Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wishing the best to all UPSR 2011 candidates.
Don't push yourself too hard n being stress all the time.Relax and enjoy the exam!!
Keep yourself healthy too...
Never ever rely your hope n confidence upon your struggle but put your hope on Allah..

pic via: http://structure-structural-software.blogspot.com/2010/07/school-based-assessment-system-may.html

*Hahaha.The cartoon was signed "2008",unfortunately the artist didn't realized that UPSR has 5 subjects.Unless it was back in the 90s where UPSR only had 4 subjects.
* Why those who scored straight As (especially Malaysians specifically Malays choose to be a Doctor instead of other professions?)


AA said...

because everyone tells them the tale about being a Dr if they get straight A's..and it is a highly demanding profession ever on earth that one couldnt deny the benefits of being one....

NJ said...

Hmmm..nothing more than a tale.
I guess 'they' shouldn't be looking at the benefits only since the 'disaster' are much more when becoming a doctor.
Never listen to what people say.Need to evaluate oneself and choose the right profession.