Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Allahu Akbar!!!

I just received an sms from my friend telling me that 1 of IIUM student 'syahid' in Palestine few days ago.

That particular student was shot by the Israeli's soldiers when he tried to enter the masjid to perform solah.

He went home this Ramadhan to visit his family in Palestine. As Syahid Obaidah Al Qudsi was a graduate from Kullyyah of Human Sciences IIUM.

Upon receiving the sms,I did make a confirmation with my palestinian friend, and he confirmed the news.

O my brothers and sisters,our silence is not an options.Are we still going to sit and do nothing?If we didn't feel anything on the issue of Palestine,there is something wrong with our heart.

May Allah place Obaidah among His Syuhada'..Ameen..

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