Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Before my writing mood vanish into the thin air,let me share something which actually i got it during the KULTUM (kuliah tujuh minit/seven minutes tazkirah)which is our weekly assembly after Friday prayer at the IIUM main Masjid.

My respected sahabat,Safwan shared the tazkirah with few analogies.Personally,I feel more enthusiasm with analogy, as it can create link between myself and the things surround.Thus,I can easily remember the point.

1) The Empty Glass

Whenever you let a glass empty,naturally it will be filled with air isn't it?What is actually the air in the glass benefit us?I guessed nothing.If we fill the glass with water,the air in the glass will be pushed out and being replaced with water,right?And the water,absolutely benefits others.

It same goes to the human.Whenever we didn't fill our heart,time etc.with good things,surely it will be filled with unnecessary things whether you realize it or not.Let us reflect our daily activities.I'm sure this analogy fits the situation.

2) The Jar and the Glass

What will happened to the water in the jar if it is being filled into a glass?The water in the jar will be reduced in quantity right?Let say, originally it is 1 litre,now it should be less than that.

As a Dai'e,we shouldn't be like the jar.Giving tazkirah,advises etc.but at the same time our quality never increases.In fact,the people we advised becoming better compared to ourselves.

We need to be like a tree.As it keeps on growing,it will drop the seeds and let the new generation growth.In other words,we keep on increasing our iman,knowledge etc.and at the same time,we develop the people.

Wallahu'alam.Hopefully,you and me will gain something.

Note1:Congrat to some of my ex-classmates in MATRI whom will be getting married soon.Frankly speaking,I never expect "you" to be the first to enter the wedding's album.All the best for you.
~People keep on asking,when it will be my time for "that"
My answer:
*I have no idea

*Were there any girls who like me?I don't think so,guys.
*I've got other things/responsibilities to be settled first.
*I'm too young for that and I need time to process myself to be a
good muslim/daddy/husband.= not ready.

And many more answers.Hopefully they will understand.


Atiqah said... what literature students do, we use metaphor to deliver the message..foregrounding the issues and context and emphasizing the analogy which make the audience think and respond..

LuQMaN M.J said...

atiqah: yes, agree

ukur kira said...

to Atiqah:Thanks.Analogy makes us think deeper.

to Luqman:me too.Agree with atiqah