Saturday, February 12, 2011

I wasn't behaving good lately...

 Seems like I wasn't having 'faith' while writing lately.Hence you might see some of my words were such of 'sick' words.I'm seeking forgiveness from Allah for what I've done.After all I'm just a human, and human in nature tend to do mistakes.

Hopefully I'm not going to repeat my mistakes,Insya Allah..
Many thanks to some of my readers who remind me on this thing.

Just to justify few things on why I did used such those 'sick' words.

1) expressing the situation.
2) Ever since I'm involving in writing blog,I never do the re-reading, checking,editing etc. part.Whatever popped out from my mind I just jot it down.As a result,you may find some grammatical errors,spelling errors and even the 'sick' words.
3) Other reasons which no need for me to specify it here.

Insha Allah I'll try to behave better especially in writing.

Well behave.Never insulting others..

Surely Allah is always looking on what we are doing.It is accountable and we're being rewarded/punished based on what we have done.
So,I need to use/choose a proper words in describing things/situations unless there is a situation where by hook or by crook I need to use it..


*I'm a Muslim blogger and I need to abide by the Islamic principles..
*(I think I've been influenced by many things,especially as I've been watching American's jokes lately.Those Jeff Dunham, Russell Peters etc. really made me sick! (ketawa hingga guling-guling)-And of course sometimes they're using the 'sick' words. (Sometimes or most of the times?)


.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Apa sudah jadi abe NJ??

NJ said...

@mr IQ: Uh,x dak apa2 pun..Small matter ja..its ok,insha Allah dah settle.

nur3izz said...

moga Allah sentiasa sudi memimpin kita menujuNya..
o Allah, forgive us..

Anonymous said...

i hate u..

Anonymous said...

eh silap..
ilove u..

NJ said...

Like do I care whether u hate or love me?-sorry it's not a big deal (not at all)if I've been pissed off.

Sorry dude!