Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm a multi tasking type of guy.(really?)
So,while I was doing my research,I would sometimes watched movies.
I was eager watching The Lord of The Ring trilogy lately.Yeah I've watched them,yet still can't make me bored.I really loves the storyline and the imaginations.

1)In the final episode i.e The Return of The King, Frodo and Gandalf were following the Elves by sailing together to.....??Where are they going?Is it a place for the immortality?

2)If they were going there,then why?Why Frodo need to follow them?If I'm not mistaken frodo was saying something like "my journey here to save the shire was over" to Sam and is he having another task to be solved?He belongs to the shire right?

Hahaha..saja ja menimbulkan isu-isu tak penting.Tengah serabut..Pala dah 'mereng'..
Anyone?sapa nak jawab?


Atiqah said...

will answer ur questions when i've done watching the movie....heheheh

NJ said...

thank you.looking forward for the answer.

Hafiz said...

Mai ana try jawab....

1. Frodo nk p tempat yg immortal sbb dia nk hdup selama-lamanya(dgr kt tmpt 2 blh bg dia jd tggi jgk) :)

2. Jawapan diatas dh menjawab soalan ke-2.