Saturday, January 8, 2011



I've mentioned in one of my posts that the department in which I'm studying right now is one of the 'best department' I've been to. (did I ever experienced in other department??)

I really appreciate my lectures who keep on integrating the knowledge of the construction with the Islamic teachings.

Every Monday/Friday,all lectures from my faculty will be gathering together and listen to the tazkirah delivered by any one of the lectures.Isn't that a good example?

Then,every 'studio' time, we'll be listening to the tazkirah given by our lectures.It covers the aspect of seerah,tazkiyah an nafs etc.When I was in my 1st and 2nd year,the students themselves need to deliver the tazkirah in the lecture theatre.We made a schedule for students to deliver their tazkirah.Better,we had to deliver it in English.(two advantages i.e.improving speaking skills and islamic knowledge)

I have the experienced being one of the student who delivered the tazkirah.(i made it like a sharing moment).It was actually a 'bidan terjun' as my friend who was supposedly his turn to deliver tazkirah that day was absent.

Alhamdulillah I've managed to fulfill the 'unplanned responsibility' given.Of course I was a bit nervous. (I'm not really into 'orang ke depan'.I rather enjoy being the back stage guy.-Contributing without people knowing)

During the previous Construction Business's class,my respected lecturer managed to integrate the subject with islamic point of view.

I couldn't imagined if I were at other university,I dare to bet that I would never experience this kind of teaching approaches.Even students would expect to learn 'Construction Business per se'. Nothing beyond that.

My particular lecturer managed to integrate the 'management's topic' with the seerah.Rasulullah being the most awesome 'manager'.He was the one who managed the battle,he managed his family,sahabah and even a country.

One of the sub topic under the management is the SWOT analysis. (most of us who ever participated in any program might came across this analysis).My lecturer integrating the SWOT analysis with the seerah of Saidina Umar Al-Khattab who used to 'muhasabah' his self before he went to sleep.

I would be missed this 'environment' when I've graduated soon,insha Allah like what I've feel when I left MATRI..


Last few days,I've been interviewed by a group of people from the Department of Prison Malaysia.It was about the issue of 'buang bayi' which was one of the 'hottest' issues in Malaysia at this moment.Some sensitive questions being asked and alhamdulillah from my personal opinion,I've managed to answere it accordingly. (lepas ni kalau masuk ISA nasib kau la NJ).One of the guy even asked me if I have the experienced of 'membuang bayi'. What on earth!! (cuba mengelakkan diri dari mencarut dengan menggunakan term2 yang keji dan kotor)

My bad too as I was wearing inappropriate outfit that day.Hehehe.Hence my 'penampilan' from their point of view like 'orang yang pernah buang bayi'.(mungkin?)

-Rambut panjang,pakai snow cap,t-shirt agak2 lusuh (x mampu nak beli baru),jeans.(eh aku pakai jeans kah hari itu?sudah tidak ingat.).Sambil duduk mencangkung dengan cool di atas tangga memerhatikan gelagat students yang kalut berlari-lari ke kelas.(ada gaya orang buang bayikah seperti itu?)

But as I answered their questions by 'integrating' the islamic point of views,they were seem to be 'impressed'.


1)Islam cannot separate from our daily life.
2)Please wear an appropriate outfit next time.(di tujukan kpd diri sendiri.)
3)Try our best to live in 'Islamic environment' as it will influenced our life.



Atiqah said...

it is difficult to have that kind of environment in my school...we are studying english and other languages, as if everything should be presented and applied as what the English side would do...

great..UIA was my dreamed university before..yet I was destined to end up in other uni ie UiTM Shah Alam and UKM..blessed too I dont go to UIA or else, I will not be taking MA now before I turn 24..hehe

on top of all..i am happy to where i am now..UKM is the best uni in my will never change anything though how bad it looks like to the others..

ukur kira said...

Please don't make me wrong.I didn't under estimates other universities.Each and every universities has their own 'specials'.

If 'the system' didn't relate the subjects we are studying with the islamic point of view,then perhaps we ourselves need to integrate it.


Atiqah said...

oh sorry..i didnt mean so..yup i know if the environment does not integrate with the islamic teachings, then we the students should apply one in ourselves..i agree with you..

the last statement in my 1st comment above doesn't accuse you or was merely a statement..nothing behind it..

ukur kira said...


its ok.Sorry too cause made u feel guilty.