Friday, December 31, 2010

In which group are we?


Astaghfirullahal 'azim..I'm kinda 'crazy' lately.Writing up things which were not really benefits others.Even using few 'harsh' words.My bad..

Just to share few things which I got them during the previous halaqah I've attended.

One of my sahabat reminds us about a sub topic written by Allahyarham Dr.Fathi Yakan in one of his books.

Dr.Fathi Yakan categorized human in three groups.

1)A group of people who live in this world with only having the aim of to succeed in this world.In simple words,they are only thinking of 'worldly life'.

2)A group of people who thought they have already live in so called 'islamic life'.They tend to mix up the goods and bads.For instance,in a ceremony,they'll have the quranic recitation for the opening but in the middle they'll having like 'wild party'.

This group of people are actually nowhere rather than looking for the 'dunia'.

3)A group of people who really have a clear aim and vision to succeed in the hereafter.They make this world as the orchard and sow it with good deeds and will be harvesting them in the hereafter.

Many people nowadays are categorized in the 1st and the 2nd group.Only few are in the 3rd group.So,let us ask ourselves,in which group we are?

Sometimes it's difficult to put our intention straight away and firm for the sake of Allah.What is our intention of study?For a secure job in the future?To get a better pay?

What is the purpose of writing something in the Blog?Showing off to be good?

Let us sit and think for a while. 'Ijlis bina nu'min sa'ah'.

'Tepuk dada tanya iman.' (Tapi kalau iman dah down,surely iman tak kata apa2.Rasa ok ja dgn keadaan diri ini.-Ditujukan kepada diri sendiri)


*Really appreciate for having a good sahabat who keep on reminding me.-Masa untuk berubah menjadi 'matang' dan soleh!! Henshien!!

-Oh adakah aku hipokrit?Sekejap post2 ala2 baik,sekejap merapu.Isk3..Celaru2..Iman yazid wa yankhuz..

*I'll be off to Pahang this weekend.(Adakah untuk menyambut new year?Nantikan next episode,insha Allah.)
Please pray for my journey.
"Allahumma inna nasaluka fi safarina haza birran wa taqwa wa minal 'amali ma tardha".

Wednesday, December 29, 2010




I've been coughing for the past two weeks.Worst,there's something 'yellowish' or sometimes 'greenish' thing coming out from my throat.

People are distracted with my cough.Even I myself couldn't concentrate my works cause 'regularly coughing' a.k.a 'pembatuk tegar'.Hence I'm avoiding myself to 'exist' at public places.Lunch,dinner= take away.

Surau and masjid,not a good time to go now.Otherwise I'll be spreading the virus to the whole jama'ah.Classes?Hehehe..My classmates need suffer this too.(ayat kejam)

So yesterday one of my roommates bought some medicines for me.(Thanks for your concern).I did go to the Uni Health Centre and prescribed medicines given,but unfortunately (Allah izin)it didn't fully recovered.

My particular roommates with the help of his mom (his mom is a doctor)gave me a 'high dose' of coughing syrup and 'mucussolvan'(to break/to cure the greenish thing).So,now tengah 'HIGH'...

*This post is actually to express my 'terharu' cause I've got free medicines from my friend+his mom..This is what a good Dai'e should do.Action speaks louder than word.His action really touched me.I know those medicines cost are no cheap.(Eh ini bukan ayat jiwang atau jatuh cinta)..

When I was caught fever last week,one of my friend who is staying in different college/mahallah with me and also he is my junior did come to my room for a visit and bought me foods for dinner.He bought for me something which is suitable for 'orang-orang demam'.

Really 'touching'..A friend from different college/mahallah came all the way to my college which is not really near/close from one another.(Adakah hati ini telah menjadi perempuan?Tiba-tiba terharu dan emo?Hahaha.)No no no..If we make friends for the sake of Allah,we could see the beauty of ukhuwwah.

Wallahu'alam...(aa..tengah high..)

*Ada orang kata: NJ kau dah berubah la..Kalau orang tau kau yang sebenarnya habisla..Kau la makhluk paling kejam di muka bumi!.

Respond: Hahaha..Biasala,tu la jangan kata aku baik.aku tak suka dipuji.(sambil cuba mengeluarkan dua batang tanduk di kepala dan bermuka bengis)

Who said I'm good and soleh,please recheck your statement and think twice before making that statement again.-I'm only a normal person who is 'TRYING' to be good.

Allah knows me better..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baru tahu..

I've been noticing people are talking about Android.Yet it didn't bother me at all lately until just now the curiosity came along and I've been able to overcome it by surfing the infos.

What do you know about Android?Huhu

Arghh!! again wasting time by reading something which are not related to my research!
This is the problem when I'm doing my work with computer + got internet.I tend to 'ctrl + tab'..hua hua hua!!

Huh..suddenly the feeling of wanted to re-watching the trilogy of Lord of The Ring came over to me.Damit! I've been distracted by so many things!

Anyone still have the trilogy??It had been removed from my computer years ago.huhu.Agrhh!!

Lapar pulak..Adeh.Jom2 cari makan.[today's mood: Mari membuang masa =( juga menjadi lagho ]

Monday, December 27, 2010

Everybody have their own

Salam and good morning.

I went to the faculty's office this morning after I've finished my project management's class to submit the graduation form and few others necessary things which need to be attached together with the form.

