Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sabar Wahai Temanku...


I just managed to have a short chat with my juniors from the QS department.They were seems to feel frustration,fed up etc.The final exam result just being announced few days back and unfortunately some of them couldn't manage to pass what I called 'the killer subject!'

I'm so sorry if I didn't help much in your studies.I realized that some of them requested me to be their tutor for the previous semester but as I was doing my practical training and buzy with other programs,I couldn't managed to teach them well although I did sometimes.

For those who has passed,congratulation and those who couldn't manage to scored,never mind,still a congratulation to be given because you have tried the best to answer.Insya Allah,if you still have any problems please do not hesitate to ask me and I'll share my knowledge as long as I can.

Remember,this is only a small test.We should actually pay more attention and concern about the test given by Allah to shaping and screening us to be a better muslims.As long as we can survive and istiqamah from Allah's tests, that the real achievement.And of course,our ultimate aim is to enter Allah's Paradise together with HIS blessings.

May Allah guide us..

Note1 : Alhamdulillah..My Architecture's friends whom had a contract rivision class with me at my room the night before the final exam,had passed with flying colours.Most of them scored A.Thanks Allah for given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with them.

Note2 : Now I've been thinking to be a lecturer as most of my friends said that I have the skills of teaching.hehehe (maybe not..I want to be a farmer.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jom Palestine!


Just to beat the drum of our ignorance on the issues of Palestine.Seems that most of us still swing the legs and do nothing,I felt this is my responsibilty as one of the Malaysian/Muslim bloggers to spark again and again the awareness on this issue.

As an example, I would like to share 1 story I experienced with my sahabats.

Few months back,we had organize a charity walk to raise fund for the Palestinians.Thus,my friend and I walk all the way around the IIUM front area i.e CAC,KAED and KOE.

We met lot of people and we gave them leaflet containing info on this issue.Some of them like a 'first time heard about this issue'.Some are like shocked as they thought war has ended because news no longer tell about it.In fact some of them when saw us wearing palestine shirt,head cloth,palestine muffler and carrying box, will try their best to walk far away from us as if afraid we will talk about palestine and ask for their money.Some even woohy and smirking with our job.Huh,who cares!

One of the uncle keep on asking both of us about the Life line 4.Where the money will be channeled to etc.One of his statement which had stick firmly in my mind and had burn my patience was:

"Korang dok tolong-tolong bagi dana buat apa?Korang kata nak tolong bina penempatan rakyat Palestin sebab mereka dah tak ada rumah time perang baru-baru ni kan?Korang bina,nanti kena bom lagi,musnah balik.buat rugi je.."

What on earth!! (Woi!They are our brothers and sisters la!)I don't want to attract the crowd by smacking his head! So,we just left him.

Ayoo..Apa mau jadi with Malaysian ni?Ketuk pala guna BQ mau?

Dear readers,please help our brothers there.Each and every dollars we donate will be accounted by Allah.If you think you will be free from being questioning by Allah on The Day of Judgement,then you may continue with your ignorant.

May Allah give us light and hold our hand to walk on HIS path.Ameen..

Note: BQ is stand for, Bills of Quantities.Documents prepared by Quantity Surveyors for any construction projects.It is a part/volume in a Tender Documents.Tender Documents has several volumes and each volumes are as thick as 15cm.Some are even thicker. (so,kalau ketuk pala guna BQ,mau mati jugak orang tu or at least bengong sminggu)

Monday, April 26, 2010


As I was incharge for registration and hostel accomodation for HIMEGA '10,I have to go to the Zaaba office to get the room keys.Together,was my sahabat,I..

I:Ish,awat tak leh bukak pintu office ni?(sambil menarik-narik pintu office)
NJ:Meh ana cuba pulak(budget kuat skit la dari I)
NJ:Ish!x leh jugak la!Tapi macam mana budak-budak tu bleh masuk?Sambil menunjuk kepada pelajar-pelajar UKM di dalam pejabat tu (Pintu tu transparent sebab glass panel)
I:A'aa la..
NJ:Jom kita tarik sama-sama!
NJ&I:Ish3..(sambil menarik-narik.tapi tak terbukak jugak)
I:Cuba tolak tengok pintu tu..

And the door was easily opened as we pushed it.

