Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My life is falling apart...

Yesterday was the day where MY LIFE IS STARTED TO FALLING APART...
That e-mail really killed my mood and even my life!
How I'm gonna face and enjoy each and every minutes of my life now?
Ya Allah....
(currently trying to 'Enjoy the stress')

 "So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: for ye must gain mastery if ye are true In Faith."
(Ali Imran : 139)


Atiqah said...

chill...there is still hope at the end of the day..

Anonymous said...

what happen? is everything all right?

-cik ABC-

Ad@Am said...

Nabil, dlm gmbr tu letakla lg sorg..
leh terjun same2..

kita main terjun2..=)

La Tahzan sheikh..

NJ said...

insha Allah.Thanks..

@Cik ABC:
Insha Allah ok.Try to look at the positive side.Thanks for ur concern.

Eh,tu bukan ana yg terjun.Ana x bunuh diri la..Nta jgn terjun jugak.Main terjun2?Kita main gelongsor la kat playground nnti.

Jazakallah adam.Cuba menceriakan diri ni..Dah berkabung 3 hari..

Anonymous said...

hope u really ok then. just lil tuny concern that i give to all my frens. nothing at all. may it give u something great...
all the best! i know u can do it n u can do great!

-cik ABC-