Saturday, July 23, 2011



First of all,please 'don't care' a.k.a ignore on my grammatical errors since I haven't write anything for a long time.In fact I'm writing this spontaneously and I'm not that diligent to do all those checking and proof read. (another not so good thing about me)

Alhamdulillah being a part time English teacher for form 5 students really gives me a headache.Headache in the sense of entertaining all those things which are actually 'out of the scope of a teacher'.Yes I mean it..

But I'm trying to adapt it and serving the 'nation' with my best.Well even though we're not a teacher,we're actually a 'teacher' to the ummah.Guiding people to the path of Allah.

But insha Allah I'm not going to be a teacher (i mean a teacher to the school students)permanently.I have my own ambition to be achieved.Reach for the stars!!

Just to share some of the questions asked by the students to me:
- sir,sir ada FB tak?
- Sir, nak no telefon sir boleh?
- Sir,sir dah bertunang ke?
- Sir,saya tak mahu pi PLKN boleh ke?
- Sir,nanti kami PLKN 6 bulan.Boleh ke saya nak pi 3 bulan sahaja?

And it keeps on going on and on....
Even some of the students keep on calling me 'ustaz' which make me uncomfortable and worry with the 'title'..

*Maybe I should apply for a counselor's position.Settling students' personal affairs.hehehe
*A lil bit awkward for the 1st time being called 'sir'..


liEza said...

soalan2 mcm 2 mmg biasa ditanya kat cikgu2 baru..he3..act, sy pun Insya Allah bakal seorang cikgu..skrg tengah praktikum fasa 2..lg 1, title ustaz 2 mmg payah..sbb sya pun tengah suaikan diri dipggil mcm 2..hu3..kdg2 kta rasa x layak..

.::: mr IQ :::. said...

Fuiyoo, abg NJ blogging balik... rindu enta punya penulisan..

Macam biasa, selalu merendah diri.. :P

NJ said...

lieza:happy teaching.
mr iq:hehehe..please don't 'buat teruk' missing my penulisan..Enta mmg suka merendah diri.MasyaAllah