Saturday, February 28, 2009

If you Failed to Plan,you are Planning to Fail

Just for my own reminder.Personally, I could say that I was not really good in managing myself especially my works.However,recently about 1 year ago,I did realize my weaknesses and I'll try to overcome it.I've remembered that our Beloved Prophet once said:"It's a kind of damnable for those who have the same good achievements in 2 days".(Aw kama Qal)

It means that if your achievement is at the same level for today and yesterday,you are damned!

Alhamdulillah,now my miserable life became more well managed and I thanked Allah for waking me up to realize the importance of planning.Some of my friends even said that I'm too "Skema" for noted down every single things to be done or due to my yearly planner.I don't care what people said as long as it gives me benefits.

One of my lecturer did say that, as a Muslim we should start do our own plan in life,e.g.what are we going to do after graduate,when to get married etc.For me, Insya Allah I have my own aim and I think I've made a right decision.I know when should I get married and with whom should I get married to.

Actually,if we didn't have our own plan, especially weekly plan, we will be filled by unnecessary things.Then, we started to claim that we have no time for assignments,no time for study etc.If we reflect back the time had passed,we were actually filled the precious time with computer games,watching movies etc.Why not we spend our leisure time by having a reading material which can increase our understanding on Islam,our picture about Ummah etc.

Remember that Allah S.W.T will asked in The Day of Judgment on how we spent our time during our life especially during our youth age.

One of our Muslim scholar once said:
"If you failed to fill your leisure time with goodness/Islamic things,then the bad things/Jahiliyyah will penetrate into your time."

Thus,it's only two things can happened in a time,either it is Islamic things or unIslamic.There is no such thing in between.

It's you,yourselves who know and can evaluate your achievements.For those(including me)who still didn't plan,it's still not too late for that.Have a step forward and starts your planning...

May Allah guide us to His straight path and give His forgiveness for what we have done.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My QS batch

These are the pictures of my batch.However not all were in these pics.Some of them were absent during the photography session.Can you spot me??

The formal picture

Free style!!Azhari still formal and focusing on camera..hehe

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Pictures During QS Studio Works

I had promised my friend/ classmate, Azhari to post some pictures during last studio works where we have to measure on Water Reticulation System's element.Using my Nikon Coolpix 5.1 megapixels,here it is..

Shafuan and Amar(The Class rep)

The Outstanding students...

Azhari...concentrate on works..

Again,it's Azhari...

And again...It's still Azhari's face...bored??Hehehe

Qaramil and Zaki..Try to understand the drawings

My stuffs;drawings,scale ruler and calculator

I Have No Concrete Stand!!

Just to share something...I assumed that everyone got their own stand or principe.None of us just live without nothing. along your journey in this life you must have something to hold on or I can say your own stand.

Have you experienced something which you have to tolerate with your stand?If you did have it,were you really sacrificed your stand?Some people might did it while some people nope.

For me,personally I have no idea about that.I did have my own principes but sometimes I have to tolerate due to some cases where I think I have to sacrifice it..

The tip is, you have to evaluate the situation either it will contribute to a bigger impact or not if you tolerated your stand. Sometimes,our stand is just for our own benefits. Hence, why not we sacrificed our stand for other benefits?

However,there must be a guideline in sacrificing our principes. Those things to be sacrificed must be in accordance with Syara'. You can't simply sacrificed your Deen, just to comfort others.

"What the syara' said bad, is bad for you and what syara' said good,is good for you"

As a Muslims or in a specific scope, Dai'e (Those who convey the words of Allah)we sometime have to sacrifice our interests(Interest is totally different from principles)for others' sake.

This was the method where our beloved Prophet S.A.W did during his life time. As a result, many people attracted to his akhlaq,thus revert to Islam.

I was a lil bit touched when reading a book entitled "Bagaimana Menyentuh Hati" or in English, How to tackle a heart by Abbas As-Sissiy...The book tell us many stories regarding the method to tackle people's heart or in simple words how to do Da'wah without people feel discomfort. Do it in informal way.

From this book, you will see that we(the Dai'e)have to sacrifice our interests for the purpose of Allah.

I don't want to elaborate more about this book.You can read by your own and I encourage all of us can buy the book.You won't regret!
May Allah grants us with His blessings....Ameen...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Arabic Class

I was from Islamic school previously during my secondary school. I did get exposures to Arabic since form 1 until form 5. However, I couldn’t speak Arabic at all. Although I did score A in Arabic during SPM, it didn’t help me a lot in communication.

One of the factors is my effort to learn Arabic. Personally, I could say that during my life as a secondary school student, I didn’t spend much time for Arabic. I have reason for that. First, I was in science stream and it’s a little bit difficult for me to focus in Arabic as I had sciences subjects to be covered, especially add math, chemistry and physic as well as biology.

Besides, the environment itself. None of my friends dare to speak Arabic with each others. Even for me, I just speak in Malay with my Mu’allim an Mu’allimah during Arabic class.

