Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The time has come to sharpen the saw..

For the last few days, Quantity Surveying students were pretty busy. We got Portfolio Day. This is our last portfolio for 2nd year students. 3rd and 4th year has no portfolio. Thus, we struggled to do our best.

Let me tells a bit on what is actually portfolio for QS…..
We were divided into several groups. For my batch, we got 9 groups where each group consist of 9 to 10 members. Then, our studio Master, Sir Yahaya has given us tasks according to what we have learnt for the whole semester.

Each group got different topic to be done. The topics are:

Road works, Fencing and gate, Sewerage Reticulation System, Culvert, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Landscape Works, Sports Facilities, Surface Water Drainage and Water Reticulation System.

As for my group, we were given the Sewerage Treatment Plant’s topic. This topic has not been taught in class and even out of the syllabus. Thus, we have to work harder to master this topic. We divided this topic into several parts. 1st: Measurement. I’m in charge in this part. There are several items to be measured, e.g. concrete, reinforcement bar, excavation etc. 2nd: Construction Technology. Those who do this work will do research on how the Sewerage Treatment Plan been constructed, how it works and anything related to the treatment plant technology. 3rd: Estimating. This part, they will do built-up rate for every element I’ve measured. The final figure/price of the Sewerage Treatment Plant depends on them. 4th: Specification. This team will find the specification for every single item we have done. Some of the specifications are in accordance with the Public Works Department released 2005 and some are from the manufacturer itself.

All students spent most of the days in the studio. We stayed up till Subuh. It’s common for Kulliyyah Architecture and Environmental Design’s students (KAEDians) to sleep at studios.

During the days in Studio, every night I will send SMS to IKIM.fm radio station. Just to wish my friends good luck. When the DJ read my SMS, all of my friend will surround me and listen. Then we started to laugh cause some of the SMS just to say Happy Birthday etc.

I’ve brought my EPSON printer to Studio. The initial purpose was for our own group used. Then suddenly, everybody started requesting printing service event the 1st year students needed it. Thus, I’ve enlarged my business wings by doing printing service in the Studio. Alhamdulillah, I’ve got approximately RM 15.oo/ day. It’s enough for me for rolling purposes..

Besides, me and my friend were also in charge in model making. We just used recycle materials. Honestly, the model had attracted others.. Quite nice.

I’ve been appointed to present the measurement part during internal and external portfolio. Internal portfolio has been accessed by sir Yahaya and bro.Saiful, both our lecturer.Alhamdulillah, everything going well except the estimating part where some corrections have to be done. Insya Allah tomorrow, 1st April we will have the external portfolio. The external accessors will be lecturer from USM, UiTM and a QS Practitioner. We will show to them that QS at IIUM is better!! Ameen….

However, while working in the group, I realized something. I tend to repeat my mistakes. I couldn’t behave well in group. I liked to do stupid jokes, empty talks etc. Even sometimes I chatted with girls without purposes. Even some of the girls touched me. Erk.. I couldn’t blamed them as It was my fault either as I’m being “too polite” with them.

I’m telling the readers for the purpose not to repeat what I’ve done. The reality is there. I’ve heard from my friends that when we are in working field, it’s worse! Especially those in the construction’s field i.e. engineers, Architects, QSs etc.
Even in IIUM itself, KAED is well known with the ‘SOCIAL /SoSIAL environment.

The thing we should be afraid off is, when Allah ignores us and let us astray from His path. I can feel that from time to time, I’ve changed, from positive to negative. Now I understand the important of Muhasabah especially before sleep. We need to evaluate ourselves everyday for improvement for the next day..

Honestly say, I couldn’t find anyone yet in KAED who can be my mirror. The one who can be my true sahabat. He, who will remind me if I did mistakes. I missed my sahabat during my secondary school’s age.

I’m reminding myself and all readers, if you fell something wrong with yourself, you felt the changes of yourself, don’t waste your time there. Run out from the environment for a while. Seek Allah’a forgiveness. Spend sometimes for self purify and find your sahabat to refresh your heart and get new strength.

For now, I have to isolate myself from my friends for quite sometimes. THE TIME HAS COME for me to SHARPEN THE SAW..
Please pray for me….

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Journey to the East

Last week, on 13th-15th March our studio had organize a trip to Terengganu.Purpose??:visiting constructions site.We did visit the construction of Taman Ilmu(Knowledge Park)in Besut.It is actually an edu-tourism projects.There are several private collages which are under construction there.It's a big project where the contract amount is more or less to RM400mil.

