Friday, February 4, 2011

how should I know?


I was 'shopping' few things at the hostel kiosk this evening.Actually it is a new kiosk as the previous owner shut down his business due to 'I don't know why'.So,i'm not really going for a 'shopping' but rather just eager to look and observe the new kiosk.

The air-conditioning system is quite good compared to the previous one.The layout arrangements are quite good too.Not as crowded as before.(It happens all the time for a new kiosk.I bet for the upcoming months,it'll be not-so-well-arranged anymore)

What else...

Aaahh,when I was about to pay,then the cashier asked me:

Cashier: How much it is?(while pointing at the 'air kotak')
Me: Erk?I don't know man.I'm sorry. (how should I know?I'm not the cashier.-monologue)

Oh,ok ok..It sounds weired eh?A cashier asking the customer the price of the goods.Believe me,if next time he's asking the same question,I would put my own price! E.g. toothpaste RM0.50,shower gel RM 1.00 etc..The cheapest store I've ever been to!!

By the way,I'm not being a jerk by smirking others.Yeah i do agree that usually this things happened to a new-experience-business-owner.(Most of the time the tag price still didn't attached at the goods)

But somehow I learnt new things:

1)Before buying something,make sure you know the price.(avoiding extra expenses.Manage your budget etc.)

2)If I were about to open my own convenient shop,I'll make sure this thing would not happened.

3)Keep smiling and be nice to the customers. (the cashier even promoted a new 'trendy' chewing gum to me.But i'm not interested in chewing gum at all.Sorry bro.)

4)List it on your own.


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