Another factor is the Arabic syllabus. We just focus on Nahu, balaghah etc. We were been stressed on how to tackle the questions. (I think so)
As the result, I’m only good in writing in Arabic without have the communication skills.

As I entered IIUM matriculation centre, I did exempted my Arabic test, thus I just finished my life there in 8 months. I taught I was really good in Arabic. (perasan)
I did realize the importance of Arabic when I enrolled in IIUM Main campus. It causes me difficulties when communicating with those from Arabic spoken countries. Then I know, how stupid I am!

I tried my best to master the Qur’anic language by attending all lectures organized by the IIUM mosque. Those lectures are conducted in Arabic and are weekly lectures. It is on Sirah, Fiqh, Fath al bari, Tazkiyah an nafs etc.

Alhamdulillah, as time past by, I got improvement in my listening skill. Although the first time I understood nothing, now at least I can get the lectures’ main points.

One day, when I had a talk with my dad, he asked me about my Arabic. As usual, I said to him that I couldn’t speak and I didn’t have any skills. Although I really love Arabic, I couldn’t master it as I only put a little effort on it.
You know what my dad said? “You cannot go out/ graduate from IIUM if you still cannot master the Arabic.”

It really gave me a big impact. Soon, I tried my best to learn Arabic informal as I’m pretty busy with other works. Thanks to some of my Arab’s friends who taught me and encourage me to speak in Arabic.

Alamdulillah, this semester, my classmate, Aiman introduced me to an Arabic class which is conducted in Musolla Mahallah Uthman.

Last week was my first class.This class is informal and been taught by an Arabic course student from Bangladesh. Only 6 students joined this class. We are more emphasizing in speaking rather than other skills. I pray to Allah so that He will make me easy in seeking His knowledge.

P/s: I’m not studying Arabic because of my dad’s words. He’s words just wake me up from my sweet dream. I love Arabic as it is our Prophet language, the Qur’an language and the language of ahlu al jannah. Thus, I have to move a step for mastering it.

“O Allah, don’t you let my spirit blew out by my nafs, give me strength to stay and work in your path, If you wanted to take may soul, take it when I’m in full of Iman. Give me your forgiveness and let me together with the Anbiya’ in the hereafter.”

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warkah buat Barisan Pengawas MATRI 2009

Assalamaualaikum wbt

Apa khabar adik-adik semua? Semoga antum sentiasa diredhai Allah. Ana di sini Alhamdulillah dan dalam proses untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan waqie` di Jordan yang ternyata berbeza dengan di Malaysia dan di bumi wakafan MATRI.

Dalam kesempatan ini, ana hajat untuk kongsilah sedikit sebanyak pengalaman yang ana peroleh sepanjang menjadi pengawas selama hampir 5 tahun bermula tingkatan 3 hinggalah khassah 2.

Satu hakikat yang perlu kita ketahui dan amati bahawasanya, terbinanya MATRI bukanlah seperti sekolah lain. Ia merupakan institusi yang ingin melahirkan Pelajar yang SOLEH dan MUSLEH. Institusi yang melahirkan DAIE`. Melahirkan pelajar yang iltizam dan intizom dengan ajaran DEEN ALLAH swt.

Satu masa waktu ana form 5, kita (BPM) giatkan kempen jimat elektrik dan sbgnya kerana kewangan MATRI agak tidak stabil. Respon Cikgu Rosdi dalam halaqat kami , bahawa MATRI dan sahabat2 tidak risau jika duit kekurangan dan sbgnya.Kerana duit boleh dicari. Tapi MATRI dan sahbat2 risau andaikata MATRI tidak mampu melahirkan DAIE` dan PEWARIS KERJA2 DNT.Itulah yang merisaukan. Bukankah itu matlamat dan tujuan MATRI dibina.Andaikata ada peluang, kajilah dan singkapkan sejarah penubuhan MATRI.

Apabila kita lihat dan kita amati ungkapan 'Guru-guru lama' seperti Cikgu Rosdi , jelaslah bahawa MATRI bukanlah seperti sekolah biasa, bukanlah seperti institusi biasa tetapi ia mempunyai matlamat yang amat besar untuk melahirkan manusia yang luar biasa. Untuk melahirkan hasil yang luar biasa, sewajibnya ia melalui proses yang luar biasa dan Proses itu mestilah dikawal dan dijaga oleh KEPIMPINAN YANG LUAR BIASA.

Anda semua adalah barisan kepimpinan MATRI. Anda bukanlah semata-mata pengawas yang menegakkan peraturan MATRI tetapi anda adalah DAIE` dan DAIE`YAH di MATRI. Anda sebagai AYAH dan UMI yang mencurahkan KASIH SAYANG pada adik-adik. Anda adalah MUROBBI yang mendidik pelajar yang lain. Anda adalah USTAZ dan USTAZAH dalam MENINGKATKAN HDA pelajar-pelajar . Anda adalah PEMIMPIN yang mengawal BIAH di MATRI. Anda adalah ABANG dan KAKAK kepada adik-adik untuk MENDENGAR PERMASALAHAN mereka. Anda adalah QUDWAH dan CONTOH kepada pelajar-pelajar yang lain.