I met some of my friends there,filling some other forms which I didn't fill earlier on.Oh,they were actually acquiring academic partial transcript which I don't think I need it at this moment.

They told me that they're going to start applying for job,or in other words 'job hunting'.Wow! sounds impressive.

Some of them are planning to continue for Master Degree either locally or aboard.If I'm not mistaken,3 of my classmates had already apply for Master in UK and still waiting for confirmation.

Just now one of my classmates told me that xxx is planning to go for Master in Australia.The rest,some of them just continue it locally.

As far as I concerned,the QS students graduated from this university are all employed.Due to the 'fluency in English' (As what employer expected from graduates of IIUM)some of the graduates were sent aboard to manage construction projects there.Some of my seniors are in Dubai,China,Abu Dhabi,UK,Singapore etc.But I couldn't take that for granted.

Looking at my friends,I'm a bit envy as they have their own plans.Even some have already being engaged to inherit family contracting firm.

But nevertheless I'm ok with what I'm now.Yeah I did plan to further my studies but I won't continue it in the field of construction anymore.Maybe something related to Islamic Revealed Knowledge/Islamic studies.If Allahyarham Syeikh Dr.Fathi Yakan the author of the famous book 'Apa Ertinya Saya Menganut Islam?'can divert his academic life from an Engineering student to Islamic Studies,why can't me?

Or I should just going back to my 'kampung' after my graduation and do the 'kerja-kerja kampung'.I don't care what people gonna say as long as I enjoy it very much.

Anyhow,it is only the matter of planning.As long as we do our works for the sake of Allah,Insha Allah,there are rewards for it.

'Wamakaru wamakarallah,wallahu khairul makirin'...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

to my big bro..

Happy working!
Although you've been working 7 days per week, as long as you enjoy it,it won't make you stress.

Even though you went back home from office around 5am in the morning and need to rush back to the office,don't be sad.just keep smiling.

That's it! You have choosed to be in construction field,then you'll have to face it.You'll earn something later on,Insha Allah.

Keep working and wait up for me..Hehehe


Salam and Happy sunday.

Initially I wanted to continue sharing something I should shared it earlier in the previous post but seem like I've already forgot the topic and story.So,Just proceed it with the new one..Sorry,kinda miserable a bit.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you're a type of 'group approach' or 'individual approach'?Your sensitivity is more towards a group of people or towards individual?

I myself found out to be more towards individual.That is why I couldn't 'well behave' when I need to conduct a group of people.E.g.talking to the public,giving orders etc.

Because I really need to know a person 'in deep' before everything else.Actually it's a credits for someone who have the 'individual sensitivity'.I might say it will helps you a lot in doing your Da'wah Fardhiyah.

Believe me,once you have this kind of heart,you'll know when and how to tackle your mad'us heart.

There was a question in a 'daurah' I've attended previously asking about when we should move from step one to the next steps in Da'wah Fardhiyyah. (I guess readers knew well about the Da'wah Fardhiyyah steps.Hence no need for me to elaborate it more)

Personally,I would say it is your friend (i.e your mad'u) and you should know him/her better.When to move to the next steps depends on how sensitive your heart towards your mad'u achievements.

You can't simply being rigid to the book and procedures.Da'wah is about calling people to Allah and it is really a tough job and time consuming.Different people might have different period of time in moving to different level.

I admit,I have lot of friends whom I could see their potential in being a good muslims and could contribute somthing to Islam in the future.Some of them I could easily called and join my usrah.Some of them,I still need lot of observations.Still need to settle down their individual problems or in other words establish a good relationship for the sake of Allah.

If our heart is what I called more towards 'individual approach',you might know how and when the best time to call your friends.

I'm having friends whom I knew them since matriculation centre.Some of them I managed to call them to participate in 'General program',some of them has already in usrah,some of them still trying to 'membina hubungan hati'.I love them for the sake of Allah and wish one day they'll be on 'this path'.

Unlike those who are group centric,they are more towards calling a group of people to Islam by organizing programs etc.I'm not towards that as it'll be difficult for me to follow up my mad'u.Once the program ended,It's hard to meet again and you'll be having new participants for the next program.

I'm not saying this approach is wrong.It is just the matter of I'm not towards it.I'm kinda towards 'personal touch'.I love observing individual behavior etc.

Insha Allah as long as we are working on the path of Allah,there are rewards for it.It is only the matter of how we do it.

Wallahu'alam.-Again those who interested in doing da'wah through 'personal touch' can read a book by Abbas As-Sissiy,Bagaimana Menyentuh Hati;Kiat-kiat memikat objek Da'wah.

Arghh..Please don't think I'm good enough with all thiese sort of things.I'm still trying to improve myself.

I'm learning..

Salam and good afternoon.

Friday,I went to the Faculty's office with some of my friends and fill in the graduation form.(I've been expected to graduate this coming convocation,Insha Allah).Oh,how time flies..I was kinda feel it was just few days ago I registered as the 1st year university student,and today I'm already in my final year.

By the way, this is not what I'm going to share about.It is just a 'sway' introduction.Oh,before that (another unnecessary point to tell)I was about to curse some of the foreigners here yesterday.Can you imagine,I was walking on a pedestrian going back to my room when suddenly I stumbled on a 'herd' of foreigners who were gathering in the middle of pedestrian.About 10 of them and they were chatting and some of them were smoking.As I approaching the herd,they didn't moved an inch.Just ignoring my right to walk passing the route.