We also visited the construction of drainange(culvert)in Kuala Terengganu.
Although it was raining all the way there,I really enjoyed and It's a beneficial visit.

I was sitting next to Shafuan in the bus

We stayed 2 nights at Qurata riverside chalet,just beside the floating masjid.
Besides from the visit which is related to our subjects,we also didn't missed the opportunity to visit Taman Tamadun Islam where Crystal Masjid is located. We also visited the Pasar Payang where I think there is no special things there, as we only be given 1/2 an hour to wondering around.

After visited the Taman Ilmu,we went to Bro.Faizul(one of our classmates)house as there was a Kenduri for his sister marriage.Thanks bro. for the invitation.

We also stopped by at a place which I couldn't remember the name, and we ate keropok lekor.I've been told that the place is quite famous in Terengganu.

I did spent time at Pantai Batu Burok with some of my friends.
Insya Allah this trip will strengthen the bond between every single of us...

The 6 storey Library at Taman Ilmu is under construction

Bro faizul disrtibuting the Bunga Telur

With the background of Crystal Masjid

Eating Kropok Lekor with friends

Sitting infront the chalet facing the river mouth/estuary

Bro.Azizi n Bro. Faizul looking at the drainage construction

We called this bus the moving coffin.It looks weird and exactly like coffin.I wonder why the gov. designed it this way....

Posing at Batu Burok Beach

I'm not sure what it is all about.This is my idea..Anyway stylo erk?..

View from the top most of the library where we can see man made lake and 12 storey tower near the under construction library..Beutiful...

Sekadar Perkongsian.....

Bismillah.. Salam kepada pembaca yang dirahmati Allah..
Kiranya sudah lama saya tidak menulis dalam bahasa ibunda saya. Agak kekok juga bila sering mencoret dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Untuk menghilangkan rasa kekok, Izinkan saya berkongsi dalam Bahasa Melayu untuk entry saya kali ini.

Baru-baru ini seorang teman sekelas ada message saya. Meminta pandangan dan pendapat saya berkaitan sesuatu perkara. Agak hairan juga saya, kerana saya bukanlah seorang counselor atau pakar psikologi walaupun pada dasarnya saya meminati hal-hal berkaitan ‘human behavior’. Agak panjang jika ingin di type dalam sms jadi saya syorkan beliau lewat sebentar di blog saya.Walaubagaimanapun saya cuba sekadar yang mampu untuk menjawab persoalan tersebut. Agaknya lebih sesuai saya katakan berkongsi pendapat dan idea kerana it is based on my personal perspectives. (Excused me to mix languages/bilingual. Difficult to think words n sentences in Malay.)

Soalan yang saya terima more or less lebih kurang macam ini;
1) “How u make ur dad proud?”
2) ”If there are something that u want, or u did which against what ur dad’s wanted, what u gonna do?How u take it n face it?”

Agak-agaknya soalan ini macam killer question dalam exam…

Perkongsian soalan 1

According to Mac Millan English Dictionary,for Advanced Learners (International Student Edition);Proud membawa maksud feeling happy about achievements, your possession, or people you are connected with.

Jadi, boleh saya katakan soalan satu ini jawapannya agak subjective. Bagaimana hendak membuatkan ayah kita bangga? Saya kira patutnya kita pecahkan kepada beberapa factors yang dapat membuatkan ayah kita bangga:

1) Bergantung kepada keadaan, masa etc.
Apabila kita refer kembali kepada definasi di atas, saya dapat simpulkan bahawa dalam konteks masa, masa belajar kita kadang-kadang akan menyebabkan ayah kita akan bangga dengan pencapaian kita terutamanya dalam bidang academic. Keadaan kita sebagai seorang student akan membanggakan ayah kita bila mana kita Berjaya meraih keputusan yang cemerlang.

2) Bergantung kepada latar belakang keluarga.
Bagi keluarga yang menitik beratkan didikan agama, menjadi anak yang soleh/ solehah mampu membanggakan ayah kita. Tidak cemerlang sangat dalam academic bukanlah menjadi sesuatu masalah, tetapi jika cemerlang, satu pakej. Bangga dan sjuknya mata serta hati ibu dan ayah bila mana anak yang ditimang dari kecil menjadi seorang Dai’e, berkerja di atas jalan Da’wah dan Tarbiyyah.