Inilah di antara ciri-ciri Pemimpin di MATRI. Akhlak mereka di kagumi dan tingkah lakunya sentiasa diikuti oleh pelajar-pelajar yang lain. Senyumannya dan kata-katanya sering mencuit hati adik-adik.

Andaikata terdapat pelajar masalah, kita tidak mencemuh mereka,kita tidak memarahi mereka dengan sewang-wenangnya dan kita tidak cop mereka bahawa mereka adalah budak jahat. Malah, Kita lihat mereka adalah Madu` kita yang kita akan didik. Kita cuba dekati mereka, mendengar permasalahan mereka, cuba memahami mereka dan cuba menyelesaikan masalah selagi kita mampu. Jika keadaan kritikal dan tidak mampu bantu mereka maka, bawalah ia pada pihak guru-guru untuk menyelesaikan. Ingatlah perjalanan kita masih jauh.Berdasarkan pengalaman ana di MATRI, ‘ dia ’ adalah pelajar yang bermasalah. Tetapi di IPT, dia adalah penggerak sahabat-sahabat . Hidayah milik Allah. Allah berhak untuk memberi kepada sesiapa yang dihendaki . Justeru, berbaik sangkalah dan berdoalah agar pelajar masalah itu diberi petunjuk oleh Allah.

Adik-adik sekalian,

Teringat ana pada perjumpaan BPM 06 dengan Al-fadhil Ustaz Dahlan Bin Mohd Zain, dia menegaskan bahawa apa yang MATRI dan barisan Pengawas jalankan adalah Menegakkan yang Syara` dan Meninggalkan Tidak Syara`. Sebagaimana yang kita sedia maklum,

Yang Baik Itu Apa Yang Dikatakan Baik oleh Syara` dan Yang Tidak Baik Itu Adalah Apa Yang Dikatakan Tidak Baik Oleh Syara`.

Inilah satu saranan yang perlu wujud dalam biah MATRI. Bukanlah kita menegakkan peraturan di MATRI seperti tugas pengawas sekolah lain semata-mata, malah apa yang kita harus tekankan pada pelajar bahawa peraturan itu sendiri adalah dalam lingkungan syara`.

Selain itu, jagalah Iman dan Akhlak anda.Binalah Tamayyuz di antara barisan pengawas dan pelajar-pelajar yang lain. Kekadang kita marah pelajar yang tidak ikut peraturan MATRI dan sebagainya. Sedangkan ketaatan akan terlahir apabila ada siqah (kerpercayaan). Tidak ada Dakwah tanpa kepimpinan. Tidak ada kepimpinan tanpa ketaatan . Tidak ada ketaatan tanpa siqah. Kadar kesiqahan Pemimpin dan pelajar yang lain menentukan tahap kekuatan nidzam dan pelaksanaan perancangan dan faktor kejayaan dalam memimpin.

Pernahkah kita dengar kata-kata seorang ulama yang menyebut andaikata pemimpin menyibukkan dengan perkara makruh, maka rakyatnya akan menyibukkan diri dengan perkara haram . Andaikata pemimpin menyibukkan diri dengan perkara wajib maka rakyatnya akan menyibukkan diri dengan perkara makruh. Andaikata pemimpin menyibukkan diri dengan perkara sunat maka rakyatnya akan menyibukkan diri dengan perkara wajib. Justeru , tingkatkanlah HDA dikalangan pemimpin MATRI.

Rancanglah program dalaman BPM dari aspek peningkatan rohani, penyeragaman fikrah , peningkatan syuur , penyelarasan gerak kerja dan peningkatan ukhuwah. 5 perkara ini merupakan elemen-elemen utama dalam mewujudkan barisan kepimpinan MATRI yang berkualiti.

Ingatlah adik-adik sekalian,

kita bukanlah pemula langkah tetapi kita adalah penyambung rantai-rantai . Kita adalah penerus jalan Dakwah dan Tarbiyah ini. Minimakan kesilapan yang pernah generasi terdahulu lakukan dan tingkatkanlah kekuatan anda semua. Warnailah Biah MATRI dengan Biah Solehah agar terlahirnya generasi mendatang generasi beriman. Abang mana yang tidak mahu lihat kejayaan adiknya lebih baik darinya. Insyallah , ana sentiasa doakan kejayaan adik-adik semua di Bumi Wakafan MATRI. Kirim salamlah pada semua guru dan pelajar di MATRI.

