Friday, July 29, 2011


People might be inspired from others' life experience whether by reading from a book,listening or any kind of sources.
I'm not sure whether you are a good listener or a book reader since different people are having different types of characteristic.As for me,I love reading and listen to others and they really inspired me.

As a human being,we really need something to drive ourselves to achieve our dreams and aims.For instance,the history (seerah) of the Prophet Muhammad and his disciples is somehow our drive to be a better Muslim.

So people,let us take something as our drive in every aspect of our life.

*Btw, I love listening to my aunt and uncle's stories when they were in the Washington and Texas (USA) pursuing their studies.Though it was late in the 80s,the stories are still fresh and inspiring.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

When it comes to football...

I'm not a footballer.
Not either a football fan.
I do enjoy watching football
But never being so fanatic like a moron.

Never forcing myself to wake up early in the morning/midnight just for a football match.It's a crazy and stupid thing to do.(sorry for those who used to do so).

People cheering like a hell.
All those bad words being yelled
Make me headache and jump into a well.

*Just watching Malaysia vs Singapore.-sad ending..hahaha.But need to reserve the tears for Palestine.

Abdul salam and Ummu Aiman Izzati (wedding reception)

Just a short post.Went to my ex-school mate's wedding reception last Sunday in Klang.
Apart from that, i could say it was a small reunion.Congratulations to Salam and his wife,ummu aiman.
Enjoy the pics!
The bride n groom weren't here..sorry.Spot me?

                                          some of the Gen 11 MATRI. Pengantin lelaki di tengah.

2 pieces are good enough i guessed.hehe
Who's next?

Saturday, July 23, 2011



First of all,please 'don't care' a.k.a ignore on my grammatical errors since I haven't write anything for a long time.In fact I'm writing this spontaneously and I'm not that diligent to do all those checking and proof read. (another not so good thing about me)

Alhamdulillah being a part time English teacher for form 5 students really gives me a headache.Headache in the sense of entertaining all those things which are actually 'out of the scope of a teacher'.Yes I mean it..

But I'm trying to adapt it and serving the 'nation' with my best.Well even though we're not a teacher,we're actually a 'teacher' to the ummah.Guiding people to the path of Allah.

But insha Allah I'm not going to be a teacher (i mean a teacher to the school students)permanently.I have my own ambition to be achieved.Reach for the stars!!

Just to share some of the questions asked by the students to me:
- sir,sir ada FB tak?
- Sir, nak no telefon sir boleh?
- Sir,sir dah bertunang ke?
- Sir,saya tak mahu pi PLKN boleh ke?
- Sir,nanti kami PLKN 6 bulan.Boleh ke saya nak pi 3 bulan sahaja?

And it keeps on going on and on....
Even some of the students keep on calling me 'ustaz' which make me uncomfortable and worry with the 'title'..

*Maybe I should apply for a counselor's position.Settling students' personal affairs.hehehe
*A lil bit awkward for the 1st time being called 'sir'..

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm coming home

I'm coming home
I'm coming home..
Tell the world that I'm coming home...
Insha Allah will be back for blogging soon..

By the way,check out my new shout box,hopefully no more SPAM this time.hehe.
Oh,and just customized a new header.Ok?