Tuesday, February 8, 2011

what goes around, comes around !!

O Allah, saves and helps my brothers and sisters in Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Chechnya, and all over the world.

With YOUR POWERS and WILLS, I pray for their 'laknatul hukumah' to be ruined and their Dictator rulers died in the most embarrassing end. Being punish here and in the hereafter. 


“O Allah, We seek Your help; we beseech Your forgiveness.

We affirm our faith in You; we praise You.

We reject and abandon everyone who forsakes You.

O Allah, You alone do we worship; unto You alone we pray, and before You alone we prostrate in worship.

Unto You alone we strive and implore.

We cherish hope in Your mercy; we fear Your chastisement.

Most certainly, Your stern punishment will overtake those who reject the truth.

O Allah, we ask Your help against the aggressive Zionists and his alliances who have committed crimes (against the oppressed), who have violated the sanctities, and killed, and dispersed the oppressed in Palestine,Egypt,Tunisia,Iraq,Afghanistan,Chechnya and all over the world.

O Allah, they cannot overwhelm You.

O Allah, You who are the Lord of the oppressed,
Help the oppressed (against their oppressors).

O Allah, show us Your miraculous powers in dealing with them (i.e. the aggressors).

O Allah, make their plans a plan for their destruction.

Make their armies a source of their own defeat.

Make their prison a prison for them.

O Allah, help the oppressed against the oppressors in all parts of the world.

O Allah, have mercy on the Ummah of Muhammad.

O Allah, bring relief to the Ummah of Muhammad.

O Allah, You are the twister of hearts, make our feet steadfast on the path of truth.

O Allah, make us all guides unto truth and make us rightly guided.

O Allah, bless and send peace on Your Prophet and Messenger Muhammad and his entire family and Companions

Too sad and emotional right now..Wish I could be there together with my brothers and sisters striving for our RIGHTS! 

Allahu Akbar!!


Atiqah said...

Allah will protect Islam no matter what...our job is to preach dakwah..

dates.trees said...

'what goes around. comes around'..
nice idea.. nice picture.. like! =)

dates.trees said...

i would like to share it with my friends, can i?
btw, thanks, may Allah bless you!

NJ said...

Right.Thanks for ur words.

Thanks.No prob.Just spread the 'truth'.May Allah bless u too