Andaikata terdapat salah dan silap serta kekurangan ana mohon ribuan kemaafan. Doakanlah ana dan sahabat2 di sini agar terus istiqamah dan kuatkan jihad kami menuntut ilmu di Bumi Syams Urdun.

Selamat Berjuang Adik-adik sekalian.

‘ Tarbiyah Fi Aidikum, Fi Aidikum Faqad ’

Yang memerlukan doa kalian,

( Muhammad Sahel Bin Nordin`09)

credit to sahel for allowing me to paste his entry to my blog.For further info please visit sahel's blog at

P/s:Actually this entry make me regret because I was one of MATRI's prefect during my life there. And yet, I didn't left much things to my juniors.In other words, I didn't do my job accordingly as a MATRI's prefect should.

Anyway,to all MATRI's students either prefect or not,we all should realized that our school is different from other school. Our aim is to produce as many quality Dai'e and Murobbi to guide people to reach the light of Allah.

Be strong and consistent with your Halaqah regardless where you are,because Halaqah will shape you and recharge your iman.

To akhi Sahel Nordin,thanks for your post.Looking foward to meet you.Uhibbuka Fillah

Where your money go?

I'm a little bit doubt.When we donate to Palestine,especially to Gaza for the war occurred,is our money really given to them?

We can see many organizations,NGOs etc. collecting fund to help our brothers and sisters there.However is it that easy our money can reach to their hand?
In my opinion,our money can easily reach them through Fatah government.This is due to the 'sweet link' between Fatah and Israel.However,I'm afraid that the money donated will wrongly manipulated by the secularist government.

Personally, I think that our money should reach the HAMAS.I put my trust more on HAMAS compared to Fatah.Unfortunately,it's very difficult to give the money hand to hand as the Israel/Zionist got highly siege the area.

My question is,where did our money go??Where did New Strait Times sent our money?Was it to Fatah or to HAMAS?

If you are in the same doubt with me,I got the solution.
Let us help our brothers and sisters by donating your money or anything to HALUAN Palestine.
It is an NGO which will sent your money to the right person/organization.

If you intended to donate,here is the account info:-
Account name: Tabung Palestin HALUAN
Account no : 14-023-01-003429-2
Bank : Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Tarbiyyah been put a side.....

When tarbiyyah been put a side....Then you will see chaos everywhere.Corruption,bribery,back biting etc.getting norms.Even those who with the "Islamic background" or specialized in Islamic studies been corrupted.They just have the knowledge, but did not implemented it in life.Tarbiyyah been put a side.
Do we forgot what did our beloved Prophet done at Al Arqam house during the early stages of Islam? He Tarbiyyah the sahabah...Until they have been declared by Allah as the "Khairu Ummah".
Let us turn back to the root to solve the problems nowadays.From Tarbiyyah, it will creates our personality. It will colours us with the colours of Islam.
We tend to look at all branches problems and trying to settle it by enforcing the laws.
Why not we look at the root?
When the root is good,it will grow as a good tree.All the branches will produce sweet fruits and vice versa.Thus,the root(our heart)should be purified by Tarbiyyah.
Ustaz Mustafa Masyur, the 5th Mursyidul 'Am of Ikhwan Al-Muslimin said:

"Tarbiyyah is the crucial part in a Jama'ah to shape the Muslim personality. It is the foundation to form a good individual,family,community and lastly a nation.It is a practical sample of a good Akhlaq.History had been proven that the strength of an organization can be achieve from Tarbiyyah.From Tarbiyyah,individual can bond together and increase the strength to work in one line. However if Tarbiyyah been put a side,then weaknesses,misunderstanding,decrease the spirit of working in Jama'ah and shortage in output will happened."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let it vacant

Insya Allah next semester we have to change our room. And again it causes difficulties to the student. Yeah, we have to change the room every year. I'm not really sure the reason behind the reshuffling of room.

Actually,i'm in room of four. However, since last year we were only three. This is due to one of our friend, Fikri from Urban and Regional Planning Department had changed the University as he got offer for better study. He is now in UiTM Shah Alam taking Architecture.
Isk3...So sad..Nobody can replace his place.He's so unique.

After he left IIUM, his compartment remains vacant.Soon,one student from engineering came to fill the vacancy.He was Syahidan.Unfortunately,he can only stand around one month with us. No wonder because we are in different line. It's difficult for him to discuss regarding his study as the rest of his roomates are from Faculty of Architecture.

Then,he decided to changed his room to Mahallah Ali.Thus, our room, again remains vacant.

A few month later,one student from Applied Art registered to be our roomates. We were so glad as we got new friend.And again, he can only stands around one semester in the room.He next left our room and just stayed at home as his house just somewhere around here.

And again,the compartment remains vacant.Until last week,we have to register roomates for next semester. One of our friend from Department of Applied Art and Design volunteered to fill the vacancy.

The question is,can he stand in this room forever until graduate?Or,his story will be the same as the rest of the mysterious compartment occupants?