Saya yakin, setiap keluarga mempunyai latar belakang yang berbeza- beza. Ada sesetengah keluarga yang inginkan anaknya cemerlang dalam akademik semata- mata hanya kerana bila berjaya akan dipandang tinggi oleh jiran- jiran, saudara, sahabat- handai dan lain- lain. Atau juga untuk mewariskan syarikat. Jadi si Ayah akan bangga jika anaknya dapat scored dalam pelajaran.

Jadi, jawapan saya, anda lebih memahami kehendak serta latar belakang keluarga anda. Anda sendiri yang mampu membuat penilaian tentang apa sebenarnya yang AYAH ANDA INGIN BANGGAKAN DARI DIRI ANDA??

Perkongsian soalan 2

Setiap ayah inginkan yang terbaik untuk anak-anaknya. Kita juga inginkan yang terbaik untuk diri kita. Tetapi kadang- kadang kita sering membelakangkan pendapat ayah kita bila mana kita berhadapan dengan keputusan yang melibatkan diri kita. Kita lebih selesa dan percaya dengan dorongan hati kita, hinggakan kadang- kadang melukakan hati ayah kita (Although it’s hard for a daddy to show their frustrated in front of their children). Bukankah Allah telah berfirman :

“Dan Tuhanmu telah memerintahkan agar kamu jangan menyembah selain Dia dan hendaklah kamu berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapamu. Jika salah sorang di antara keduanya atau kedua- duanya sampai berusia lanjut dalam pemeliharaanmu, maka janganlah sekali- kali engkau mengatakan “uh” dan janganlah engkau membentak keduanya dan ucapkanlah kepada keduanya perkataan yang baik.” (Al-Israa':23)

Kenapa tidak anda duduk berbincang dengan ayah anda mengenai keputusan anda? Mungkin apa yang ayah anda mahu hanya berdasarkan ilmunya atau kehendaknya semata- mata. Contohnya, ayah anda seorang nelayan. Untuk menyara kehidupan agak memeritkan. Then, untuk atasi semua itu, dia pilihkan jodoh untuk anda dengan seorang yang kaya-raya. Anda pula sedang belajar dan masih awal untuk berkahwin, serta lelaki tersebut bukanlah pilihan anda. Maka pertembungan pendapat akan berlaku antara anda dan ayah anda. Maka ketika inilah anda perlu gunakan hikmah anda dalam menjustify kan pendirian anda dalam hal ini kepada ayah anda.

Pendapat saya, jangan kita sekali- kali membelakangkan pendapat/ hajat ayah kita. Jangan hanya kerana kita ingin pertahankan pilihan kita sehingga tidak mahu mendengar atau terima hajat ayah, walhal dialah yang membesarkan kita dari kecil sampai sekarang. Dialah yang menyekolahkan kita. Dia juga yang beri duit pada kita (hingga sekarang). Tiba-tiba hajatnya anda tolak mentah-mentah.

Gunakan hikmah anda untuk duduk berbincang serta menjelaskan keadaan sebenar anda kepada ayah anda. Yakinkan padanya bahawa anda sangat menghargai hajatnya, namun anda rasa ada benda lain yang lebih baik untuk diri anda. Mungkin sahaja ayah anda tidak mengetahui selama ini tentang cadangan/ hajat anda. So, ceritakan padanya. Jeaskan sejelas- jelasnya dengan penuh Hikmah.

Sekadar itu yang dapat saya kongsikan. Mana yang baik dari Allah dan yang kurang itu dari diri saya.
Saya harap saya menjawab persoalan anda…Wallahu’alam..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quantity Surveyors...survive??

My favorite newspaper is The Star.You know why?I couldn't simply express it here.Difficult.You better read it and compare with other newspapers,then only you get it.

Actually last few days I gone through Star Jobs.Just looking for any QS vacancies.Hehe..Although It's still early for me for that but I like to survey any firms calling for QS.

This wasn't my first time looking for it.I did realized something when I read the Star Jobs a few days ago.Can you guess?

Hmm....The QS vacancies decreased and not really in demanded due to the unstable Global economy recently. Thus, it affected the construction industry.

If 2@3 years before,QS are really in demand because of the rapid development especially in the middle east i.e Bahrain,Dubai,Qatar etc.Most of the constructions there contracted between local/Malaysian companies.It really created big opportunity to work in the middle east.

