Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Meroyan?If I'm not mistaken this term is being used to describe a condition of a woman practically after giving birth where she is kinda acting weirdly.(Correct me if I'm wrong)

So,currently I'm 'suffering' such condition.Suddenly I felt like I need an extra time for vacation etc.Releasing my mind from struggling finishing my 'works'.And coming from nowhere the 'homesick' symptom penetrate into my heart hence making the 'meroyan' syndrome worst.

" Abah, Ummi, Bang Chik nak Berhenti Belajar!!! "

My lecturers used to say that sometimes,we need to appreciate ourselves by treating something after struggling-to-die studying and trying to complete our research.It's somehow a motivational psychology to boost up our spirit and courage to face the next problems.

For instance,one of my lecturer once spending a month travelling across the Japan while she was doing her PhD in Kyoto as an appreciation for herself being completed her PhD.Or after few presentations she would treat herself slices of expensive cakes or buying a new shirt etc.

Well,seems like I need such an appreciation too.(after I've completed my research Insya Allah).-Buying something/going somewhere to appreciate myself.Sounds weired?(Usually others will appreciate others like a couple;the man giving something to the girl in appreciating her achievement in something.But seems like couple is prohibited and yet I'M STILL SINGLE,hence I need to appreciate it on my own.)

Suddenly,I've been dreaming to cycle around The Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland.Hahaha..What a nonsense!
(One day Insya Allah)

 The Millport.The main settlement in this 1168 hectares island.Subhanallah..

 Come on!! Let us cycle around the island!

 Subhanallah.. Nak pergi nak pergi!! (Sambil berlari-lari setempat)

 The 18km cycling around the island Insha Allah would not cause tiredness as we could enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Isle of Cumbrae.

Anybody wanna follow me??
*Credits to Mr. Google for these pictures..


Ad@Am said...

Pakcik Makcik..NJ nk berhenti belajar dah. sebab sem ni sem last die.. =)

Ada cadangan utk sambung bljr ke NJ?

Atiqah said...


Wanita said...

Insyaallah Nabil, we'll get there. or shall we drive around New Zealand again in campervan for two weeks in winter (bawa mountain bikes in the 2nd van) 2nd choice. We go driving in Australia in Autumn weather, campfire in the dingo infested area?
3rd choice, Follow the route taken by Mohd. Assad in his " Road to Mecca" or follow the old silk route to China in 4x4 truck. I cant wait for my retirement

NJ said...

Adam,tak dak kaitan pun dgn sem ni sem last ana..Nta kalau 'sangkut' tambah la lagi sem..huhu.

Sambung belajar?Ntahla..Kita tunggu dan lihat apa kesudahannya..

Yup.It's beautiful!Masya Allah

Abah,seems like ummi didn't log out her e-mail and her name just appeared instead of your name.Hehe
Yes!! I'm waiting for that moment.Should you have any 'extra money' then we could go somewhere.

All of the choices sound interesting to me.Can't wait for that moment!

*Missing the New Zealand memories..