I don't know why it goes like that.May be the spirit of the first occupant still buried underneath the compartment..Wallahu'alam..Hehehe.

Now,we just wait and see either our new roomate can break the mysterious spell of the compartment or not...

*The compartment says:"Let it vacant."*

Monday, February 16, 2009

IIUM Student Carnival 09

These are some pics during last IIUM student carnival which was held on 12th-15th February 09. Insha Allah next time I'll write the story related to the program. Congrat to Journalism Club members who direct or indirectly involved in the program.

Journalism Club Booth

I call this The Arab Jahiliyah dance..I'll tell later y I called it like that

The twin at the booth...

I'm not really sure what kind of music instrument is this

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dari Allah kita datang,Kepada Allah jualah kita kembali.

‘Student QS 4th year, Noorazrim bin Ismail meninggal dunia ptg tadi (selasa). Accident motosikal dengan lori. Jenazah masih di HKL jabatan forensic. Post mortem pagi esok, 8 a.m (Rabu). Kebumi di Klang Gate, Melawati, time tengah hari (to be confirmed). Rumah kakak dia 147 Jalan F7 Taman Melawati. Contact abang ipar dia 012-xxxxxxx, Saleh.’ “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un”. Tersentak hati saya apabila membaca message yang diterima pada jam 8.27a.m, 11/02/09. Kawan sekelas saya, Luqman yang hantarkan message tersebut.

Saya terus fowardkan message tersebut kepada kawan saya yang lain. Kebetulan saya datang ke kelas pagi itu bersama seorang rakan sekelas, juga merangkap romate saya, Izzat Rosli. Saya tunjukkan padanya message yang saya dapat.
Selang beberapa ketika ada message masuk ke dalam hand phone saya. “Today’s class cancel.Pls inform others”. Lebih kurang begitu maksudnya message yang saya terima dari seorang kawan.

Subhanallah… kelas cancel rupanya. Kami berdua yang lambat terima message. Patutlah dari tadi menunggu, hanya saya dan kawan saya, Izzat sahaja di hadapan kelas. Time tu dah lebih kurang pukul 9.20a.m. Izzat ajak saya pergi ke masjid untuk iktikaf sementara menunggu kelas seterusnya jam 11.00a.m. Saya pun setuju dan kami berjalan ke masjid bersama-sama.

Setibanya di masjid, saya ambil keputusan untuk menelaah buku akademik sementara Izzat ingin rehat sambil berbaring sebentar kerana agak penat. Maklumlah bangun awal dan terpaksa berkumpul di tangga besar IIUM kerana memang rutin anggota SUKSIS pada hari Rabu.

Tengah menelaah, message masuk lagi.. “Siapa nak pergi ziarah jenazah kumpul dekat café Mahallah Zubair jam 10.00a.m. Kalau ada kenderaan sendiri lagi bagus.” Teman saya, Luqman yang hantar rupanya. Saya terus reply padanya. “Anta pergi tak? Kelas macam mana? Nak skipped ke? Ana memang hajat nak pergi..”
Selang beberapa ketika, Luqman reply. “Ana tak dapat pergi. Kaki cedera. Luka dan masih berdarah.”

Subhanallah.. Luqman tengah sakit rupanya.. Semoga Allah mengampuni dosa- dosanya. Saya pun meneruskan pembacaan saya. Tapi dalam hati tidak tenang sebab memang hajat nak pergi ziarah. Lagi pun memang kita digalakkan oleh Baginda S.A.W untuk menziarahi jenazah kerana di situ terdapat 1001 pengajaran serta dapat muhasabah diri.
Sedih ada… Kecewa pun ada.. Tetapi Allah Maha Mengetahui isi hati hamba- hambanya.. Tiba- tiba message sekali lagi masuk ke dalam hand phone saya. “Kelas pukul 11.00a.m ni batal. Pls inform others.Tq.” Alhamdulillah.. Allah mengetahui hajat saya. Terus saya kejutkan Izzat.

“Izzat, jom balik bilik. Kita siap- siap untuk pergi ziarah jenazah nak?” Izzat yang masih terpinga- pinga/ mamai sebab baru bangun terus soal, “Aik, kelas macam mana?”
"Alhamdulillah. Kelas batal. Jom!"

Setibanya di bilik, jam sudah menunjukkan hampir jam 11.00a.m.

”Aduh, macam mana kita nak pergi ek?. Kita dah lewat. Mereka yang berkumpul di café tadi semua dah pergi.” Saya mengeluh. Tambahan pula saya dan Izzat kurang arif alamat yang diberikan jika ingin pergi bersendirian.

Dalam duka dan kecewa tiba- tiba ada panggilan dari seorang teman, Shafuan yang juga merangkap classmate saya. Terus punat jawab ditekan. “Assalamualaikum. Nabil, anta ada dekat mana ni?” Soalnya. “Ana dekat bilik ni.. Baru je sampai bilik dari kelas yang cancel.”

