Thursday, February 3, 2011


One day left before Friday is coming.Hosni is urged to step down not later than Friday or else there will be a super massive riot/war!

I'm not sure how is the situation in other places except in Cairo and Alex.Watching Al Jazeera really made me worried especially some of my Sahabat/MATRIANs who is currently in Egypt.

I couldn't managed to contact them as the internet was being blocked except for some places.(unless you're a good hackers and using a proxy of other country to be connected to the internet).

I've sent few messages to my sahabat but unfortunately there were no respond.-Also being blocked by the Egypt Government.

I'm not sure the exact nubers of my sahabat there.

1)Ahmad 'Imran - Zagazig (Medic)
2)Ahmad Faiz - Cairo (Medic)
3)Abg Ali Haniffah - Al Azhar
4)Abg Mus'ab - Al Azhar
5)Naqiuddin Adam - Al Azhar
6)Izzat Ibrahim - Al-Azhar
7)Zaid Rosli - Alex (medic)
8)Faisal Ariff - Mansurah (medic)
9)Mukhlis Yahaya - Al Azhar
10)Naqib Hamdan - Al Azhar
11) etc.

And some sisters which I'm not really know them (As far as I concerned,they were my ex-school mates.)

I pray to Allah,hoping that all of them are in a safe condition.May Allah replced Egypt with a new Government which is abiding with the Islamic Principles.

For time-to-time update regarding the Malaysian students in Egypt,please go HERE


ing said...

trharu sih..
bahibbak awi2..
x sbr2 nk ke jeddah =)

ukur kira said...


Huhu..terharu jugak..
Nta naik kapal terbang or kapal laut ke Jeddah?

Ada dengar apa2 berita dari Faiz Sabri?

Hafiz said...

Smua slamat 2 ja yg ana tau,haha

Tp kesian gak dkt plajar m'sia yg blaja dkt mesir,kena extend la jwbnya

ukur kira said...

Selamat tu Insya Allah.Just nak tau 'exact' condition mereka di sana.

Oh,extend..Kesian ke bila perlu belajar lebih masa?Just wondering..