On both sides of the pedestrian are the grasses and biiznillah,yesterday was raining in the evening.So,you should expected how the soil conditions was.(muddy + wet grasses)

I couldn't passed through them as they were blocking the route.(Hello,final year student was about to walk men!Give him a space)

At last,I was the one who need to walk 'on the mud+wet grasses'.For sure,my sandal,feet and the bottom of my pants were totally wet.

Arghh!!-Trying to think positive.Allah has sent them to test me.To test my patience and tolerance.

Ooo you foreigners,with all due respect,I hope all of you will behave wisely.This is Malaysia and please respect our society.Don't ever bring along all your 'bad habits' here,otherwise people starts cursing and praying something bad for you.

Now,I have no more mood to share the thing I'm supposedly shared earlier on.Maybe next time.The memories just killed my mood..

*I hope those Malaysians who study aboard are behaving well.We Malaysians (especially Muslims)have manners and we need to reflect it by our daily behavior.


Friday, December 24, 2010

our education system

Again,before I start writing this post,just to say it out loud that this is all based on my personal opinion.It happens from my personal experience and observation.Nothing more than that.This is not an academic journal or article hence you won't find any citations or scholars' quotations in it.And of course it might be argued and i really love to hear responds from readers.- hoping it would be like two ways communication rather than I'm mumbling all the way alone.Happy reading.

School..What do we expect from it?When I was in my primary school,I never thought anything else other than 'scoring the best marks' during the final exams.I never thought on how to improve my soft skills e.g public speaking etc. although I did join the public speaking competition (up to state level) and story telling competition.It wasn't my intention to join those things at the first place.Of course it was my teachers' 'push'.Well,did you expect a primary school students to think maturely like an adults?I don't think so. (only in certain cases it does happened)
Even in the class,we were not being exposed to the environment of 'giving presentation'.Our system is most likely 'exam oriented' rather than trying to enhance the soft skills.- I bet any primary school having the class presentation e.g. telling to the whole classmates what you have done during your school break,or likely bringing your pet to the school and telling the story about it.

Again,it happened during my secondary school.Although the chances to polish the soft skills were much more to happen here compared during the primary school,it seems like it didn't really helps much.We're still lack in terms of soft skills.In fact some of the schools are acting like a mom i.e 'spoon feeding' the students.

I realized the consequences of the system only after I managed to attend the college/university.I myself didn't have the courage to voice out my opinions inside the class.As a matter of fact,it isn't about me alone.I could see almost 99% of my classmates are having the same problem.

We can't even managed to express our thought clearly during presentations.And of course presentations would be kind of 'night mares' to some of the students.

We are having lack of self confidence,didn't know how to express ourselves exactly at a right place etc.And yet,we are still having this kind of mentality i.e. exam oriented.- How to tackle the questions etc. rather that understanding the whole concepts.

As I watching the English movies,sometimes I do impressed with their education system.As early as the kindergarten level,they are exposed to 'how to communicate to the public',or in other words eliminating the inferiority complex in oneself.Apart from doing all those colourings,paintings they will conduct other interesting activities which not only enjoyable but also instilling self confidence. (You'll find sometimes students need to bring along their pets to the kindergarten and present about it)

Even during the primary school,they'll be having a session called 'the field trip'.It's not a standard 6 trip to KL like we used to have after the UPSR.It's likely to be an annual trip or twice a year.Students even sometimes need to present to the class later on on what they had gained from the field trip.Again it is about soft skills.

Sometimes students also need to present to the class on the activities they had done during the school break.And friends are welcome to ask any questions during the 'story telling' session.

So,it wouldn't be that surprise if we could see they're being out loud in class during in the college.Brave enough to participate in class in the real sense.Having the courage to give their opinion/answer to the class although ti might be wrong.

Looking at a smaller scale (if the whole class is defined as a larger scale),we can't even 'well behave' in small discussion group.

Sometimes it really make me think,why is that we (as Malaysians) are so passive compared to the westerns?

Is it because of our educational system?or it is about our genetic?
Or we are having 'pantang-larang' made by our 'orang-orang tua' which teaches us to keep on silent rather than speak it out loud?

Maybe it is our customs (Malay adat) not to be active because it will 'destroy' your reputation. (e.g. girls are not good to talk much.No men would marry you later it?)

Or it is our self problem?if that so,why is that this problem happening to many individuals?My instinct feels like it is a combination of educational system,the way we were raised up in our family and some self problem..

What do you think the main source?Who is to be blamed?


-Sorry,just a short post before going to class.Just write it up in about 10 minutes and no time to read it twice for grammatical checking etc before posting it.And don't want to save it as draft.Just post it..!!

Let us ponder upon!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm not a doctor..
But I'm really eager to listen to the medical stories..

I've been infected with fever for the last few days.And it strokes me down for almost a week.-For sure I've missed my class.

I went to the university Health Center and received numbers of medicines which I didn't know their scientific name.

Why is that when I was sick (fever),every time I sleep I'll be having a weired dreams.It was kind half realistic and half not.

Usually once we wake up from sleep in a sudden situation,and later on continuing our sleep,it's difficult to continue/recall the dream from the sleep before we woke up just now.Am I right?

