Monday, September 26, 2011

Postponing piddle

Rahim (not a real name)is a young man was driving a car with his friend to Bota Kanan when suddenly he feels the need to urinate..Rahim told his friend about his 'need' and his friend just nodding without saying any words indicating he is listening.
His friend pointing the signboard indicated 'Masjid 500m ahead' on the left side of the road and expecting Rahim to stop by to fulfill his need.

As they come across the Masjid,Rahim didn't stop the car and he keeps on driving. "You said u wanna pee?" asked his friend.

"Yeah,but it's ok to wait and postponing my pee", replied Rahim.
"Are you serious?You could suffer 'coral reef' if you keeps on doing that", argued his friend.
(His friend keeps on lecturing to Rahim about the effects and consequences of postponing the urinate)

After about 15 minutes they come across another Masjid and at this time Rahim stop the car and went to the toilet.

5 minutes later,they're both on the road again.The watch strikes 1.30pm and it's already the time for zuhur prayer.

"We'll stop at another Masjid for solat", tells Rahim.
"No,no,no..It's too early.Maybe we could wait and stop later and perform it when we reached Bota", countered his friend.

"Hmmm..ok la.Insha Allah the time we reached Bota,It's still Zuhur and we could perform it at any Masjid in Bota", replied Rahim,agreeing with his friend idea.


Prostrating when we still have the chance.Who knows our soul will still be here later?

This situation seems familiar to us..We only stop at the Masjid to 'hurriedly' fulfill our 'need' as we know the health effects of postponing the piddle.
But when it comes to prayer,we tend to have double standard judgement though we're passing by a Masjid where at that time azan is being called.We assume we could pray later.

The Imam Hassan Al Banna once told us "Whenever you heard the calling for prayer,stands up and perform it in whatever situation/condition." (the 10 Advices of Hasan Al-Banna)


*coral reef = Batu karang

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Black Dot

A teacher asked his students to take out a piece of white blank paper and draw a small dot using their black ink pen in the middle of the paper.The dot shouldn't be too big or too small.Just so so and should easily seen by the naked eyes.
Just a simple order...
After a while the teacher asked the students what did they see on the paper.Students are eager answering the question and most of them saying that they could see a black dot.Nothing else...

Some of the 'brilliant' students trying to impress the teacher by giving technical answer or I could say 'scientific answer'..

The teacher smile and nodding his head,agreeing with all the answers.

Then the teacher starts to talk;

"It's a normal thing for a normal people to give that answer.Yes,even an adult would normally give the same answer."
Only certain people or the 'chosen one' would answer that he/she could see the white colour on the plain paper instead of the tiny black dot."

Yes,this is what I wanted to highlight here.In reality, this analogy story is exactly portrayed what we like and enjoy doing.- looking for others' mistakes.

The white paper is much more dominant compared to the tiny little dot,but why we tend to see the tiny one instead of the 'giant' one?

Human in nature is bound to commit sins and mistakes.However,I believed that the good things are much more being done compared to the mistakes.
Unfortunately, the thousands of good deeds couldn't easily erased or at least blurring the 'one mistake'.Yet the one mistake is lift up and 'hooo hooo' around and among the people like the hooligans.

To cut short,the good sinners are those who repent and return to Allah and realized the mistakes he/she committed.
As a 'watcher'/ 'observer' no need for us to be judgmental all the time.Who are we to judge people?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fulfillment of Promises and Hypocrisy

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said,"Three are the signs of a hypocrite:
1) When he speaks, he lies;
2) When he makes a promise, he breaks it;
3) And when he is trusted, he betrays his trust.''

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Another narration adds the words: "Even if he observes Saum (fasts), performs Salat (prayer) and claims to be a Muslim.''

Riyad-us-Saliheen – Hadith No : 689


Insha Allah will be officially off duty soon.I'm gonna resign from being an English teacher and wanna focusing on something else.
Oh,and just got a side job as a 'freelancer' which need me to install sketch up on my laptop. (i'm not going to since already got in the PC)hehehe.

It's still a long way to go and 'oh life,please don't mess up with me'...
Allah knows best  :)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

turning point or starting point?

Ok, a bit confused here..

Since I've messed up my life lately,I 'think' (Not really just thinking but still looking for strength to act upon the 'thought') I need to do something.

Err..Should I turn around or start from the very beginning?
Both things has a broad term to be defined and elaborated. need to respond to this 'self mumbling' post..

Friday, September 16, 2011

The construction parties..

Though you might laugh and tickled your belly, It's a fact indeed....
*So,you people as the client (those who're not in the construction parties) don't expect something 'wow' cause we have our own expectation too..hehe

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Swallow though it's bitter.


Alhamdulillah praise be to Allah since I've managed to finish off reading cover to cover a book entitle "Human Rights and Racial Discrimination in Islam" written by Prof.Abdul Aziz Al-Khayyaat (in Arabic)but it was translated into English by Khalifa Ezzat and Heather Shaw.Oh,I read the Engish version..hehehe. (My Arabic is rusted-and-decayed)

I Just want to highlight short comments/summary about this book (the whole contents) from my two cents point of view;

The way the topic being presented and discussed are absolutely amazing.Easy to follow and the language/words being used are simple and understandable.I would give 7/10 for it. (hahaha..since when we're in a competition and being graded?)

