Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alhamdulillah ...

It's kind of release as I've been able to chat with my sahabat via the Yahoo Messenger in Cairo, Egypt.
I've sent him few text messages via my phone but there were no respond. (After all the Egypt's Government has blocked all means of telecommunication)

Worried? Of course.He is my sahabat ever since I knew him i.e. Form 1 in MATRI. I've 'lost' my other sahabat years ago in Egypt ('Ammar) from a car accident and I don't want to lose another sahabat. (at least at this time since I still need their advices to 'shape' my akhlaq etc.)

So, I've been praying for his safeness all the time.

May Allah bless our ukhuwwah.

* Feel guilty lately as my attitudes seem to be like a piece of shit  cake.Not saying that I'm guilty towards human,but I'm absolutely guilty towards Allah.
Please NJ, don't shit around!