Sunday, February 13, 2011

its about the time they showed up..

Did I ever mentioned that I'm having lots of Architecture friends and really close to them?I mean really close one.Yeah, I used to hang around with them during their life time as a students.(As a matter of fact,they'd graduated last year,and leaved me alone here in the university..huhu)

So,during my 1st month living without them,I was kinda 'blur','numb' and even feel a bit 'crazy'.Yeah,what else can I say?
Sometimes when I was in 'stress mode' they used to text me advices to keep me strong,finishing my studies.Huhu..Thanks dudes.It's hard to meet them as all of us having our commitment.I'm buzy with my academic stuffs while they're buzy with their working life.

Alhamdulillah yesterday I met some of them and we spent our time hang around as what we used to do before.
We went to buy a new motorbike for one of my friends,having lunch together (well good to have friends who's already working.They'll pay for you..hehe) etc.

 Best Friends Forever

Night,we hung around at 'up town' till late at night.(lepak-lepak minum,wondering around etc.)and came back to campus quite late until being 'sound'/warned by the security guards.hahaha.

The next morning,we were having our breakfast together somewhere outside the campus.(and again,they treated me..huhu.agak terharu)

It's difficult to express the feeling of having friends 'yang agak sekepala'..Although I'm not agree/compromise with some of their 'wild' attitudes.(lepak2 usha 'awek',teasing the girls,dirty jokes and many more which I don't think it's good to mention it here-let it be a secret...)

Well,good to meet them back!

*I realized that once working,our topic of discussion/chatting is more towards all those materialistic things.Buying new car,new bike,cellphone,houses and even girls.

Hoping to meet them again later..


Atiqah said...

yup its true...when u start working, u will start to think of having ur own it car, house, errrrr a wife (this is not an asset)..hehe..

Ahmad Nabil said...

Huhu..I'm thinking of those things even before I'm in my final year in the university.-I guess it's just mere a dreaming.

Wife is not an asset?Hmm...

Atiqah said...

Wife is a bless..anugerah dr Allah..

NJ said...


Oh ya ya..right right..Lupa pulak.

LuQMaN M.J said...

Wife is a bless, so dont forget to get married :D

I'm also thinking the same thing when I started working.
Getting new hp, a car, laptop etc..

but that is not our priority right?
come back home and I will treat you insyaALLAH =)

NJ said...

Hahaha..the time has not come yet..not yet.

Aa..not really a priority but it could be a priority..

Always counting the days to return home.If only the distance is just a stone throw,I'll be home right now.huhu