Newspaper cut...QS are not really in demand recently.

Besides,rapid development also occurred in our country.It created jobs.Either private firms or public(PWD)they are looking for QS.
Now???As the economy going slow,it caused result to the construction industry.
Some project even abandon due to insufficient fund to finance the project.
Although our government still developing something,but it is not really "happening" compared to few years ago.

I know that it's not really good to fully depend on government or to be an employee for an employer(makan gaji).We have to be creative in finding job.But it seems quite difficult for fresh graduate to establish own firm.(I don't think it's allow for QS freshie to establish own firms/QS rule).

Are you really familiar with Quantity Surveyor??Did you know what are their roles?Hmm....Maybe I'll tell ya next time.Perhaps some of the readers heard the word Quantity Surveyor/QS for their first time..Hmm...pity..

The Last Class~in memory.....

Last Wednesday,11/03/09 was my last class for Parenting and Family Management Subject.
It is a university requirement's subject where all students have to finished it before graduate.

Over all, I learnt many things from this subject especially regarding family management etc.

I would like to thank my respected lecturer, Dr.Azizah Mohamad for making this class so interesting. You are the first lecturer I met with mom's approaches.You taught us very well.We got writing assignments,group presentation,seminars etc.

Special thanks also to Bro.Norhisham,one of my classmates from Kulliyyah of Law who helped me a lot especially in assignments and presentation.He is actually a policeman who continue his study in legal field.Already married,thus got lot of experiences to be shared.

To all my classmates,thank you for your support.I enjoyed with all of you.
Let us pray to Allah to give us strength to be a good parents in the future,Insya Allah.

p/s:Sorry to Bro. Norhisham for not be on time during last meeting for our group discussion.Got other things to be settled(Pre-Grad Dinner,Seri Pacific Hotel~got rehearsal)Thanks for the apple juice.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Precious Sahabat...

As I was sitting alone(everybody went home for maulidur rasul holiday) in my room, trying to finish my assignment,suddenly I felt something..I missed my sahabat,those from my secondary school,MATRI,especially my classmates.

Hmm...it almost 5 years I havn't met for some friends..Even some of them I've lost contact..Isk3..
Our sweet memory couldn't vanish by the passing time.We ate together in talam/dulang,Qiyam together in musolla,Tamrin,climbing "Bukit Tunjung",searching for durian during durian season around the village,sitting together in Halaqah,playing together,study together etc..

Here,I would like to list down my classmates..(saja2)..Just to express my feeling..The list is according to the sitting arrangement in form 5 science Umar.

My Classmates,5 Sc.Umar

1)Abu 'Ubaidah b Sharudin, Engineering (IIUM)
2)Syed Muhammad Islahi b Syed Saifuddin Al Ayubi, Mechatronic Engineering (UniMAP)
3)Ahmad Faiz b Muhamad Sabri, Medic (Cairo Univ.)
4)Ahmad Ikhwan b Rosli, Physic (USM)
5)Mohd Syakir b Rosle, MIAT (UniKL)
6)Mohd Syahid b Mohd Zin, MIAT (UniKL)
7)Ali Noor Hanis b Anuar, Medic (USIM)
8)Abdullah b Soofie (lost contact)
9)Ahmad 'Ulwan b Ahmad Tarmizi, Engineering (IIUM)
10)Ahmad 'Akif b Adam, Chemical Gas Engineering (UTM Skudai)
11)Adam b Mohd Kadir, Civil Engineering (UiTM Arau)
12)Mohd Aiman Firdaus b Othman (lost contact)
13)Ahmad Safiuddin b Abd.Rahim, Engineering (IIUM)
14)Abdul Wakeel b Mahadzir, MIAT (UniKL)
15)Abdullah Syamil b Hj.Ahmad, Biotech (IIUM Kuantan)
16)Wan Mohd Akmal b Wan Mohd Zaim, Medic (USIM)
17)Muhammad Mudzaffar b Mansor, Comp.Sc. (UiTM Merbok)
18)'Ammar b Sabri, Comp.Sc. (UiTM Sarawak)
19)Mohd Hafiz b Zainol Abidin, Mechanical Engineering(Material) (UTM Skudai)
20)Mohd Affiq b Abu Yazit, ICT (Darul Naim College of Tech.)
21)Umar Afifi b Zanordin, Physic (UiTM Shah Alam)
22)Ahmad Abrar b Ahmad Tarmizi, Electronic Engineering (Darul Naim College of Tech.)
23)Ahmad 'Imran b Mohamed, Medic (Zagazig Univ.)
24)Ahmad Nabil b Mohd Jamil, Quantity Surveying (IIUM)
25)Muhammad 'Ammar b Zulkifli, Medic (Cairo Univ.)
26)Muhammad Ihsan b Makmum, Chemistry (UiTM Penang)

Anybody got info on those who I've lost contact please give it to me...Tq.