“Oh, ana hajat nak pergi ziarah jenazah ni. Anta free? Nak ikut tak? Anta tolong cari seorang lagi. Sekarang baru ana dan Azhari. Kita pergi naik kereta.” Pelawa Shafuan.

Pucuk di cita, ulam di rasa. “Ok Insya Allah ana nak pi. Ana dan Izzat.” Balas saya dengan penuh kesyukuran di hati.

Setibanya di rumah jenazah, memang sudah ramai orang yang datang. Senior- senior saya semua ada. Rakan- rakan batch saya juga bersama tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan. Agak crowded.

Kemudian menyusul lecturer- lecturer saya, Sir Azrin, Bro Saiful, Bro Syakirin, Dr. Abu (Building Tech Dept.), Bro Handzalah, Ir. Zaifuddin (Building Tech Dept.), dan seorang lecturer dari department Applied Art and Design, Bro fakhul. Turut hadir dekan Kulliyyah Architecture and Environmental Design, Prof Dr. Mansor Ibrahim.
Jenazah selamat disolatkan dan dikebumikan setelah selesai solat Zohor di sebuah masjid berhampiran.

Saya sebenarnya tidak mengenali arwah. Tetapi apa yang saya dengar dari senior, dia merupakan pelajar dan kawan yang baik. Patutlah ramai yang hadir. Semua batch QS hadir tidak kira lelaki atau perempuan walaupun ada yang tidak mengenali arwah. Orang yang baik dan soleh memang akan dikenang orang.

Arwah meninggalkan seorang balu dan dua orang anak. Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat Nya kepada Al Marhum Noorazrim bin Ismail.

P/s: Apabila niat kita baik, Allah akan memudahkan urusan kita. Semoga mereka yang hadir pada hari kejadian dapat mengambil pengajaran dan meningkatkan amalan dalam menghadapi kematian yang entah bila kita tidak tahu. Sesungguhnya ia datang secara tiba- tiba.. Wallahu’alam.

Kolokium HALUANSiswa Nasional 1

Hujung minggu yang lalu, yakni pada 7 – 8 Feb 2009, beberapa orang wakil IPT seluruh Malaysia (mewakili zon masing-masing: Zon utara, tengah, selatan dan pantai timur) telah hadir dan berbincang mengenai HALUAN Siswa yang bakal menjadi platform untuk para siswa dan siswi bergerak.

Suasana dalam dewan ketika perbincangan

Zon Utara diwakili oleh mereka di UiTM Arau, UiTM Seri Iskandar dan Politeknik Perlis. Wakil dari USM tidak dapat hadir. Zon tengah diwakili oleh sahabat-sahabat dari IIUM, UTM Jalan Semarak, UniKL MIAT, Pusat Asasi IIUM, UPM, UiTM Shah Alam, dan UM. Wakil dari USIM tidak dapat hadir. Bagi zon selatan, UTM Skudai, UniKL Melaka. Wakil dari KUiTHO tiada. Akhir sekali dari zon pantai timur, KTD, IIUM Kuantan dan UMP.

Bergambar sesudah program

Wakil- wakil ini akan pulang ke IPT masing- masing dan akan menjalanka HALUAN Siswa di lokaliti mereka, berdasarkan penyelarasan yang telah dibuat.
Program ini membincangkan struktur organisasi, visi dan misi Halauan Siswa serta beberapa perkara yang lain.

Gambar ni syahidan yang ambil

Tempat program ini diadakan di Taman Harmonis, Gombak @ Dr. Azimuth Herbal Camp. Sesungguhnya program selama dua hari ini telah meningkatkan “HAMASAH”dalam berkerja.
Saya diamanahkan menjaga dan bertugas di bahagian registration. Namun, saya dan di bahagian catering telah bersepakat untuk berkerjasama.

Syahidan,Hafiz dan Abbas di luar dewan

Terasa ada kekuatan apabila bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan yang sudah sekian lama tidak bersua. Rindu yang berputik hilang bila bertemu mereka terutamanya sahabat- sahabat batch saya, Hafiz, Zakiran, Umar, Abu, dan Abbas. Tidak kurangnya dengan sahabt- sahabat lain. Kenangan di lubuk tarbiyyah, berbunga kembali.

Safwan kata dia tengah sejuk dok dekat New Castle. Tapi time ni tgh hari dkt Malaysia je..

Harapnya, usaha kita membawa Islam ini dikira Allah sebagai amal untuk kebaikan hari akhirat kelak. Semoga HALUANSiswa dapat menjadi platform yang terbaik dalam membuat amal islami. Wallahu’alam.
Allahu Akbar!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some pics from entry Another Story of My Day...

Huhu..Like lomo or not?Hehehe I guess so..

"lepak2 while eating junk foods"

Can anybody guess what is this pic all about??

