Thursday, February 10, 2011

my dear Syed Ahmad Fathi, your oranges are here..

This is the orange Fathi. This pic was taken early this morning.Just one left.Is this the Morocco's Orange you're looking for?But seriously it isn't shining as what you've told us.

Can I finish it off?(sooo juicy)

By the way,readers who didn't know what's going on, please click HERE..
Please help him finding his oranges.(Although I thought I'm having it)

*Just buy a new one la Fathi..Quite cheap right for oranges in Russia?


Syed Ahmad Fathi said...

Nampak macam lebih kurang sama.
Tapi orange ana oren dia pekat lagi.
Ana mmg nak g beli baru hari ni.
Thanks for the post btw.
Terharu boleh masuk blog senior NJ.

Anonymous said...

Moscow or Morocco... in Russia?

Syed Ahmad Fathi said...

The oranges is imported from Morocco.
If it from Moscow it will just be a domestic trade.

NJ said...

Oo..Orange ana ni dah lama dah.Dekat seminggu.Tu yg nampak 'kusam' n tak shining.
Hopefully sudah ketemu orange yang baru.Rezeki baik jumpa sekali yg hilang tu.Hehe..

Terharu?tak dak apa yg specialnya blog ni.It's my honour to mention your name here.hehe

Orange coming from Morocco.
Fathi is in Russia.

Morocco's Orange being imported to Russia and Fathi bought it.(Adakah anda nampak situasi itu?)-Clear deh?Or need further explanation?