Sunday, February 27, 2011


Salam'alaykum... (Usually, my Turkish friends will spell the word 'salam' like this.)

Couple of days ago when I was at the cafeteria, I stumbled on new Indonesian worker who is working with one of the food stalls' owner here.

He is a young boy and I guess he is around 20 years old.At a glance,he is just look like a normal guy but once he speaks,most of his words I could say 'a wisdom one'.

There was a time when he greet me, "Apa khabar?"
And I just replied "Khabar Baik." and I asked him back "Apa khabar?"

He replied "Alhamdulillah khabar baik".And suddenly he added, "Yang eloknya disebut alhamdulillah".

I was kinda "erk!".. (Oh malunya). But i take it as a compliment.Yeah,after all I need to be reminded no matter from who it is.

At one time, we met again and he asked me the same question. "Apa khabar?"
As I have learned something from him days before, so I answered 'confidently', "Alhamdulillah,khabar baik.Kamu?Sihat?"

"Alhamdulillah luarnya sihat,dalamnya tidak"..

Once again,I was amazed with his answer.I just give him a smile and didn't intended to prolong the conversation as he was on his duty.

*Sometimes Allah will sent for us someone who we didn't actually being thinking of to remind us.
*Accept and take as a compliment all reminders regardless from where it comes from.

1)My Turkish friends keep on calling me,inviting me to their house.Sorry Agabeycim,I'm pretty busy down here. Tamam kendine iyi bak!.

2)I just realized that I have the talent of being a 'fashion consultant'.- (ada cerita di sebalik ini)


nur3izz said...

a very good lesson..

Ahmad Nabil said...

May Allah guide us by giving lot of lessons..
U're welcome

Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid said...

good one.