What a beautiful sky.Subhanallah

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Books

Today, 04/02/09. I just bought two new books at CAC. There is an ICT fair and some other fairs. e.g. books, clothes etc. I hope, I can finish it within this sem. These books can burn up my spirit to work for the sake of Allah, Insya Allah.

These are the books:-

Usah perlekeh Bangsa Melayu

Salam Rahmat kepada para pembaca.

Apa yang terlintas di minda atau kepala anda jika perkataan Bangsa Melayu disebut? Barangkali hanya perkara-perkara negatif. Pemalas, lembap, keras kepala dan lain-lain. Mungkin tabiat- tabiat tersebut sudah sinonim dengan Bangsa Melayu.

Saya tidak nafikannya. Tetapi saya rasa, masih ada nilai- nilai positif yang terkandung dalam jiwa anak melayu. Tetapi nilai- nilai tersebut tidak terpancar kerana kita asyik dimomokkan dengan sikap negatif semata- mata. Bangsa Melayu bila mendapat asuhan Islam, mereka menjadi lebih hebat. Ini terbukti dengan sifat Melayu sendiri yang lemah- lembut, sopan- santun, berbudi- bahasa dan lain- lain.

Saya bukanlah seorang yang ‘racist’. Apa yang cuba saya kongsikan di sini hanya dari pendapat peribadi saya berdasarkan kepada pemerhatian saya.

Secara sedar atau tidak, bangsa Melayu ini sudah terdidik dangan nilai- nilai yang baik sejak dari kecil lagi. Walaupun bukan dari keluarga yang menekankan aspek kerohanian dalam keluarga, tetapi nilai- nilai baik masih diberi penekanan.
Kesannya, kebanyakkan mereka tetap mengamalkannya walaupun sudah dewasa. Berbanding dengan bangsa- bangsa lain.

Saya suka member contoh berdasarkan pemerhatian saya selama saya berada di IIUM ini. Di sini terdapat pelbagai bangsa, dan saya kadang kala cuba bandingkan dengan Bangsa Melayu. Semuanya berdasarkan pengalaman dan pemerhatian saya.

Kita diajar dari kecil supaya bersalaman sesudah selesai solah berjemaah sama ada di rumah, surau atau masjid. Hinggakan sesetengah masjid akan membuat satu bulatan setelah selesai solah dan akan bersalaman seorang demi seorang. Paling kurang pun kita akan bersalaman dengan orang di kiri dan kana kita. Anda setuju? Tapi, itu hanya diamalkan oleh majoriti anak- anak melayu kita di IIUM ini khususnya. Bangsa lain, lepas solah, bangun dan keluar. Tengok muka orang sebelah pun kadang- kadang tidak.

Contoh lain, kita diajar agar bila berjalan dihadapan orang, terutamanya di hadapan mereka yang lebih tua agar menundukkan sedikit badan tanda hormat. Bila mereka dihormati, kita di sayangi. Begitu halnya, majoritinya hanya anak- anak melayu kita yang amalkan. Bangsa lain, berjalan seumpama angkuh. Entah mengapa saya tak pasti.

Yang paling saya tak tahan (kadang- kadang), time kita solah sunat ba’diah atau solah apa pun mereka (bangsa lain) kadang- kadang tu duduk di hadapan kita sambil berborak- borak. Siap buat halaqah lagi. Kalau orang tua- tua kita Nampak, memang pantang bagi mereka dan ibarat mencari nahas. Ye lah, ganggu kosentrasi kita.

Kadang –kadang tu jalan raya ni macam jalan mereka. Berborak di tengah jalan. Lebih teruk, (saya pernah alami) mereka ni memandu, kemudian berhenti di tengah jalan, membiarkan kereta di situ dan pergi berborak dengan kawan- kawan mereka di tengah jalan. Saya ketika itu dalam kereta bersama seorang rakan terpaksa tunggu. Nak “horn”, tapi tak kan mereka tak paham cara penggunaan jalan raya. Sehingga kadan- kadang menyebabkan traffic jam. Mereka bukan tak tahu ada kereta lain nak lalu, tetapi macam buat- buat tak tahu.

Itu baru sedikit. Saya malas nak berikan contoh- contoh lain. Tambah- tambah lagi berkaitan disiplin. Dengan penggunaan tandasnya, hanya mereka yang pernah hidup dalam lingkungan mereka sahja tahu macam mana. Masya Allah.

Terjerit- jerit sudah biasa bagi mereka. Macam di Pasar. Volume tak boleh nak control. Padahal bersembang dengan orang di hadapan mereka sahaja. Jaraknya tak sampai pun 3 kaki. Sehinggakan mereka yang berada 3 meter dari tempat kejadian mampu mendengarnya. Bangsa kita? Kita diajar supaya cakap dengan penuh sopan- santun dan lain-lain. Memang berbeza..

