Sunday, February 20, 2011



Alhamdulillah,the pre-graduation dinner and appreciation night has ended last night.Insha Allah I'll try to make a special post on it later on.(and uploading few pictures).Overall,it was just nice.

Just received another work from my lecturer.Proposing a new/enhancing parking lot at our faculty as the current parking lots are cramp with cars especially students' cars.16 of us will be doing this job.We need to analyze,doing value management (conducting value management workshop) and later on design + make a cost plan + consulting with authority (electrical works,drainage/piping etc) for the proposed parking lot.(Need to read and understand the Uniform Building By Laws,UBBL)

Insha Allah we'll gonna present it to the Dean of our Faculty end of this coming March.

The time allocated seems impossible to achieve the aim as we still working on with our individual final year research.Worst,the drawing given (plan) for the parking lot wasn't the right drawing.Initially we've been told that it's the 'as built drawing' but later, I was the one who realized that it wasn't the 'as built drawing'.I managed to talk to the lecturer to clarify few things.Guess what?We need to re-measure the whole area and plot it as what it should be.(Using the GIS).

Seems like my workloads are getting heavier from time to time. (I thought it should be vice versa as I'm about 'approaching' my ending year)

Aaaahh..Those eyes 're looking at me signaling that I'm the one who should present the proposal to the Dean.Hmm..
My lecturer had already said that she is expecting a good presentation i.e. within the time frame,compact yet informative and being able to convince the 'client' i.e the dean to accept the proposal.Manage to be distracted during the presentation as lot of questions will be thrown out and need to be answered based on facts and concrete justifications.- In other words,well prepared.It's kinda 'viva' for Master/PhD students..

Praying and hoping that everything will be going smoothly and blessed by Allah.
Trying to reschedule my time... (berpinar-pinar kepala)

*There is a wired feeling coming in to me as I'm about to finish off my studies.- I want to change course.Why I'm taking this faculty,I shouldn't be at this faculty at the first place etc.Argghh!!!-It kills my mood

(Mohon doa kalian)


.::: mr IQ :::. said...

go, go, go... abe NJ..

NJ said...

@mr IQ:
Thanks bro.Please pray for me.
You too,go go go!!