Shame with ourselves...

What did you do when the exams are just at the corner?Who did you seek to when you are facing problems?

Maybe some people said that they seek helps from their friend,family etc.Hmm...I put a side first for this category of people.Need other entry to discuss on this matter.

What I'm going to focus on, is the category of people who claimed that they seek Allah first when ever they are facing problems.

First thing I would say Alhamdulillah because at least this kind of people still remember Allah at a particular time although not at all time.

The Question is,why we tend to remember Allah when we are facing difficulties?When we are in good condition,we forgot our Creator.We commit sins,and enjoy committing without feel guilty.

Didn't we look stupid?The whole time we disobey Allah's orders then suddenly we are seeking HIS help at certain time...Hmmm....

The analogy is simple.Imagine you are quarreling with one of your friend.You make him mad.Then suddenly you ask his help.Do you think he will help you?

Maybe this analogy is not really suitable as Allah is Most Forgiven.However,we should fell embarrass on what we have done.

Let us look in other situation...

Our salary(for those already working)or our scholarship.The first thing we will do when the money were in our hand is spend it.Am I right?Then after spending here and there,the remains then only we donate.

It same goes with solat.Few minutes before the prayer time expire,then only we stand to perform the solat.Hmmm..

If we realize,all the things we gave to Allah were those the remaining things at which the early/initial things we had used for our own sake.In return,we wanted from Allah all the first class things.

We ask to Allah for wealth,for succeed in exams etc.Do you think Allah will grants our du'a?Maybe yes because Allah is The Most Generous.But,didn't us felt shame on what we have done?~Remembering Allah in season + Giving Allah remaining things.

We as Muslims should Muhasabah/evaluate again and again ourselves.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


What come across your mind when you see this word at glance?Never heard?How to pronounce?-si~qah.
Hmm...Maybe some of you ever heard before but not really sure the exact meaning.Me?Not really clear.I just learn the meaning from my experienced.Thus,the word tsiqah is based on my understanding..Hope if there are any additions or corrections,please do correct me.

The first time I heard this word when I was in from 1 in my beloved school,Ma'had At-Tarbiyyah Al Islamiyah,MATRI.This word was seldom been used in my school either in Halaqah,daily conversation,tobur/assembly,in class etc.In other words,in a day you might heard this word.

As I remembered,I never asked my seniors or ustazs or teachers about the meaning of this word.As I heard this word,I tried to relate it to the topic from which this word been said.Then,I tried to conclude that Tsiqah is more or less you put your trust on someone.

However,I would like to thanks my dearest warden,Ustaz Mahadzir who taught me new things about this word.

That one when I was in form 4 or 5.I couldn't remember.Actually I was a school prefect(without intention to be a prefect as the responsibilities are tough).In one week,there is one day I have my duty to hold the hostel keys with me.It means,I have to lock and open the "SOLEX" at a particular time..

To make the story happened,one day during the class hour,one of my friend from the next class came to me and asked me to open the hostel lock for a while as he got things to settled in his room.

At that perticular time,I was a lil bit busy and as usual(it actually been done before by other prefect)I gave him the keys and asked him to open it by himself.I also reminded him to return back the keys as soon as he finished his works there.Yeah,he is one of my best friend.Thus,I'm Tsiqah on him.

As time passed by,the keys wasn't return to my hand.Me?I'm worried but just make myself relax with peaceful face...

As soon as the students finished reciting Al-Ma'thurat after 'Asar,they will return to hostel for riadhah etc.The keys?Still not been handed to me.

Then,I'm getting worried as all students already gathered at the hostel compound,waiting for me to open the lock..

I tried to find my friend,the one who took the keys from me,but I've been told by his classmates that he went out to town to settle something urgent.

Subhanallah...Now what?With "Muka selamba Badak",I went to the warden's house and asked him to lend me his duplicate keys.I knew,it was my fault and I'm ready to face any actions from my warden although a lil bit nervous.

