Monday, October 17, 2011

3.0 (Three point 'O')


3.0? what's that mean?Well I'm proudly to announce that we're going to organize the next BERSIH 3.0 next week..Ops..Joking.
Oh it's about the next Nasi Lemak 3.0.The most awesome film of the year.
No no no..Not about that.

It's about 3.0 - Too confidence brings nothing but ruin.Yes,that's all about!

I found my MUET (Malaysian University English Test) result slip in my file the other day.Looking at the result made me feel 'silly'. Why?
Let me briefly tell you.

On the day of 'writing skills' exam I was so and too confident.Well,not to say that I got an A1 for my English in the SPM and A2 for the GCE level.These two things keep on telling me that I can easily strike the written exam.

I read once the question and start writing.The ideas and points keep on growing in my mind and I just harvest them with my pen,confidently.

As I walked out the exam hall I realized something.I had wrongly answering the question.
The question asked about the relevance of incorporating the firearm training for the National Service camp.
As I looked at the word 'firearm' I don't know why suddenly the term firefighter came to my mind and my mind starts generating ideas and points for the relevance of firefighting training for the National service camp.Of course it's totally two different things. (Ok take 5 to laugh and cursing me for the 'silly' thing I'd done)

What else I could do at that point?Just praying and hoping that Allah will help me.
At the end of the day,I only deserved Band 3 for my MUET though I've scored so so in other skills (speaking.listening,reading etc.)

For the writing skills,I only got 17 / 75..hahaha.What a shame!
Overall points/marks, I need another 2 marks for me to achieve Band 4. If only I've scored in my writing, I should have received Band 4 or 5..Allah knows best :)

The moral of the story is:
- Confidence is good but never be too confidence.
- Read the question more than one though u've already understood what to do cause your eyes might lied.hehe
- Never ever looking back for the mistakes u'd done but keep on stepping forward and looking for a better future.
- Allah is our creator and He knows best what His creations need and deserve.



saya said...


Totally agreed.

Mine also another two marks to reach band 4.
But, its okay. Allah knows best.
what we give, we get back :)

NJ said...


Thanks.Oh,kita sama tapi tidak serupa :)

Manan Qayyim said...

Allah know the best...

Manan Qayyim

NJ said...

@manan Qayyim:

Absolutely right.He knows best.
Thanks for drop by bro.

I'll visit back ur site,insha Allah

HilmiRazak said...

enta hebat ana tahu nabil. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok take 5 to laugh and cursing me for the 'silly' thing I'd done > hehe..lucu.
kadang2 Allah ingin memberi pengajaran melalui pengalaman...jg bermakna Allah menyayangi kerana menyedarkan..insyallah..
-saudara seislam

NJ said...

@Hilmi razak:
Anta pun hebat jugak.Mcm mana pun,kehebatan mutlak tu milik Allah :)

thanks for ur wisdom.