Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu..


Recently we heard about swine flu which already killed 81 people in Mexico alone and thousands were suspected infected.

Even in north US, 64 cases were reported.What it is all about?

In the perspective of a Muslim, it is actually a test from Allah,or in other words,it's kind of punishment from Allah as we didn't obey the rules of HIM.

I couldn't remember which surah or chapter and verse Allah has mentioned (more or less like this)

"If there is a village where the people didn't believe in Allah(lam tu'minu na billah), Allah will replace them with other generation/other people where they will obey Allah."

We can see from the story of Prophet Allah Luth,Soleh and Nuh.How The All Mighty Allah punished them,as the consequences of their rejections.

Thus,we can relate the current swine flu disease as a reminder from Allah.As a believer,we should take it as a serious issue because it is actually related to our "IMAN" sensitivity.

P/s:I just heard that the Jewish didn't called this disease as a swine flu.They called it as a Mexican flu as they said swine is HARAM for them and even if they say it,it's some kind of dirt.Anyway,as a matter of fact,whatever u called it,the disease is still spread and will keep on spreading.

~Make sure u wash ur hand every time before eat and put on ur mask if it is necessary~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility

This morning I went for a corporate service under my dad's company.(Tradewinds)
I'm not alone with my dad.My brothers also involved in this social service.

This service is actually organized by tradewinds as it is encouraged by the government.Yeah,although all companies are profit oriented,yet they have to contribute something to the people surround i.e. their customers or consumers to show their "responsibility".

An old folks house infront of my bro's school has been selected..
I joined under my dad'd department as the works been distributed according to departments available.e.g. engineering,QnA etc.

I just giving hands in installing new rubber Matt,cleaning the windows and cleaning the wall.

It's kind of pity for these old folks as their children left them without sympathy.Some of them already at the age of 100.

The program ended around 11.30a.m and we had our lunch together.
Over all,I got something from this program,met my dad's friends,and the most important thing, LOVE YOUR PARENT...

Long time no see.....

Yesterday, 24th my family went back to our "kampung" in Penang.

Actually that morning,around 9.00a.m we got program related to health at Pusat Saudara Baru/PUSBA(a center for new muslims)in Sungai Petani,Kedah.The program was handled by Mr.Mohd Abduh Zainal Abidin.(my english teacher when I was in form 2)

After about 2 hours listening to the tips and some advices, we proceeded to a masjid at Bertam,Penang for a friday prayer.

Around 3p.m we headed to our tok wan's house at Kg.Paya,Kepala Batas.Ops..Before I forgot we were actually dropped by at Pak Uteh's new house at Tikam Batu just to give him a decorative bamboo tree/Buluh madu which to be planted in his compound.

Alhamdulillah,It was an opportunity for me to met some of my cousins, uncles and aunts which I guessed I haven't met them for quite sometimes..

I met Mak njang and pak njang,Pak cik n mak cik,Mak teh,Mak su,mak 'E',Pak uteh n Mak uteh,Pak uda n mak uda...

Also my cousins,Ikhwan,Abg Fadhli(birthday boy today 25th April.happy Birthday Abg Fadhli.Allah bless u),Ridhwan,Ainina,Sarah,Pudin,Kamil,Hasif...Hmm...who else..??
I think that's all.(if I'm not mistaken I got 45 cousins from my dad's side)

We went home around 10.00pm...Need to go back early cause my lil bro got seminar the next day.

I thanked to Allah for all He gave me...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



It was a tiring day for me, my bro. and my dad....
Although we were very exhausted,Alhamdulillah, Allah paid it by something else..
Just to share the story...
It began here...,

My dad was in KL last Saturday to attend a meeting regarding c
o-operation(KOPERASI), together with my brother.
Both of them arrived at my campus on Friday evening.Taking some of my stuffs which to be transferred to my sister's house at Ampang.(My room need to be fully evacuate as been told by the hostel's officer).The rest of my stuffs,I put it in the store room provided.

That night, we slept at my sis's house.Full of tranquility..hehe

Saturday morning....

My dad got a message from one of his friend who also will attend the meeting this evening.He told my dad that there will be a talk at Masjid Az Zubair, Cheras on Palestine.(That Masjid was the same venue for the meeting).The speakers will be our brothers from Palestine.It will be starting at 10.30a.m..

The advertisement

So,instead of going to the masjid at 2.00p.m, my dad decided to go at 9.00a.m, just to listen to the talk.

We moved from my sis's house around 9.15a.m,a bit early as none of us knew exactly the place.To make the story short,we managed to arrive at that Masjid at 11.00a.m.,after we had lost so many times...

