Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks to Cdkey and Izzat Amir

>Last few days, cdkey has gathered us for distributing works for the incoming Haluan Family Day. We, the guys from IIUM were given task to design the tentative booklet and to prepare + setting up for the opening gimmick.

Cdkey was asking me to design the booklet using adobe photoshop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it by photoshop as I’ve never learned and used it before. Thus, I designed it through Microsoft publisher. The funny thing was my design merely for banner or flyer’s design. lol. I’m not that creative compared to cdkey. (Salute for the marvelous design made by cdkey!)

Today, for the first time I’m using adobe photoshop. Although cdkey took over the design, he still taught me the basic on how to use it. At the same time, Izzat Amir also did help me to familiarize with photoshop. Me and Izzat were designing the back cover and the inside layout for the booklet while cdkey was designing the front cover. Alhamdulillah…

That night, I’m practicing to make my own design. Hehehe… New knowledge need to be implemented.. I decided to design something related to my beloved batch of 5 science Umar 2005, MATRI.

Here it is…

he..please give ur comments..Although I knew that the workmanship and creativity still weak..huhu

Saturday, May 30, 2009

phrase to ponder

I sow an intention, I reaped an act
I sow an act, I reaped a habit
I sow a habit, I reaped a character
I sow a character, I reaped a destiny

Got it?understood?Hmm..Everything starts with an intention..

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Friday Sermon

MuNsYi^SaMa was asking me to write about the key points on the Friday Sermon which was delivered in Arabic. I don’t know either he was serious or playing around with me, but I think that was a great idea as I got some important points to be shared.

The Friday Sermon was delivered by Prof. Abdul Razak As Sa’adi. He is a lecturer from the Department of Arabic language and literature. He is an Iraqi. I’ve been told that his brother was the Iraq mufti, thus I can conclude that he was coming from a religious family background.

I quote 1 phrase during the introduction where he said, “At Taqwa hua syi’ar muslim.” Short but meaningful.

The 1st sermon he stressed on Ikhlas/ sincerity in doing any works. He started the topic by reciting 1 hadith narrated by Bukhari n Muslim. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember it. He elaborated the Hadith very well.

After about 20 minutes, he started the 2nd Sermon. It is shorter compared from the 1st one. He reminds us about “small syirik”. At the end of his sermon, he reminds us on the importance of coming early to Jumaat prayer. He recited one hadith related to the blessings on those who come at certain time, from as big as a camel to as small as an egg.

Before he ended his sermon, he praised some students where they always make kind of circle of tazkirah after Jumaat prayer. (It’s normal here to make such circle. Some are the assembly of their country mates etc. Too many circles) However, he said that all Jamaah should pray 4 rakaat of sunnah prayer after Jumaat prayer as it’s the sunnah of our Beloved Prophed Muhammad pbuh. Then only students can make those circles.

Actually I’m not that good in Arabic but I force myself to attend all lectures in Arabic which is conducted at the Masjid after maghrib and ‘Asar. Although I can’t speak Arabic fluently, at least I’m polishing my listening skill. Among all lectures, the easiest one to be understood is the lecture delivered by Prof Abdul Razak As Sa’adi on Fiqh As Syafie. He is using Arabic Fushah/Standard and he utters every word one by one clearly.

Hopefully, I can master this language before graduating.

Note: How come MuNsYi^ SaMa calling me “Blogger tegar”.. Huhu. (Tq for the new nickname but I don’t think it really suitable for me.hehe)

Note2: I’m still learning Turkish language informal for additional language. I’m eager to learn Korean language n looking forward to speak with mhuno.hehe)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every single soul will taste death....

I’m in deepest grave sad as I had lost my love one. She left me forever. As far as I was with her, she helps me a lot. She was the one who helps me especially during my pocket money only counting to cents. I thanked Allah for getting her.

Some of my friends knew her as I introduced to them. Isk3… As I’m writing this post, I couldn’t control my sadness feeling. Before she left me forever, she didn’t make any wired signs. She’s normal like before. Unfortunately, that normal signs were fakes!

