Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dear readers and stalkers,

Do you ever tried ordering/buying something from you have any idea on how to do it?

I'm currently making my shortlisted books which really sparks my interest to read.(I've been distracted by 'books' and it made me putting aside my research.OMG!)

I've found that particular books,but then it needs to be ordered and later will be shipping from the USA.

the question is...,


(sorry sometimes I sound stupid in certain circumstances.I might be kinda out dated since I didn't know buying things online.)

Your helps are highly appreciated.
Thank you.

NJ the bookworm


Nightbeam said...

I bought a DVD. It was a footballer's documentary (which is not available in Malaysia).

Sign up, and for payment I use my father's credit card (just put the card's number n expiry date). Then I paid him back later, including delivery cost.

Hope this will help.

ukur kira said...


Thanks a lot.Any other options instead of using credit card?

Nightbeam said...

I don't know how to use other options, perhaps u can click on "learn more" link beside it
(from: add to basket> proceed to checkout> ship to this address> How would you like to pay?) cards
types: visa/delta/electron, MasterCard/EuroExpress,American express,Solo/Maestro

2.Gift Cards & Promotional Codes Store Card
4.Checking Account

But I think, creditcard is the most convenient way than the other 3 options.

ukur kira said...


Thanks again.Really helpful.

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

ah... cacing buku!!

NJ said...

@mr IQ:
hahaha..cacing buku.
if bookworm = cacing buku,
ulat buku = apa?

book caterpillar?

u should answer that mr IQ..hehe