Friday, February 4, 2011

tell me...

What is actually the exact definition of the term 'good'?

Each and every single of person have their own perspective and understanding about 'good'.
Someone might think,let say A is good while some of them aren't.Then,who's thought was the right one?

Well ask ourselves,is good is a collective attributes/understanding practiced by the majority of the civil society and it's been accepted as a customs etc.?

If not,then what is the bottom line of defining the word 'good'?

I believed that 'good' is actually everything we do and it's not contradict with the teaching of Islam i.e. based on the Al-Quran and As Sunnah.This is our main references as a Muslim.

Judging the 'goodness' by the right of looking back to what Allah has said although somehow our idea and believe might have been intervened by somebody else.

Of course this is only the basic line of defining the 'goodness'.In certain cases some extra precautions need to be weighed and considered in being 'good'.

Practically,it is actually towards those who 'claim' themselves as a preacher/Dai'e.


(I'm not sure what kind of state of mind i'm having right now.Missing someone,confused,give up?,lonely etc.But for sure all of them are negative one)

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