I thought we were lucky as we were only late for 1/2 an hour.However,as we entered the Masjid,we're been told that the talk had finished.It started at 8.30a.m,not 10.30a.m as been told.Hmm...Alhamdulillah..Hopefully Allah will countered it as 'Amal soleh..

Then,we just waited there until 2.00p.m where the meeting will be started.Hmm...It bored us to dead....Me and my bro just play with the cats...

After Zohor,my dad went to the meeting room.My dad gave the Kembara's key to my bro. just in case we need something,i.e listen to radio etc.

My bro just managed to get his car licence.So,I just sat beside him and he started to make a "Test Drive".Hehehe..He just drove around the Masjid's compound and did the parking,reverse parking,side etc.

We waited the meeting to finished until 'Asar. Then, we proceed to Sungai Congkak for a mission..

Actually,my mom's friend did message my dad asking help to have a look at her son who just been transferred to Sek.Men.Ibn.Khaldun,Klang.However,at that time,he was at Sungai Congkak,attending a camp organized by KeARAH (Kelab Remaja HALUAN) ,Center peninsular chapter.

I've been there for twice but couldn't remember the route.My dad n my bro,NEVER..
So,for the 2nd time we gambled,looking for the place.
It took about 3 hours to reached there.Hehehe..We keep on lost,lost and lost...

Alhamdulillah,Although we're almost fed up, Allah gave us something else as we reached there.

I met my sahabat from IIUM,Syahidan,Umar Ismail etc. and also my juniors from MATRI,Akhi Nur Muhammad.(my Senior)

me,syahidan n my junior from MATRI,Muta'al

My dad met with his new sahabat, uncle Kamaruddin(syahidan's dad),uncle Sabaruddin(Shakir's dad),uncle Nasaruddin(Usaid's dad) and some other Pak ciks..


We went home after Isya' at the camp...
Before we went to Ampang(sis's house),we headed to IIUM to take my big brother's stuffs.Yeah...Same situation(room evacuation)

Around 11.30p.m we moved to Ampang..

I enjoyed the journey...

Allah will test us with hardship,misery etc.but at the end, He will pay us with bountiful of Rahmah.He will make us feel the sweetness of Hardships..

P/s:Seems like I couldn't go to the Book Fair at PWTC...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seasonal Deeds....


I just want to remind my self n my fellow readers about one thing.The thing that we already known but it seems like too difficult to implement it..

It is about intention...

Actually it come across my mind just after I've finished my Final Exam this afternoon.
From what I've seen,students tend to remember Allah when Final Exam is just around the corner..

1 week Before Exam...
Students will perform solah in Musolla(jema'ah)..Some will wake up early before Subuh just to perform solah Tahajjud,Hajat etc..All of their intentions and acts are good..Motive??I guessed they're hoping that Allah will helps them during exam..Hehe..Miracle??

During Exam week...
Still in the same criteria..

After Exam week...
Musolla getting empty from time to time.Those who act "Islamically" during exam had already changed into.....Wallahu'alam..

Maybe they think the need for Allah only during the Exam or during difficulties.
After passing all of those turbulence,they became like before.

Just to make us think a lil bit.Did Allah knows what we have done?If yes,why don't we just stick with the good deeds we have done 1 week before the exam n during exam week?

It's kind of plain stupid hoping Allah will helps by doing the good deeds SEASONAL.

Yeah,Allah might helps during exam by giving spontaneous ideas etc., but remember, Allah also has the power to change it back. "Kun fa ya kun.."

Although we confident with our answers, Allah has the power to make it wrong by any means due to our sins after exam a.k.a SEASONAL good deeds...

Thus,let us renew our intention.
It is better for an average result with continuous 'Amal soleh compared to outstanding result with SEASONAL deeds..But it's a package for outstanding result together with istiqamah in 'Amal soleh..


Some Funny things during EXAM...

Fhew...., Alhamdulillah..I just finished my last paper. Advanced Building Construction.. Too tired waiting the exams week finish.Anyway, I got some funny stories to be shared during the final exam recently.

Scenario 1

As we entered the exam hall for Construction Economics' exam, nothing different happened.However after 1 n half hour answering, some students started raising their hand,calling the lecturer for inquiries.Unfortunately, our lecturer who is responsible to teach us the subject was absent due to the restriction by the department.I think so, cause I heard part timer couldn't be in exam hall unless got permission by the department.(He is a part timer).So,one of the lecturer who is responsible to replace his absent will entertain the students.
After finished, I asked some of my friends,

"Hey guys, why were u raised your hand just now?Were there any doubtful questions?"

