Sunday, February 6, 2011

the knock knock game

Have you ever heard about the 'knock knock game'? I'm pretty sure that we Malaysians didn't know much about this so called 'game'.

It's actually not really a game but more towards 'jokes' I could say.

Yeah usually the Americans 'fooling' people from this.Err..Fooling? I don't think fooling is a good term as sometimes a daddy used to play it with his son.

I still remember when I watched the 'Pursuit of Happiness' a based on true story movie starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith. There is a scene where Chris Gardner (Will Smith) being 'fooled' by his son when they played this 'game'.

Christopher: hey knock knock..
Will Smith: Who's there?
Christopher: Nobody.
Will Smith: Nobody who?
Christopher: ........
Will Smith: Nobody who?
Christopher: .........
Will Smith: Hahaha..Now there's the joke.I love that one!

Well, here's another one:

One more :

Please don't do this to your friends.I mean, for Americans it is just simply a joke.I'm not so sure if you do it here in Malaysia where we used to have the high Principe of politeness etc.

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