Tuesday, July 7, 2009


At the end of the day,Muslims are out numbers.However,they seems to be like the ocean bubbles.


criestz said...
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criestz said...

yah in a n0w days muslim r so many but why r muslim so p0werless than jews?? it is c0z lack of education !! all we do is sh0ut to ALLAH s.w.t wh0le day and blame everyone else f0r our multiple failures... so please together we raise ALLAH's deen with our education.. so study hard.. n don't set in y0ur mind that STUDYING = STUDY + DYING... d0n't do that !! gud luck~

ukur kira said...

Muslims nowaday are lack in terms of their inner quality.Reflecting back in the age of Salahuddin Al Ayubi,we can conclude that we still left far behind in all aspects.

Tq Ihsan 4 ur advise.Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.