Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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*I like this description on single..As a matter of fact,I like and prefer to be a single.(Oh no,this is not a say-no-to-marriage campaign.).- so, I dedicated this 'word of wisdom' to my eldest bro, Bang Chaq and some of my friends who keep on teasing and insist me to marry at my 'young age'.Letting all of you know that I preferred single!

*Oh boy, the campus election is just about to come.When?I'm not sure.Tomorrow maybe.And out of sudden people from 'nowhere' started knocking door to door promoting their constituency representatives.Bla bla bla..Sorry dudes if I was making a 'pork face' while you were trying to promote your manifestos.I'm not really 'into these sort of things'..In fact you were taking my time listening to your 'sweet dishes'.Sorry fellas.Just wishing all of you the best.
- Don't ever instructing me how to elect.Bro, you need to do this n this.Oh don't forget to bring along your matric card etc..-At the end of his instruction: "Emm.1st year student?"
"Hah?no I'm not.I'm 4th year." (I knew it! I've been looking so young all the time! hehe)(3 years I've been electing and I know how the system works ok!)
*By the way there will be no election at my faculty this session as the representatives won uncontested.
Anyhow,hoping those who are striving to promote and implement the Islamic issues winning this coming election.Wallahu'alam.


Atiqah said...

i wonder how campus election works in UIA, hmmmmm
is it the same with the other Uni and how's the 'atmosphere' during the election and the 'promotion'?
UM students are very aggressive with all the manifestos and gimmicks...last year, FRU even came to UKM to control the crowd...i just dont get it, why the gov or the political party in malaysia want to intervene with campus election?let us the students speak, and do what we think is best for us..we are the future leader...

i too am not really interested in politics, but things like this, should take into account too..

NJ said...

I think UIA is one of the university where the election atmosphere seems to be calm.There are no such aggresive campaign etc.

Although some political parties were being the bedrock for them,but it just work nice.Insha Allah usually Pro M will won in majority.

Yeah,as we getting older and being an 'adult' these political things need to take into account.