I never imagine having her because she was the best. She’s too perfect. My brother introduced her to me last 3 years. Let me finish it here. I don’t want to review our sweet memories together. Too hurt.

I’m thinking now to find my new love one, replacing my first love. Although it sounds easy, deep inside my heart I felt confused. However, life still has to go on.
C59 EPSON Printer was my girl. This post is dedicated for her. For almost 3 years with her, she helps me in printing my assignments, generating income (printing service) etc.

Now, she is already out of service. Not due to empty inks, but her life span already reached the limit. The time for her to serve me has ended.

Now, I’m looking for the new one. The C59 are no longer produced by the manufacturer due to its “old school” version. My brother suggested the EPSON T10 as it is more or less like the C59. Although the inking system can’t be modified to external cartridge like the C59, the T10 still can make some modify to its cartridge for economical purposes. (Replacing the original cartridge to the new one where it can accept unoriginal inks). The quality is quite the same.
I’m waiting for my next sem income. Looking forward to have the new printer.



Note: Some people suggesting CANON, but personally I can say that CANON is not that level in terms of its output quality. BROTHER? HP? Hmm.. Trust me, once you had stick with the first brand, you’ll never change to others.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I’m eager to share something. I just started reading one book written by Al Fadhil Ustaz Fathi Yakan. This book entitle “Bagaimana kita Menyeru kepada Islam”. Yes it is in Malay. In English, How do we call to Islam. (Correct me if my term doesn’t match with the Malay term)

At the beginning of this book, the writer already caught the eyes and heart of the readers. Although still in the first chapter, I jump into conclusion that this is the must read from cover to cover’s book.

I’m not going to summarize the book here. It’s thick and compact with important points, thus quite difficult for me to simplify it. Just to quote some phrases at the first chapter where I felt something and it gave me a big impact. (It is in Malay. For those who intended to help me, please translate it into English so that those who are non Malay speaking can understand. If not I’ve to take other time to make it.)


Ramai di kalangan para da’ie masa kini yang belum benar-benar

memahami tentang selok-belok dan tujuan yang harus mereka ikuti; memahami

berapa jauhkah jarak yang akan mereka tempuh. Mereka belum insaf bahawa

da’wah adalah pengorbanan. Mereka belum mengerti tentang apa yang harus

mereka korbankan dalam melaksanakan tugasnya itu, baik yang berupa harta

dan jiwa raganya. Hal ini menyebabkan para da’iee sering menjadi contoh yang

tidak baik terhadap ajaran Islam yang mereka sampaikan kepada masyarakat.

Mereka menjadi contoh yang tidak mulia terhadap perbuatan baik yang mereka

kemukakan dalam Amar-ma’rufnya. Dengan demikian mereka menjadi beban

yang berat bagi da’wah. Mereka menjadi batu penghalang yang

memperlambatkan kelancaran da’wah.

Di antara mereka ada yang menyangka bahawa perintah-perintah Islam

itu gugur dari pundak mereka kalau mereka sudah menulis buku tentang Islam,

atau menulis artikel yang dimuatkan dalam surat khabar atau majalah, atau

menyampaikan khutbah yang jitu di masjid, atau mengisi pengajian tetap Ada

pula yang menyangka bahawa puncak kemuliaan dan kedudukan yang dicitacitakan

ialah terdaftar namanya sebagai pengurus yang aktif dalam sesuatu

jama’ah Islam dan nampak kegiatannya menghadiri program-program yang

bertujuan memajukan jama’ah itu....!

Kita tidak ragu lagi bahawa mereka ini dan mereka itu adalah para

petugas yang baru tegak di pinggir da’wah, di tepi ‘amal keislaman. Mereka

belum turut terjun ke bidang da’wah. Mereka malahan belum turut masuk ke

RUANG LINGKUP agama Islam yang sebenamya, malah masih belum turut

menghirup udaranya yang segar…!