"Tok,Tok,Tok"I knocked his door's house.
When he opened the door,the first thing I stared was his face.
"Gulp!His not in good mood", I mumbled to myself.

Then as I told him what happened,he didn't scolding at me.He only asked my several questions.

"Why didn't you open the lock for him(my friend)?"

"I was doing other thing that time and a lil bit busy,ustaz."(with innocent face and voice tone/meraih simpati)

"Why you gave him the keys?"

"Was that a prob?He's my friend and I'm Tsiqah on him.",I replied with polite.

"Hmm..Nabil,Nabil..What make you tsiqah on him?Is it because he is your friend?"


"Nabil,Tsiqah is actually you put your trust based on YOU and HIS IMAN..You can't necessarily put your trust to anybody.You will learn soon as you get lot of exposures.But bearing in mind that to put your Tsiqah on someone,you have at least put it on those with good akhlaq,responsible etc."

"Thanks ustaz for reminding me."

"One more thing,you had neglected your amanah.The keys are the amanah for you to be hold and keep it safe.But you easily left it to others.If only keys you couldn't hold as amanah,how about to hold the amanah as khalifah?"

"Suupp!!"An arrow stabbed straight forward to my heart..Astaghfirullah..

"Thank you ustaz.Insya Allah I'm not going to repeat the same mistake I have done."

Can u spot me?The lightest blue shirt.I tend to be an ordinary student(white shirt)by wearing the hue color more to white.

Then he gave me his duplicate keys to open the lock.
That night,my friend returned and he gave me the keys.He apologize as he was in hurry and couldn't return back the keys to me.It's ok friend.
There is a hikmah besides the "lost" of the keys for a while.~I got new things from my ustaz.

I thank to Allah for giving us good ustaz/ustazah/teachers to shape us to be a good muslims.They are my precious!

To warden/ustaz,I salute your skills in approaching students.You have lot of skills as Dai'e to approach mad'u.I learnt somethings from you that day.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sensitivity Faded??

If I ask readers pertaining the Gaza issue recently,can anybody give the answer spontaneously?No idea?Hmm..One of the problems~The ignorance of Muslims..Agree?I'm not saying that I'm up to date with the news.This entry is just for sharing or to spank our butt so that we will be more alert with the condition nowadays.

I'm a lil bit disappointed as some people (with Super Ultra Ignorance)asked:

"Can we start eating again McD, Burger King etc.?The war has ended."

Astahfirullahal Azim...Is that your level of thinking and understanding?No wonder Muslims left far behind.

Due to this situation,Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design,IIUM together with Quantity Surveying Students' Society(QUEST)in collaboration with all students' societies had organized a Palestine week as a reflection to the Ignorance of the People regarding the Issue.

Bro Faizul with one QS Junior selling t-shirts

This program which was held from 2nd March-6th March 2009 had waken up the people which some of them has already faded their sensitivity.Alhamdulillah.

Me with Syeikh Ahmad Yasin

Some of the programs including:
1)One Week Exhibition at KAED Gallery.
2)Talks by several panels i.e. Doctors who joined the mission to Gaza(Under MERCY),NGO's e.g Aman Palestine etc.
4)Buy and donate
6)Solat Hajat with qunut nazilah at KAED Gallery

Voice out your anger while stepping on the Israel/Shit flag

Scene during demonstration

Demonstration...QS 1 year was one of the official photographer.

Palestinian representative giving speech..Allahu Akbar!He taught us new slogan "From river to sea,Palestine will be free!!"We shouted together.

Give your donation while demonstrating..Allahu Akbar!!

Credits to the organizer and committees especially our junior QS for your full commitment.
Overall I can give 9.5/10 for this program.
May our tiredness been accounted by Allah as Amal Soleh.Amin..

4 Conditions for 'Amal to be Accepted

Alhamdulillah. I just had a chat(YM)with one of my sahabat.Although he is a bit younger then me,his idea and advice can't be denied.Brilliant and sometimes it caused me felt that I'm nothing.Nothing compared to him.Thanks sahabat cause reminding me on something that I forgot.

Our discussion was on the circle of the purpose of writing.He said more or less like this:

"People like to write,especially blog.They write their experience etc.However,is it really been accounted by Allah as 'Amal?"

