Thursday, March 3, 2011

Belief system.


Just a short post I guess before I continue doing my research (looking at my watch,it's almost 2.00am-whenever I stuck with something,then I'll be writing something in my blog.Hmm..Oh,of course asking the way out from Allah is the priority)

Is it a must to convince someone to follow and accept what we believed in? Don't make me wrong.Of course we need to convince people to choose Islam as the way of life.
What I'm trying to say here is believing in something else.Like for instance our stand and etc.

Personally,I would say nope.What you believed would not necessarily believe by others.So,people should respect others believes.

Let say I believed in the term "Be who you are,do what you love and just believe in yourself"..People might not agree with my believe because they might look it from their angle perspective while I'm looking it from my understanding and knowledge.In fact our different background like family,cultures,how were we been raised up,etc. might influence our belief system.And of course we have our own limitations too.

We're living in a so called 'democracy' system.Thus each and every one of us are having their own right to posses the freedom of thinking,freedom of speech,freedom in self expression and etc.Avoiding others from acted freely and urging others to accept one's opinion and believe is totally nonsense.

It's like we are dis encouraging people from achieving what they are dreaming of.

Well,for some people or I might say most of the people might use their belief system as the motivational tools in boosting up their productivity,awareness,personality enhancement and etc.It depends on how we perceive and implement it.


*I know,people might not agree with my points,and again I'm stressing here,it depends on how you read it and how your perspective is based on with.

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