But it's totally different whenever someone in a fever.I kept on dreaming the same thing and even the sequence of the stories keep on rolling like a serial of dramas.Even after few times I opened my eyes the dreams keep on coming.

Sometimes I dreamed of I was standing near my room window(level 3.Alhamdulillah tak terjun) and few minutes later it turned out to be was like 'separa sedar'

Is the fever have anything to do with the mind?Are those who have fever are actually insane?

Allah has created human's brain with complexity.None of HIS creatures could produce as what has been created.To understand something scientific is one thing.And to understand something artistic is another thing..

incorporating artistic point of view into scientific perspective sounds interesting.!!


insane mood = fever + assignments + research + presentations etc = me..

*Tomorrow evening will be having a presentation.I'll be presenting with my 'sexy' voice.I've been coughing since last week and I'm barely having my original voice now.

Running towards graduation...

I'm running towards my graduation..But the more I think,the more confused i get.If i didn't think,how I'm going to climb the graduation mountain?

Final semester isn't that easy as i thought before.Aaa..This is only an undergraduate life..Be strong and stay focus.There is still another mountain to be climbed,Insha Allah.

-Final Year Undergrad mood-

Please pray for me...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

how you judge your level


Have you ever feel that you are good enough in the circle of your friends?As a matter of fact,I did.Of course it's a very dangerous infection in our heart if we feel satisfied with our own good deeds.

But are we really 'that good' among of our friends?Hmm..
As for me,I spend most of my time with my classmates and for those IIUM students,you should know how 'social' the KAEDians.

That is why,at one time I felt like I'm the best compared to the others in the faculty.(it was..Presently no..)

My dad used to say 'In the kingdom of the blinds,the one eyed man is the king'.Now I realized that i was comparing myself with the people who aren't exposed to the Tarbiyyah.And of course it is not comparing apple to an apple.

It's not comparing apple to an apple..

I should comparing myself with those who are in the Tarbiyyah Islamiyyah and working for the sake of Allah.Then I realized that I'm nobody except a tiny little notorious guy.

Yeah,looking at my sahabat,they are 1000 more good then me.And yet,I still didn't comparing myself with the Rasulullah companions whom are greater.

What I'm suppose to do now?If we wanted to improve ourselves,spend most of our time with the 'orang-orang soleh'.Their deeds will somehow encourage ourself to struggle to be a better person and achieving at least the same par with them.

However,it doesn't mean we have to abandon our 'friends'! As a Dai'e and Murobbi,the moment we meet our 'sahabat' is the time where we 'charge' our iman apart from meeting with Allah in our solat.

Wrapping up,what we should do once we have the feeling of 'ta'jub' with our own deeds ,we need to compare ourselves with the 'amalan orang-orang soleh'.Then only we know the level of ourselves.


conversation stopped!

NJ :'Re u going to xx wedding reception this coming february?

A : I'm not sure yet.If i'm free at that date,i'll attend.I'll be at Tampin at that time.

NJ : why u're going to Tampin?

A : Posting.

NJ : oo..Ok.

A : If we're able to attend, can I stay at your house?

NJ : If only we happen to go to my house.Quite far the distance from the majlis. 100km +

A : Oh..Eh NJ, I need to go now.Those moms who'll be deliver their babies are waiting for me in the hospital.

NJ : Erk??

The conversation (via YM)stopped on the dot...
Moga Allah rahmati dan kasihi nta wahai sahabatku yg ku kasihi kerana Allah..

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need a good start


Two days has left since the new semester has started.I'm managed to arrange my academic schedule a.k.a class schedule accordingly.Alhamdulillah.Guess what.I'll be having no class every Tuesday and Wednesday.But that doesn't mean I can hang around or watching movies or doing other leisure stuffs.I need to concentrate on my dissertation.

Today,after subuh prayer and a small recitation of Al-Quran,I went to the sport complex and played table-tennis with one of my roommate.Plus,I managed to jog 1.6km in 5 minutes.Hehehe.A good achievement for me.

Went back to the room and prepared myself with few things because I'll be meeting my supervisor after Zuhur prayer.Around 12pm,went out to Giant and bought a new white board.I need to jot down few important dates on it as a reminder.

After zuhur,went to the faculty and met my supervisor.(suddenly feel like wanna cry.Isk3..).Quite tough this semester! I need to submit my dissertation on 23rd March 2011.It means I only have less than 3 months to complete my research.I asked my supervisor whether there would be possibility for the submission date to be extended.Oh no! the date is fixed! No tolerance!

And I need to do some minor changes with my topic.Aaa..My life is falling apart!And somehow I felt like I'm not capable and not competent to carry out this research..Ya Allah..I need a good start and help from Allah..

After Asar,I went out with my friend to Kepong metropolitan park just to release my stress.Aaa..Looking at the kites really made me feel a bit released.I sat on the deck which is floating on the lake and waiting for the sunset.Subhanallah..what a release.

Oh,we went to the park by riding this kind of bike.Not really this one but more likely.(tetiba teringat cerita wild jugak riding thousand miles and enjoy the scenery..Need to list down as one of my wish!)

this one is yamaha.The one we ride was Honda.Vulcan ke?

Night,I went to meet my sahabats.(plural.hehe)We discussed on many things.Programs for this semester etc.

