. said...

menyedari masyarakat memerlukan....

NJ said...

@mr IQ:
Pointnya sekarang,ana dah lagho.."ustaz rock"..
I'm trying to change it back.Trying to be ME.isk3...

Doakan ana ustaz IQ