As a blogger, I tried to defend my status as a blogger.Thus, I said:

"Of course.Insya Allah it will be accounted.Da'wah doesn't static on one skill.Writing is one of the branches in Da'wah.Thus,I think it's ok.(with confident)

"You might right.But it seems that not all bloggers think the same way.Although they think as what you thinked,sometimes it's still not accounted as 'Amal soleh"

"I'm still blurr bro.explain more..."

"Abdul Karim Zaidan once said:There are 2 conditions for 'Amal to be accepted/accounted.
However, we as a Dai'e, we must aim for a higher bench mark.We need to add two more things.
1)The 'Amal is developing Islam
2)The 'Amal is ruining the Jahiliyah
Then only we can say that it is 'Amal soleh."

"Erk?What on earth!!Strict bench mark."
I mumbled to myself.

A few minutes after the chat,I sat down and think for a while..
Some series of evaluations been done to analyze either what I've done is accepted or not.

Tup,tap,tup,tap...I jumped into conclusion that maybe some of them was useless.Nothing!!Just blown dusts.

Ikhlas?Hmm..too complicated to say.Sometimes nope.Allah knows better.
Syara'?I think so...Your opinion?(my blog)..Some entry not really..just empty talk.Rubbish!!
Jahiliyyah ruined?Personally,I think none of it.
Islam Developed?You think?Hmm...Wallahu'alam..

Then,what I have done before???
Knock your chest and ask your Iman...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Warkah Buat Ummi dan Abah

Ummiku sayangku,

Pertama sekali Bang Chik ingin memohon maaf jika ada tersalah dan terkasar kata atau mengguris hati ummi. Bang Chik juga memohon maaf jika sudah lama Bang Chik tidak pulang menjenguk ummi di rumah. Bukan tidak rindu. Rindu yang Bang Chik pikul ini sungguh berat dan kadang-kadang ingin menitiskan air mata. Allah sahaja yang tahu.

Ummiku buah hatiku,

Anakndamu ini bukan sengaja tidak pulang untuk bersua denganmu. Ketahuilah ummi bahawa Bang Chik keluar untuk menuntut ilmu di jalan Allah. Bukankah Nabi kita yang tercinta ada bersabda

“Barangsiapa yang keluar menuntut ilmu di jalan Allah,maka dia berada atas jalan Allah(fisabilillah) sehingga dia pulang” (Aw kama qal.)

Bang Chik tahu, ummi seorang yang tabah. Ummi telah didik Bang Chik dengn asuhan Islam sejak kecil. Ummi yang mencorakkan Bang Chik dengan corakan Al Quran dan As Sunnah.

Ummilah tempat Bang Chik berkongsi keperitan dan keletihan dalam kerja-kerja Da’wah dan Tarbiyyah setelah Bang Chik mengadu pada Allah. Kata-kata ummi masih terngiang-ngiang di telinga Bang Chik. Ummilah yang meniupkan semangat jihad dalam jiwa Bang Chik sejak Bang Chik kecil.

Ummiku pembakar semangatku,

Bang Chik terkenang kisah Muhammad Idris As-Syafi’e. Bagaimana bonda tercintanya melepaskannya keluar untuk menuntut ilmu di jalan Allah. Mungkin juga kisah kita ada persamaannya….

Ummiku, andaikata ummi rindu pada Bang Chik, sama-samalah kita pohonkan doa kepada Allah agar rindu kita di temukan di akhirat kelak. Walaupun kita tidak bersua buat seketika, namun doa-doa kita disatukan dengan rabitah hati..

Ummiku sayang,

Bang Chik bersyukur kerana dikurniakan sorang ummi yang memahami erti jihad dan turut meniupkan roh jihad kepada anak-anaknya. Terkenang kembali usrah keluarga yang kita adakan tatkala anak-anakmu pulang dari menuntut ilmu.
Bang Chik teringat satu kata-kata seorang ulama’:

“Jihad ini akan menuntut pelbagai perkara dari kita. Bermula dengan masa, tenaga, kemudian harta dan seterusnya nyawa kita.”

Ummi, doakan anakmu ni syahid dalam memperjuangkan Deen Allah ini. Doakan juga agar Bang Chik mampu menjadi seorang Dai’e dan Murobbi dalam membimbing masyarakat kearah cahaya Allah.

Abahku pendorongku,

Abah, Bang Chik juga memohan kemaafan jika kita sudah sekian lama tidak bertemu. Seperti juanya dengan ummi,rinduku pada abah tidak pernah kurang.