So...Now I just need a good start to ensure the whole semester going smoothly.Balancing the academic,Da'wah and Tarbiyyah. You can do it!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sekolah !!!


Alhamdulillah,berkat doa dan usaha (yang tak seberapa) serta dengan bantuan-bantuan serta doa dari orang-orang tersayang,I've passed my 4th year 1st semester with kepelbagaian gred.Looking back at my exam result,it was awesome! Ada A,B and C pun ada..Huhu ( x pandai.Ada je gred B and C utk 'mencantikkan' exam result.)

Insha Allah I'm in my final semester now and need to struggle a bit harder to complete my course.Oh juga mahu menyiapkan dissertation yang makin make me feel 'give up'..Aduh..

So,today the school has started.My routine will keep on rolling as usual.Wake up,walking to the class,finish off my assignments etc..Hmm..

Btw,today wasn't a good start for me.If u're still remember,I'd made a 'prank' call to some of my friends last month if I'm not mistaken.Click here to read the entry.

And guess what?I've been pranked back this morning.Arghh!!
One of my friend called me and said that the HOD (head of department) wanted to meet me at 12pm and I need to bring along my 1st chapter of my dissertation.I'm a bit curious at the 1st place but the way my friend told me,she was kinda serious and I trusted her.

Suddenly she laugh and I could hear others were laughing too around her (indicating she wasn't alone making this prank call).Hampeh!

So,I don't want to 'pay back' by planning other 'pranking' to them.I wanted to change now.Be a bit serious,matured and soleh.Huhu.(and of course no more play boy.Am I?)

So,mari kita ke sekolah! 6 subjects this sem with 18 credit hours.

1)I've been thinking of changing my mahallah/residential college.Of course I've been offered to change it by the mahallah officers.Well,need to think it twice.

2)Sekarang tengah bercita-cita mahu menjadi seorang petani dan penternak.Or I could say, 'kerja-kerja kampung'.

3)Post kali ini tidak serious dan kurang bermanfaat.Sorry..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010



For those who are not updating themselves with current news especially issues relating to the Palestine,i.e. whether reading it from BBC,Al-Jazeera,Haaretz,Press TV, I copied down one of the latest news from BBC News.Maybe you might feel bored reading news from the news web hosting and preferred spending your time reading people's blog.So,those people can now reading news from my blog.

Just read it!! Once you've read the 1st paragraph,there is no turning back.Keep on scrolling and reading the whole of my post.Just to ensure you step away from being an ignorant..

Israel ire as Argentina and Brazil recognise Palestine

Israel has reacted angrily to Argentina's recognition of a Palestinian state within 1967 borders.

Monday's move by Argentina comes days after a similar step by South American neighbour Brazil.

The Argentinian foreign ministry said recognition was in line with the Palestinians' right to build an independent state.

More than 100 states around the world recognise Palestine, their mission at the United Nations says.

"The time has come to recognise Palestine as a free and independent state," Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said, adding that Argentina was "frustrated" that peace talks had stalled.

Brazil recognised Palestine on Friday, and Uruguay said it would do the same next year. Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela have already done so.

'No contribution'
But Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the moves were irresponsible.

"They never made any contribution to [the peace process]... and now they're making a decision that is completely contrary to everything that has been agreed so far," he said.

Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath welcomed the move.

"We don't say that such recognitions immediately end Israeli occupation, but it gives us a push forward and helps getting more recognition," he said, quoted by the Associated Press news agency.

Talks between the Israelis and Palestinians ground to a halt in September, when the United States and the Palestinian Authority failed to persuade Israel to extend a moratorium on new housing in the West Bank, not including East Jerusalem.

Israel occupied the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the 1967 war. It withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005.

The Palestinians have been making behind-the-scenes diplomatic moves to secure unilateral recognition since the talks stalled.


*Noticed there is actually my name stated inside the news.I'm the negotiator.
*Argh!! there is no such diplomatic agreements etc. in making peace with the Israel.Totally bullshit!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What do you think?

I used to hear people saying that those university drops out can still succeed.
Look at Bill Gates,Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.All of them were university drop out and yet they are succeeded in their life.

mark zuckerberg

steve jobs

bill gates

What say you?comments?



Is it true that everything start with a dream?I mean the things we intended to achieve.But then it could't be just an empty dream.Efforts and struggles need to blend it together with the dream.

The important thing is,we need to have high determinations and disciplines in achieving it.And of course not to forget,supplication to Allah.

I'm having lot of dreams,but it seems like impossible..My efforts seem like 'useless'.Bearing no fruits..
Sometimes it is like just wanna giving up.Hmmm... is too difficult and complicated.I'm afraid my faith is not quite 'strong','stable' and 'firm' which could lead me to 'somewhere else'...

Ya Allah,please make me strong to face the reality and accept your qada' and qadar.

-Kerja-kerja pengislahan manusia memerlukan mereka yang kuat,luarbiasa,berjiwa besar serta mempunyai hati yang sentiasa terpaut pada Allah-
What about me?Am I?

Monday, December 6, 2010

the more i read,the less i didn't know a thing..


As usual,as I entered the office in the morning I will look for the newspaper.And of course,The Star is my favourite one.

