Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freaking creepy!!

Back in 1999...somewhere in Europe..

I was waiting for the bus the other day.Initially I've planned to spend my weekend at the city center.Nothing much,just wondering around,looking at the people passing by and of course having a window shopping..

It was a cold and windy day.Although winter has just passed,yet the chilly air is still there and it really killing people's mood to go outside for outdoor activities.I've covered my body with 3 layers of cloths including my favorite black long coat.

10 minutes later,I've already inside the bus.Sitting all the way alone is not a big problem for me.I've prepared myself with an English novel to break the boredom and even I've got my 'disc man' rolling the music in the 80s,i.e. my favorite genre of music while waiting for the bus to reach the destination.

While reading the novel,every few sentence I would turn my head looking at the windscreen enjoying the beautiful scenery,trying to visualize the sweet things in the novel and hoping that it would turn out to be real.After few seconds of dreaming,I'll then continue my reading.

After few times of repeating the same thing i.e. looking at the windscreen,suddenly I realized something..
Something that I never feel before.I feel like something bad gonna happen.

I looked around and noticed that everyone just acting as usual.Nothing unusual or abnormal.Few seconds later,I realized something...

OMG!I saw something from the reflection of the windscreen.A white guy seating few seats next to me keep on staring at me.God Dammit! the reflection was quite blur and I didn't be able to figure out his face.He was staring with full of evilness.As I was trying staring at him back,he would then turning his face away from me.Avoiding his face to be recognized.

Oh shit! oh shit! I mumbled to myself, trying to look and recognize his face.I made myself dare enough to stare at him all the way inside the bus but still I couldn't managed to see his face.An old lady who was seating beside him just acting normal as if there is no threat from that guy.

After few minutes,he suddenly turned his head and looking deep at me with full of anger.

Bloody Hell!! Oh shit! this isn't real! He's alive?I don't wanna die!

Without waiting any longer,I press the bell and immediately jumped out from the bus.
Ahh!! Damn! I just shit my self! (my underwear wet a bit as I peed unintentionally)

End of story.....

This is the guy..

Damn! That old lady just feel ease sitting next to 'Adolf Hitler' hahaha

I created this story..This isn't based on true story experience dude.Just googling and found this pic.Just to rest my mind from my research,  and enjoying creating 'fake' story.

Sorry Mr.'Hitler' and Mdm old lady.Both of you are innocent and yet I just making jokes with your pic.


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