Monday, September 26, 2011

Postponing piddle

Rahim (not a real name)is a young man was driving a car with his friend to Bota Kanan when suddenly he feels the need to urinate..Rahim told his friend about his 'need' and his friend just nodding without saying any words indicating he is listening.
His friend pointing the signboard indicated 'Masjid 500m ahead' on the left side of the road and expecting Rahim to stop by to fulfill his need.

As they come across the Masjid,Rahim didn't stop the car and he keeps on driving. "You said u wanna pee?" asked his friend.

"Yeah,but it's ok to wait and postponing my pee", replied Rahim.
"Are you serious?You could suffer 'coral reef' if you keeps on doing that", argued his friend.
(His friend keeps on lecturing to Rahim about the effects and consequences of postponing the urinate)

After about 15 minutes they come across another Masjid and at this time Rahim stop the car and went to the toilet.

5 minutes later,they're both on the road again.The watch strikes 1.30pm and it's already the time for zuhur prayer.

"We'll stop at another Masjid for solat", tells Rahim.
"No,no,no..It's too early.Maybe we could wait and stop later and perform it when we reached Bota", countered his friend.

"Hmmm..ok la.Insha Allah the time we reached Bota,It's still Zuhur and we could perform it at any Masjid in Bota", replied Rahim,agreeing with his friend idea.


Prostrating when we still have the chance.Who knows our soul will still be here later?

This situation seems familiar to us..We only stop at the Masjid to 'hurriedly' fulfill our 'need' as we know the health effects of postponing the piddle.
But when it comes to prayer,we tend to have double standard judgement though we're passing by a Masjid where at that time azan is being called.We assume we could pray later.

The Imam Hassan Al Banna once told us "Whenever you heard the calling for prayer,stands up and perform it in whatever situation/condition." (the 10 Advices of Hasan Al-Banna)


*coral reef = Batu karang

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