Today I learnt a new word from the newspaper.In one of the world's section news stated that there was a massive delayed in flight in Madrid,Spain.It was due to wildcats.The city was in alarmed and troops was in charged by the ordered of the government,if i'm not mistaken.

At first glance i was quite shocked!Wow,were the wildcats in the forests somehow came out and making chaos?I couldn't see any pictures as they only showed pictures inside the airport where people were queuing to refund their tickets.-delay flights.

But the 'wildcats' seems didn't linked withe the story.I read it twice and still kindda blur.Well,i admit i'm still weak in English especially in terms of vocabs,grammar etc.

I decided to opened the dictionary from my laptop (i hav a very useful dictionary in my laptop i.e. "i finger").I typed it down the word wildcats in notepad and double clicked the word and the meaning appeared.

So,this post i would like to share the meaning of wildcats apart from its literal meaning i.e. a small native Eurasian and African cat that is typically grey with black markings and a bushy tail, noted for its ferocity.

-Wildcats:an exploratory oil well.
-it's an adjective [attrib.] (of a strike)
-sudden and unofficial
-e.g. of sentence:legislation to curb wildcat strikes.

Wallahu'alam.. the name of Allah~

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's difficult than I thought..


Do you ever experienced translating something from one language to other language?What did you feel?An easy job?

Maybe for those native English speaking might find this work as a piece of cake but for us,especially me who learning English language through 'self study' it's quite hard.(Although I have a dream to be one of the good translator in the future.English,Arabic,Malay,Turkish and Hebrew maybe?)

When I was in the primary school,some of my friends did asked me certain words to be translated into English.Since I was a 'kid' at that time,I just translate it literally.I didn't care whether the words are suitable for that particular sentence or not.For instance,one of my friend asked me,"Beri dalam English apa?"

I didn't asked him what kind of sentence he was trying to make instead,rather than just gave the word he requested."give."

Then when I read his sentence I spotted the word requested was not used at the proper place."He gave the speech yesterday."
Personally I would think the word 'delivered' should be replacing the word 'gave'.Am I right?

Yeah it was the same thing happening when I was in the secondary school.When I read a lot in English I found some of my words are used wrongly.Even till now.Still having mistakes here and there.(Even Grammatical errors)

From my point of view,in translating something,we can't easily translate it word by word.We need to understand the gist of the texts,speeches etc.before start translating.Even some external factors need to take into account.The location,community,cultures etc.

Ok,let say I wanted to translate one of the famous Malay idiom i.e "Mencurahkan air ke daun keladi."

How would it be then?I'm afraid people might not grab my point if I translated it like this "Pouring water on the yam leaf"..Huhu..Even it made me sound weired and stupid.

If we're looking at the English community,the 'yam' is not a sort of famous plant.It's not really fits their customs or daily activities.Hence it's kindda difficult to understand the meaning of the idiom.

Unlike the Malays,our 'orang kampung' think 'daun keladi' is so useful.Sometimes due to it's 'water resistant' they used it as a temporary 'cup' for drinks etc.And the 'daun keladi' can easily be found in Malaysia especially in sub-urban area.

So,how would it be to translate this idiom?Let us look at the gist of the idiom..
What is exactly the meaning of 'mencurahkan air ke daun keladi'?

I would say it is 'doing something useless'.Am I right?Yeah,we did know that water can't stick on that particular leaf and yet we still pouring water on it.What for?it's useless..

Ok now we understood the gist of the idiom.Let us look at the English idiom which brought the same meaning.'useless'

I think the most accurate one is, 'Bringing the coal to the Newcastle'.As a matter of fact,Newcastle once was a place for coal production.Hence bringing coals to the Newcastle is kindda useless.Did you see how it works?As the Newcastle was a place of coal production,thus the idiom is likely linked to the surrounding+ local activities.

As Daun Keladi is famous among Malays,thus the idiom "mencurahkan air ke daun keladi" was established.

What I'm going to stress here is,Translating is not an easy job.We need to study carefully the words,cultures,surrounding etc.Not to forget,we need lot of readings.

I remembered at one time I was asked to translate two pages English text regarding Palestine issues into Malay language which later was published in one of the Palestine web.I was in the middle of semester at that moment and had bunches of assignments and tests which need to be completed.As I had a limitation of time,I couldn't translate it in a proper way.I still remember how I was struggling finding the word 'Flotilla' in Malay Language..As I'm so called 'English-reading-guy' I hardly find the word in Malay.It just came into my knowledge that Flotilla in Malay is 'Armada'..

Honestly I never heard the word Armada before.It is my bad cause I'm so weak in languages regardless English,Malay or Arabic..

Anyway,Al-Quran is the most beautiful language used.Even some words couldn't be translated by other languages.It shows how powerful Allah has created Al-Quran as the final Mu'jizat and guidance to the humankind.

And learning Arabic is a compulsion for every Muslims as it is the language of the Al-Quran,the people in the Paradise and the language of our beloved Prophet,Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wassalam.


*I still need more efforts to master my favorite languages..Please pray for me..

now what?


Just formatted my drive C recently.Well i guess it would be my annual activity i.e. formatting the drive C as my laptop always infected by those annoying viruses.

At one time I can't even log in my laptop.What a disaster! Of course these viruses are coming from 'the outsiders' who keep on pin in their flash drive into my laptop.What else can i say?I'm doing printing service and i should expect people are coming to print their docs which are stored in their flash drive and at the same time transferring the viruses into my 'girl'.