However as a 'layman' I found out that the author unable to put a convincing facts though there are actually lots of evidence inside the book.- not convincing enough. 
Apart from that,the issues arose and discussed are outdated and no longer acceptable.
I'm not under estimate the author's personal judgement on the issues but honestly I could see that he is not judging fairly and there are sort of imbalance judgement and evident.

For an example,the author keeps on highlighting the issue of 'apartheid' which was practiced by the people in the USA in the late 70s.He keeps on saying that it's still being practiced in the US Government,school,law court and etc.Eventually,as I've been 'reading a lot' I could say that the 'apartheid' is no longer being practiced 'legally' by the USA.If there are any,you can't blame and conclude it as a whole Americans' practice since it's only a 'personal/individual' matter.If not,how come Barrack Obama (the American Black) could simply elected and becoming the USA President?

Besides,the author proudly and confidently stated that we (The people of the world)need to look at the middle east where the countries there are the examples and role model of practicing 'free racial discrimination'.

He stated that Arab's countries never discriminate whether in their government or by personal practice.
Wow,I doubt that.I have a lot of Arab friends and we had discussed this topic before and it's totally contradicted with the author's statements.

One of my friends is a Yemeni but he's living in Saudi since he was a small kid.He has little brothers and sisters who were born in Saudi but all of them are denied their rights and services as they are not 'Saudis'. They couldn't enroll into public university or even receiving treatment in the public hospital.Why?They are Arab but not Saudis.Isn't that 'racial discrimination'?

The author even somehow moving slightly away from the topic where he stressed that Arab women are encourage to pursue their studies in college and university. (He's showing evident that women are never being oppressed in Arab.However,this is not a 'racial' issues but a 'gender ism' issues.)
I wonder why is that women in Arab countries having no right to drive a car then?

Over all,'ok la'..
As a 'layman' I could obviously see the injustice judgement and evident inside the book.
Since all of us know that 'American is our enemy' (as what 'they said' and been perpetuated.As for me,it is not)it is not a good and brilliant ideas to punish them by giving injustice judgement and at the same time proudly picturing good images of the Arabs. (I guess it's vice versa)

*As a professor,the author need to tell the truth though it's bitter for the Muslim world to swallow it rather than hiding the factual things. ('Berpijaklah di bumi yg nyata')..


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I dunno why..

I don't know why,but honestly I've changed..
I'm not the same person 6 years ago.Or even 2 years back.

I used to be 'serious' all the time and seldom making jokes with my friends,but not anymore.
I wonder if this is who I am right now,I won't be the most charming school prefect when I was in the high school. (sounds like I'm useless now..Indeed maybe?)

I have no idea and strength to talk something related to 'tarbiyyah' or anything islamic although I used to do so.Hmmm...

I'm happy with with what I do right now??I have no answer for that.
I'm still looking for my identity and it really sucks tough.

O Allah please guide me.Show me the way out..


Wishing the best to all UPSR 2011 candidates.
Don't push yourself too hard n being stress all the time.Relax and enjoy the exam!!
Keep yourself healthy too...
Never ever rely your hope n confidence upon your struggle but put your hope on Allah..

pic via:

*Hahaha.The cartoon was signed "2008",unfortunately the artist didn't realized that UPSR has 5 subjects.Unless it was back in the 90s where UPSR only had 4 subjects.
* Why those who scored straight As (especially Malaysians specifically Malays choose to be a Doctor instead of other professions?)

Explaining the whole picture.


Whola! it has been a while after my last post before I've decided to write something today..Enjoying my 'space' lately..hahaha.(Stop stalking on me)

I'm asking myself (if you want to respond to this question,go ahead to the comment section at the bottom of this entry) is it the doctor responsibility to explain the medicine (side effects and etc.) before prescribe it to the patient or it's our duty to ask the doctor?

I'm not really sure how far doctors are telling the truth when it comes to medical issues.(no offense)
For instance,doctor should explain the whole picture of the disease he diagnosed and give options to the patient (if any), and that does not being practiced by all physician.

Other scenario like medicine which have 'steroid' should be informed to patient since not all people accepting steroid (if there is other options of medicine instead of the steroid one).

There was a real situation where a patient asking a doctor about the side effects from prescribing a cholesterol pills and the doctor simply said nothing.As a 'layman' the patient turned out to be unsatisfied and look out the answer (the side effects actually) himself through his readings from internet,journals and medical articles.
At the end,he discovered that there are some side effects when taking those pills. (I'm not sure what it is but there are side effects)

The question here,is it our (layman/patient) duty to ask the doctor (even though doctors might not telling the truth and it made me so sad n doubtful to rely on them) or it is the doctor's responsibility to explain the whole picture to the patient?

*Those doctors out there who read this,please don't take it personal.No offense at all.It just a matter of question,doubtful,and confuse of a layman like me.