Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pre-Graduation Dinner and Appreciation Night 2011

As I've promised before,here are some of the pictures during the QS Pre-grad dinner.It was held at the Federal Hotel,Kuala Lumpur with the theme of modern and classic.
*I guess you know who is the guy behind the 'smiley''s face. =)

Waiting at the VIP lounge before entering the hall

Special guest,Maher Zain.Hehe but the fake one.

The cool guys.They are good friends of mine

The charming guys.

With my senior (middle).He graduated last year and currently working with PLUS.(Dengar kata gaji masyuk.Bleh la blanja makan lps ni.hehe)

Future QS insha Allah. 

With two of my classmates.(Ya Allah,I just realized something.I need to gain extra height!)

Maybe it's enough for these pictures.Tired waiting for the pictures to be uploaded.
*Congratulations to my juniors (2nd Year) as they were the one who organized this Pre-Grad Dinner and Appreciation Night.


Atiqah said...

nothing bad about having petite figure..just look at a great example of Dr Azizan Ahmad..with petite figure, he 'rocks' the world with his great ideas and speech..

Ahmad Nabil said...

Aa..But I'm totally different from Dr.Azizan.Although he's having a 'petite' figure,his voice,spirit,thinking are kinda not reflecting his size.

Unlike me,I'm small,average thinking,not too 'spirit' etc.