Pengertian yang benar tentang tugas ber’amal dalam Islam, seharusnya

mendarah daging dalam fikiran mereka yang bertugas di lapangan itu. Mereka

sedang mengajak masyarakat dan memberi contoh untuk mengerjakan sesuatu

yang bernama “PENGORBANAN”. Pengorbanan dalam ertinya yang luas,

melewati batas-batas jenisnya dan sifatnya. Pengorbanan mencakupi segala

peredaran dalam roda Islam, walau bagaimanapun hangatnya keadaan dan

suasana alam sekitar, dan bagaimanapun beratnya tugas yang harus


Hopefully, we can judge ourselves. A wise person is the one who make self determination to determine his weakness and he will try to overcome it. Making changes from zero to hero, nothing to everything and aimless to the Ultimate aim i.e. Allah..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some pics during rehlah recently

*We were having rehlah at Sg. Pisang, Gombak.
*Some other sahabat couldn't make it to join us..
*Munsyi~sama went home
*Fakhri got tournament
*The rest= Got things to be settled...
*Pan@bajet Serendah and Raja were busy doing the "Standing Stone" (pic 2 and 3)
*Pic 4~ Pan was surrounded by the standing stone@berhala.hehe

O Allah, give us strength in Ukhuwwah so that we can work together for Islam

Keep your belongings safe

I was having dinner with my roommate when he told me something. Something unexpected happened when I wasn’t around this morning.

At about 11.00a.m he heard something noisy sound outside our room. Our next door friends were screaming and yelling for something where my roommate couldn’t understand as they were African. Then, he heard people were running here and there.

At first he intended to look out, but due to some precaution’s step he preferred to stay calm in the room and locked the door. After about 10 minutes he heard foot steps in running conditions together with the felt of the big dustbin near to our room. Then, somebody outside the door screaming “POLICE”!!

My friend still keeps on silence in the room as he thinked it was the best solution. If I were him, I’ll make the same step. (I’m afraid to get involve in foreign’s students affairs as their size are double or even triple of mine + they are rough guy)

As my roommate looked down from his window from our room in 3rd level, he saw security’s car was parked near to our block. Then, came the securities and an African guy plus some of other foreigners. The African guy was taken by the guards to somewhere else.

After a few moments, my friend opened the door and somehow met the other side neighbor (malays). They told him that the African Guy was caught for robbing. Unfortunately his activity was detected by the members of the room. Thus, they were chasing and trying to catch him.

As a reminder for us, keep our belongings safe. Make sure you locked the door every time you go out even for a short time.

* Why people are stealing others’ stuffs? Hmm.. Didn’t they felt that Allah is keeps on looking on what are they doing? May all robbers has the awareness and make a turning point to be a good Muslims.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your part as a Muslim

Just a short reminder. I would like to quote 1 statement where my sahabat always keep on reminding us during Halaqah.

“Play your part as a Muslim and Dai’e.” Simple right? We have to realize that we are a part from parts of Islam. We are the complement of each others.

Te analogy is simple. Imagine the structures of a building. There are several elements for the building to stand i.e. columns, beams, wall, slab, roof structures etc. Imagine one of the elements is not there. For example, the columns. Can the building stand without it? Thus, every single parts of the building play their role differently just to ensure the building didn’t collapse.

It same goes with us as Muslims. Not everybody has the ability to give speech in front of the public, or to give ideas spontaneously etc. However, that is not an excuse for not doing the role as a Dai’e. Everyone knew his/ her own ability and strength. Then, once you had determined your strength, you should develop the strength and contribute it to Islam. For instance, if you have no ability to speak in front of public to give tazkirah etc. however you have the skills of writing, then you can go forward with your strength. You are a complement of your brothers.


If we realize the rewards granted by Allah for doing our part as a Muslim and Dai’e, then we will not looking for any excuses for not doing it. Out aim is not this fake world but our destiny is the life in the hereafter.

“This path maybe difficult, but the final destination is certain.”