Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Black Dot

A teacher asked his students to take out a piece of white blank paper and draw a small dot using their black ink pen in the middle of the paper.The dot shouldn't be too big or too small.Just so so and should easily seen by the naked eyes.
Just a simple order...
After a while the teacher asked the students what did they see on the paper.Students are eager answering the question and most of them saying that they could see a black dot.Nothing else...

Some of the 'brilliant' students trying to impress the teacher by giving technical answer or I could say 'scientific answer'..

The teacher smile and nodding his head,agreeing with all the answers.

Then the teacher starts to talk;

"It's a normal thing for a normal people to give that answer.Yes,even an adult would normally give the same answer."
Only certain people or the 'chosen one' would answer that he/she could see the white colour on the plain paper instead of the tiny black dot."

Yes,this is what I wanted to highlight here.In reality, this analogy story is exactly portrayed what we like and enjoy doing.- looking for others' mistakes.

The white paper is much more dominant compared to the tiny little dot,but why we tend to see the tiny one instead of the 'giant' one?

Human in nature is bound to commit sins and mistakes.However,I believed that the good things are much more being done compared to the mistakes.
Unfortunately, the thousands of good deeds couldn't easily erased or at least blurring the 'one mistake'.Yet the one mistake is lift up and 'hooo hooo' around and among the people like the hooligans.

To cut short,the good sinners are those who repent and return to Allah and realized the mistakes he/she committed.
As a 'watcher'/ 'observer' no need for us to be judgmental all the time.Who are we to judge people?


nur3izz said...

so hard to forgive and forget..

p/s: i would like to share it with others.. thanks..

Nabil MJ said...

sure,no prob..let it benefits others

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