"Yeah,we didn't understand the word FENESTRATION.You?"

"Me either.But I just write anything I think relevant.So,What did the lecturer said?"

"He also didn't know!!Haha..He said this is his first time heard the word fenestration",replied student A.

Student B said, "He(the lecturer)told me that the lecturer who did this questions got spelling error.Then he asked me to changed it to FLUCTUATION.I just followed what he said.."

How come he change the question/word easily...hehe I mumbled to myself.

"You know what,he told me that FENESTRATION is the process/method of fixing the windows.Hehehe...Although he might be right, but it seems that it didn't related to the subject.." Said student C.

I learned something from the experience..If u study well u will know the words..

Scenario 2

Economics subject was the blurred subject during lecture.We attended the lectures, for some reason just for attendance, to avoid been barred from examination.Hehe..
During exam, we prayed so that the Question will be easy and understandable..
As the exam begin,when everyone looked at the 1st question,I can heard frustrated sound from my friends including me.Then, everyone started to look at each other..You know what?It asked on recent facts i.e. the GDP for Malaysia during 1st quarter of 2008,unemployment rate in Malaysia etc.Huhu..I guessed 90% of the students didn't know it.Me??Hehe..Just fill in the bullets and shot!.It carries 7 marks..Huhu..
Lessons:Don't just be spoon fed.Get to know General knowledge..It's important!!

Scenario 3

Actually this scenario is common for QS student during the measurement work.Although it is exam's time, we still did it without sitting.Hehe seems like wanna copy others answers. Even sometimes we facing back to stretch our waist.Huhu..Yeah..It's possible to do it by sitting due to the Architect drawing size.A1 or sometimes A0.Phew...
Lesson:No lesson....

Hopefully, Allah will REDHA and BLESSED me especially during the exams' time..May Allah make me pass with flying colors.Ameen....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Practical Training...


Now, only one paper left before I can return home for 2 weeks holiday.Anyhow, this sem examination was quite tough especially post- contract administration for Quantity Surveyor 1. Although 3 hours has been allocated, it seems insufficient to answer 5 out of 6 Questions. For me, I struggled to answer as fast as I can. No time to rest or even to make some hand stretching.

Last Monday,after finished our Economics paper, we need to submit our practical training form. It makes me realized that I'm already near to 3 years in IIUM. Well, me and one of my classmates, arif decided to do our practical training together. we preferred to do it around KL or Selangor as it is near to our university.In case there is any problem, we can easily straight foward refer to our lecturers.

Alhamdulillah we managed to get 2 firms around Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Our department will send letter to that particular firms, requesting to accept students for practical training.

Hopefully, the firms will accept both of us. There were some cases happened to our seniors where the firms only accept 1 student.Thus, that particular student couldn't cope with the environment in short term as he had nobody to work with.I'm not worry of difficulties to cope with the working environment. What I'm afraid of, if I've been attached alone, it's quite hard for me to go to work as I have no transport. Public transports?? No way!! No LRT heading to Setapak. Bus? Not efficient.I have to wait as early as 6.40a.m to reach that firm while its only take about 15-20 minutes by motorcycle.

Practical training will test all of our skills, either physical or mental. We need to implement what we had learn in class,preparing contract documents, measuring the architect drawings, doing the estimating works etc.It might cause tired as the whole day busy with works.Sometimes need to go outside,assisting senior QS attending site meeting and so on. Thus, I have yo prepare my mind setting,heart setting(working for the sake of Allah + promote islamic values) and also physical setting. (I heard some seniors sleep at the office due to dozens of works to be done).

Insya Allah it only takes 3-4 months for the practical training...
Pray for my success and may Allah let us stand affirms on His path.

p/s: Insya Allah I'll start my practical early this December...

Langit Ilahi...

Just to promote...
Before I forgot,my Junior from my secondary school (MATRI) will be releasing his first book on 17th April 09 at the International Book Fair,PWTC.
There will be two books, Langit Ilahi and VT. Hopefully, I can buy one..
To all readers, if you have time,do spent some of your time to come and visit the books fair.
the Langit Ilahi book's cover...

p/s:Salute you hilal....May Allah give us strength to do Da'wah in any medium..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Musim Imtihan...

At last...After listening to lectures for one semester, the time for translating the lectures on papers has come. Please pray for me...






I got 5 papers this semester. Hopefully, my result will be much better than last semester...Ameen..