After formatting the drive C i just realized I didn't have certain softwares' installer including Adobe Photoshop which is one of the I-can't-live-without-it software.

I'm kindda an old school where I used to 'photoshoping' using the old version one i.e. CS2.My friend gave me the installer the other day and I just installed a bit new version compared to the CS2 which turned out to be difficult for me to operate it.

Now I'm working a bit slow with the I-can't-live-without-it software.

But it's not a big deal at all.After all life is about a continuous learning process and I should keep on learning and learning.Learning new stuffs,new softwares,new words etc.


*Don't compare me with those Designing students e.g. Applied Arts etc.They're using softwares which sometimes burning up the PC.- One guy's PC suddenly burning in the middle of rendering his design's work.I'm not sure what software he was using at that time.3D Max maybe?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tariq Ramadhan


Years ago i was confused whether Said Ramadhan and Tariq Ramadhan are the same person or not.Yeah the word 'Ramadhan' somehow distracted my focus plus my ignorant for not trying to get to know them in details.In fact right now i'm not exactly know their biography from A to Z.

For those who inherited one of my previous attitudes i.e ignorance,i hope and pray we can change ourselves.But yet i'm still kindda make myself 'ignorant' under certain circumstances.E.g. I never care about football players name,what club are they playing with etc.Except for certain players.It same goes with the artists.Sometimes whenever people talk or the exact word is 'gossip'ing about artists,I somehow blurr and don't care much.Personally, I would say ignorant in that case is acceptable..Huhuhu.

Back to the topic,who is tariq ramadhan?

Believe it or not,he is the grandson of Imam Hasan Al Banna the founder of Ikhwanul Muslimin or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

He was born in Geneva Switzerland in the year 1962.Currently he is a Philosopher and an Islamic Scholar and he is also the Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at the Oxford University.

Well,to know more about him,you are advised to google up yourselves.I just give you a brief background of him.Insha Allah,after diligent searching,your level of ignorant will at least reduced a lil bit.

One of his famous quotes:

"We've got to get away from the idea that scholars in the Islamic world can do our thinking for us. We need to start thinking for ourselves.”


Let us start thinking....

*Oh I just realized his appearance in the Reviving The Islamic Spirit Conference last year if i'm not mistaken in California USA.He was one of the speakers.Those who have the opportunity to attend the annual conference are most welcome.This year would be held on this coming 25th December (winter break)at Toronto,Canada.

Don't miss it!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My wish....


Suddenly I have a wish..Weired eh?Not really a desperate one,but if my wish granted,it would be better.

I wish to have this book for my reading hobby.Perhaps those stalkers or my secret admirers who intended to give me this book for my birthday (early next year actually..January)is most welcome.

Title: Levent; Splendour And Catastrophe On The Mediterranean
Author: Philip Mansel
Publisher: John Murray

Short description:
Levant is a book of cities. It describes three former centers of great wealth, pleasure, and freedom—Smyrna, Alexandria, and Beirut—cities of the Levant region along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. In these key ports at the crossroads of East and West, against all expectations, cosmopolitanism and nationalism flourished simultaneously. People freely switched identities and languages, released from the prisons of religion and nationality. Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived and worshipped as neighbors.

Distinguished historian Philip Mansel is the first to recount the colorful, contradictory histories of Smyrna, Alexandria, and Beirut in the modern age. He begins in the early days of the French alliance with the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century and continues through the cities' mid-twentieth-century fates: Smyrna burned; Alexandria Egyptianized; Beirut lacerated by civil war.

Mansel looks back to discern what these remarkable Levantine cities were like, how they differed from other cities, why they shone forth as cultural beacons. He also embarks on a quest: to discover whether, as often claimed, these cities were truly cosmopolitan, possessing the elixir of coexistence between Muslims, Christians, and Jews for which the world yearns. Or, below the glittering surface, were they volcanoes waiting to erupt, as the catastrophes of the twentieth century suggest? In the pages of the past, Mansel finds important messages for the fractured world of today.

About the Author:
Philip Mansel is a historian of France and the Ottoman Empire. His publications include histories of Constantinople and nineteenth-century Paris, as well as biographies of Louis XVIII and the Prince de Ligne. While writing Levant, he lived in Beirut and Istanbul.

Tq for your concern.. =)

Why English is so hard?


I flipped the 'mind your English' section inside The Star newspaper this morning at the office.Todays issue really caught my attention.Entitled 'Why English is so hard',it is funny when u read it.I'm not sure how others feel when reading this,but for me it's really make me sick!

So,I just rewrite the contents from this section inside the newspaper.


We'll begin with a box and the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox becomes oxen,not oxes.
One fowl is a goose,but two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose should never be meese.
You may find a lone mouse
or a nest full of mice,
Yet the plural of house is houses,not hice.

If the plural of man is always called men,
Why shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen?
If I speak of my foot and show you my feet,
And I give you a boot ,would a pair be called beet?
If one is a tooth and a whole set is a teeth,
Why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?

Then one may be that,and three would be those,
Yet hat in the plural would never be hose.
And the plural of cat is cats,not cose.
We speak of a brother and also a brethren,
But though we say mother,we never say methren.
Then the masculine pronouns are he,his and him,
But imagine the feminine:She,shis and shim!