Abah, Bang Chik bersyukur kepada Allah kerana dikurniakan Abah yang memahami erti perjuangan, Da’wah dan Tarbiyyah.

Abah telah banyak berkorban dalam memudahkan urusan Bang Chik dalam berjihad ini. Abah lah yang banyak mengajar Bang Chik ketika mana Bang Chik kabur dan ragu-ragu dalam menuntut ilmu.

Abahku seperjuanganku,

Jika Bang Chik nak hitung nasihat yang abah beri, rasanya tak cukup bila ingin di coretkan di atas kertas putih. Terlalu banyak…

Bang Chik kagum dengan cara abah mendidik kami adik-beradik. Abah ada cara tersendiri. Alhamdulillah, Bang Chik besyukur kerana diberi pendedahan tentang kemanisan Iman dan Islam sejak kecil.

Abah, Bang Chik selalu teringat kata-kata abah:

“Jika kita berasa seronok sekali bersama di dunia ini,kita juga ingin berasa seronok bersama ketika di akhirat nanti. Jadi sama-sama kita tingkatkan amal soleh kita dalam mencari redho Allah dan Insya Allah kita akan dipertemukan dalam Janah Allah kelak.”

Abah, mari kita sama-sama berdoa dan berusaha agar Allah menetapkan hati kita diatas jalan ini dan mematikan kita dengan keredhoannya...Mati sebagai seorang syuhada’.

P/s: Sekadar luahan rasa.. Hati ini hiba pabila melihat kawan-kawan yang pulang bertemu dengan keluarga masing-masing ketika cuti maulidur rasul ini. Hinggakan ada yang kata aku tidak sayangkan keluarga kerana jarang sekali aku pulang ke rumah. Hati ini lantas menggerakkan jari-jari ini untuk mekuahkan sesuatu sebagai coretan rasa. Aku bisa punyai keluarga.. Aku juga punyai perasaan rindu..Tapi jiwaku lebih rindu kepada bertemu dengan Allah. Keluargaku unik. Unik kerana kami Usrahtu Da’wah..Cita-cita kami lagi besar jika dibandingkan dengan rindu di dunia ini..
Ya Allah, Engkau Maha Mengetahui…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

SORRY..Hope you understand

This post is specifically for the sisters during last Pre Graduation Dinner which was held on 28 Feb 09 at Seri Pacific Hotel,Kuala Lumpur.

Actually I was a little bit shocked as some of the sisters intended to take pictures personally between me and her. I never expect sisters to have that kind of request to snap photos with me.

I'm so sorry as I couldn't fulfill your request as I have my own principals.If you wanted to take pics with me,please bring along some of your friends together which to be included in the photos or I need some other brothers together in the pictures.NO PERSONAL PICTURES please.

I'm sorry if yesterday I have invited some of my male friends to join in your "PERSONAL PHOTOS"

I have reasons in doing those things.

1)I had swear to Allah that I will be a good Dai'e and Murobbi.Thus,it is wajib/compulsory for me to avoid anything which will affect my credibility as a Dai'e.I don't want to make "Fitnah" to myself or to Islam itself.Can you imagine,when the "PERSONAL PICTURES" been seen by others?Then people start to make noise saying that:

'How come Nabil can have a pictures with girls?He said Islam is like this and this but he didn't implemented it!Huh..'

or even people will say like this:

Ish3...what kind of Muslim he is?Convey Islam to others but his Akhlaq didn't reflect what he said so..Huh..Blah la!!'

Making worse, it makes my works as Dai'e more difficult if my Mad'u or my Sahabat saw it..
The most important is,Allah will knows that I have broke my swear to HIM..Na'uzubillah..

2)I pray to Allah to give me a good/solehah wife.Thus,in order for that,I have to improve myself to be as soleh as possible.I couldn't imagine one day if I get married and suddenly my wife saw the "PERSONAL PHOTOS" between me and other girls..What's her feeling that time?My husband with other girls?Although she might not say it infront of me,but her sadness couldn't be cured.I don't want to do that to my future wife.

Besides,I tried to put myself in that situation.I also have the jealous feeling if I saw my future wife with other man in a photo.If I felt so,she also may feel the same feeling.

I hope the sisters could understand my stand and we try our best to be a good Muslims.
Our life doesn't finish here,but we will be in either two; Paradise or Hell
May Allah bless and forgives us on what we have done.Ameen...