Saya bukan mahu mengumpat, tetapi ini hakikat yang perlu kita sedar. Sebagai pengajaran bagi kita untuk tidak mengulanginya lagi.
Barangkali anda tidak setuju dengan pendapat saya, itu hak anda. Buatlah keputusan dan kesimpulan anda sendiri.

Yang penting, Bangsa Melayu bangsa yang hebat! Kehebatannya lagi terserlah pabila terkena sinaran hidayah dan percikan Tarbiyah Islamiyah. Jangan asyik meng’negatif’kan bangsa Melayu kerana kita masih kaya dengan nilai- nilai yang baik. Usah Perlekeh bangsa Melayu!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another story of my day....

Monday… Phew.. When it comes to Monday, I felt something missing in my life. I don’t know what is it. Actually, Monday is the toughest day for me during this semester. I’ll went out to class as early as 8.30a.m and will return back as late as 9.30p.m. And yet, I have to face it for the whole semester..Subhanallah.

Last Monday, 02/02/09 I went to class like normal. Nothing different happened except I had a test that morning. I’m not really prepared. Just finished twice for revision. So, I just make my self ‘selamba badak’ without worried about the test.

At the moment I arrived at my Faculty, my phone ringing. A call from my class rep. He just reminds me to take the LCD from the office as usual. Yeah, it’s kind of my permanent job to do such thing. Well, this is due to my punctuality to attend the class. Thus, I have to help him to take the LCD. (I’m not saying he is not punctual; however he got other stuffs to be settled)

As I entered the class, some of my friends still concentrate and focusing on notes, preparing for the coming test. Psycho…

To make the story short, Alhamdulillah I answered with full confident. I expect I’ll obtained 7@8 out of 10. Hahaha… too confidence. Pray for me.

After the test, I walked around and suddenly I remembered that there is an ICT Fair at Cultural Activity Centre. Without delaying any second, I went there with my friend. Just for window shopping. No money to buy those things. However I intended to buy two books there. (It is not really an ICT Fair alone, but there are other fairs inside the CAC, e.g. books, clothes etc.) Insya Allah I’ll buy it as soon as possible.

After performed Zohor Prayer at SHAH’s masjid, I rushed to the class as it started at 2.00p.m. Waa… Subhanallah, I felt a lil bit stress as I couldn’t understand the topic discussed. Too difficult for me. ~ Post Contract Administration for QS~. We discussed on insurances, Performance Bond, Advanced Payment etc. Werk… Wanna vomit and my head gonna explode.

The class finished at 8.00p.m. We just have a short break for solah and tea time.
After class + pray maghrib, me and another two friends walked to the HS café. What is HS?? Hantu Setan!! Hahaha… Just kidding. Faculty of Human Sciences Café.
Alhamdulillah.. at last we had enough foods to break our fast. Then, we walked to the Masjid to perform Isyak prayer. Before we went back to our hostel, we dropped by at a kiosk near the masjid and bought some junk foods. Hehehe like kids huh? It’s ok as long as we enjoyed and it’s not contradicted with Syara’.

While finishing the silent killer food, we just chatting. I took out my classic Nikon coolpix L3 and snapped some photos. Just for my collection. Hahaha… The pics looked like I’m using Lomo camera…… Promoting Lomo..Hehehe.

Hmm… I just arrived at my room around 10.30p.m. My roommate, Izzat was preparing for his today’s duty as SUKSIS. Securing the campus. Patrolling around.May Allah bless him.

To my friends, Luqman and Amar, thanks for spent your time eating kidney’s killer, eating dinner together etc. Wise said, “Hok aloh, bukan selalu kite gini. Jadi budak-budak sikeet..”

p/s:Insya allah I'll try to upload some of our photos next time.

New Skill, New Net.

Last Saturday I went to Ong Tai Kim area to find some stuff. Yeah, me and my best friend, Syahidan. We went there by motorbike. Credit to Ihsan for lending us his motor bike.

Actually we went there to buy swimming accessories i.e. tight, short, cap and goggle. You know why? Some of our friends volunteered to teach is swimming. So, we decided not to miss this opportunity to grab the skills. At least in the future, if we were been thrown in any river, sea or lake, we still can survive. Hehehe..

I did buy for some of my friends who still didn’t have the equipments. We tried to find the cheapest. At last, we just bought those things at a sport shop. Total: Around RM 100+. However we didn’t buy the goggle due to insufficient fund. Hehe..
Insya Allah our informal swimming class will be on every Sunday morning. It will be conducted by bro Elyas, bro Syakir, bro, Hafizul, bro Amad Salman and some other coaches.

Besides, I just bought a new table tennis net to replace the old one which already torn. Hahaha.. Got inspired to enhance the skills. Thanks to my friend since matric, Hasbullah a.k.a Lah who always be my target practice for Ping Pong. I just bought the cheapest net. RM 12.00.

I hope within this semester I can float myself and swim accordingly. Looking forward to challenge with Daniel Bego and Phelps. Hahaha..