Let's face it - English is a crazy language.
There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger;
neither apple nor pine in pineapple.
English muffins weren't invented in England,
We take English for granted,
but if we explore its paradoxes,we find that quicksand
can work slowly,boxing rings are square,and a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.
And why is it that writers write but fingers don't fing,
grocers don't groce and hammers don't ham?

Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend.
If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them,
what do you call it?

If teachers taught,why didn't preachers praught?
If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does humanitarian eat?

Sometimes I think all the folks who grew up speaking English should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane.

In what other language do people recite at a play and play at a recital?
We ship by truck but send cargo by ship.
We have noses that run and feet that smell.
We park in a driveway and drive in a parkway.
And how can a slim chance and fat chance be the same,while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down,in which you fill in a form by filling it out,and in which an alarm goes off by going on.

And in closing,if Father is Pop,how come Mother's not Mop?

*This article was written by an anonymous and he/she sent it to The Star's newspaper,3rd December 2010.

*Btw,can anyone help me out with the 5th paragraph?I couldn't understand the point.
"Doesn't it seem crazy that you can make amends but not one amend.
If you have a bunch of odds and ends and get rid of all but one of them,
what do you call it?"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Positive or Realistic?


If you were asked whether to think positive or to think realistic,which one would you stand on?

Difficult eh? Ok,let me gives you an example.Let say you're already late to go to the airport and catch the flight.It would takes about an hour to go to the airport from your place while the plane will be departured in 1 hour 10 minutes.

Are you still struggling and betting to go to the airport?If you still rushing to the airport it means you're thinking positively although it seems like impossible to reach the airport at the exact time.If you decided to give up with the situation,then I would say you're thinking realistic.Although it takes an hour to go to the airport under normal circumstances,you should never overlooked the other considerations, e.g. the traffics flow,vehicle conditions etc.It surely would take more than an hour if suddenly your car broke down in the middle of the road isn't it?

Back to the question,where were you if this situation happened to you?Would you think positively or realistic?

Actually it depends on the situation.Sometimes you need to think realistic and put the positive thinking aside and vice versa.

If you ask me under what circumstances we need to think positive or realistic,I couldn't give the accurate answer.We are human and have feelings,attitudes and lot of subjectives attributes which need to take into account in deciding anything.

Hence,experience,maturity,the way we perceive etc. might influence our decision making whether to be realistic or positive.

It always happened in our society specifically in students life where we tend to make or advice people wrongly.I don't mean to be judgmental what so ever.We sometimes came across situation where our friends received a very low carry marks and worst,he can't even answer the final exam.Frankly by rough estimation,although he got full marks for the final exam he still can't pass the subject.

So,most of us would trying to calm him down by say, "don't worry bro.Insha Allah kau lulus punya.Kau jangan risau la.Aku yakin kau bleh."

Ok ok..You might be 'good' at that situation by giving hope or think it positively.But let us face the reality.

If you are a good friend of him,it is better to tell him to face the reality.If you still giving him hope,what will he feels when he fails at the end of the day?Obviously he might cries and acting crazily and suffering extreme bilious which 'doom' his life later on.

It is better to advice/ tell him the truth.At the same time help him plan a new study route/plan for the next semester.You might suggest him what subjects to be taken and what are not at the moment.-You are being a realistic now.

But then,in advising people,we need to know their backgrounds,history etc.It takes time to understand the 'human behavior'..

Although I'm kindda having technical background but I do care about human behaviors and attitudes.It really comes into my concern to deal with human accordingly.

Actually whether we realized it or not,analyzing human behavior before acting is essential especially for us who struggling to spread the words of Allah.

Even Allah has mentioned in the Holy Quran regarding this matter.I forgot the surah and ayat but Allah says:

" Ud'u ila sabili rabbika bil hikmah wal mauizatil hasanah...."


May Allah guide us..

Running nose


I've been suffering from running nose for the past few days.It's not really 'suffer'.Kindda 'kifarah dosa' from Allah.

I've read an article stated that there is no exact remedy/medicine for running nose.What 'the victims' need to do are just take a long rest and drink a lot of plain water.The antibody will cure it at the end of the day.

Is it true?But then,i'm not a doctor to agree or disagree with the article.Even my dad taught us not to easily prescribe medicine if it's only a 'light' fever.It's not good to depend on the medicine all the time.

The question is,how i'm gonna know whether my 'running nose' is just a normal one or abnormal? Who knows I might be suffered from H1N1? Na'uzubillahi min zalik.

I better google my symptom through the internet.I don't want to meet the doctor in this coming 2- 3 days.Just to be an 'illegal doctor' to myself.
Temperature - checked
sore throat - checked
running nose - checked
headache - sometimes


*2 days i haven't gone to work.
Kifarah dosa dari Allah...Insha Allah once we accept it with fullest heart there are rewards from Allah.

Dr.Said Ramadhan Al Butty


Dr.Said Ramadhan is currently in Malaysia.I'm not sure when he'll be returning back home.(Or maybe he already went home?I'm not sure)

He was in Shah Alam Masjid few days ago and was in IKIM yesterday.(Yesterday was it?)- These were the news I've received from my sahabat.

So,those who have the opportunity and spare time can go and meet the 'wow' syeikh.He delivered illuminating speeches all over the world..

Till then,