NJ:Hampeh tol.Cuba enta baca kat pintu tu.Dia suruh tarik.
I:A'aa la.Bagi instruction "PULL" tapi actually "PUSH".
NJ&I:(Buat-buat selambe walaupun sebenarnya malu sebab orang2 dalam office tu sure nya melihat aksi2 kami menarik-narik tombol pintu)

I met with my juniors.They were the participants.When I was in form 5,all of them were in form 1.In fact,some of them were my roomates.(waktu form 5 kena jadi ketua dorm la,kena duduk dengan adik2)

NJ:Uish!Hampa dah besaq noh.dulu ana dok buli-buli antum.
Them:Besa la Abg Nabil.Sekarang siapa yang buli siapa?haha(sambil mengusap-ngusap kepala ku)
NJ:Hampeh tol.Mentang-mentang korang dah tinggi dari aku.bleh pulak korang buat aku macam budak junior pulak.(keluhan dalam hati)

But seems I am a cool n sporting type of person,so tak kisah pun adik2 buat macam tu.Rilek sudey.-Lesson:Jangan buli org.Nanti akan di balas.hehe

P:Abg.Nabil,lama tak nampak enta.
NJ:Hehehe.ana ni tenggelam timbul.tu yang enta susah nampak ana.
P:Insya Allah.Jangan enta tenggelam dalam-dalam n tak timbul-timbul sudahla.
NJ:Erk?(sedikit terkesima atas ingatan n teguran itu + terharu)

to be continue....(insya Allah)


A:Weh korang jangan hilangkan kunci bilik.Hilang UKM charge RM10 oo..
B:Ok la RM10 tu.kalau UTM, kena compound RM25 kot kalau kunci bilik hilang.
A:Huih.Mahal betul.Bankrup aku kalau macam tu.
NJ:RM25?Murah la tu..UIA charge RM50 kot!
A&B: ...... (agak terkesima)

Just met my old sahabat at UKM/Za'aba's cafe.He is UKM's student.

K:NJ,kau dah berpunya?
NJ:nope.Single kot!Awat,hang ada calon untuk aku ke?hehe
K:Kalau hang serious,aku ada.coursemate aku.hehe.bakal ustazah kot!

U:Nabil,lawa seluar.1st time nampak enta pakai jeans.
NJ:Hehehe..Practical training yang lalu 'mendewasakan' ana.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Palestine Mass Gathering

Palestine Mass Gathering
Date; 8 Mei 2010
Location: Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam
Time: 7.00pm to 11.30pm

- Nasyid performance & Sketsa
- Video on 'The tears of Palestine'
- Words from the NGOs' representatives
- Words from the Palestine's representative
- Donation's giving ceremony

Special Guests
- Skeikh Hussein KH Awawidah, Advisor Rabithah Ulama Palestin
- Nasyid groups & Malaysian's Artis

Please bring along banners,flags, show your support.
There will also be the session for donation contribution and all donation will be sent directly to Gaza
Please bring along your own Sejadah/praying matt because we will be praying at Stadium

* Coalition of Graduates of Higher Institutions of Malaysia (HALUAN)
* Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (ABIM)
* Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM)
* Palestinian Center of Excellence (PACE)
* Aqsa Syarif
* Dewan Pemuda Masjid Malaysia (Dewan Pemuda)
* Pertubuhan Mawaddah Malaysia
* Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM)
* Global Peace Mission
* Muslim Care

In collaboration with
* Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam

For any enquiries,plese contact

Office & Correspondence Address:
Lifeline 4 Gaza
c/o Biro HALUAN Palestin
16-1 Jalan Dinar A U3/A, Seksyen U3, Taman Subang Perdana
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

603 7846 4146
info@lifeline4gaza. org

Life Line 4 GAZA . Break the Siege

Our ultimate vision is to work together with the International community in helping Palestinians to hold every rights on their motherland, and eventually be able to live in peace as any other beings would want to be. We uphold the believes that each Palestinian, including those forcefully living abroad and foreign camps, has every right to return to Palestine. All Palestinian lands that have been robbed by the Zionist must be returned to their rightful owners.

We know it will take years to realise. However, we also know that it will certainly be happened simply because injustices will never last long. And any sensible human being will never let injustices to continue — injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

In the meantime, we will work together to help the people in Palestine, particularly those in Gaza that have been caged for some years. Of course we acknowledge that the people of Gaza are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but they need their freedom from the horror of Israeli occupation, and they need supports from people like you and me, and people next to you, and people next to me, to let them have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

We want to break the siege of Gaza. We want to raise international awareness about the prison-like closure of the Gaza Strip and pressure the international community to review its sanctions policy and end its support for continued Israeli occupation. The people of Gaza have the right to farm, fish and build without Israeli interference. We want to uphold Palestine’s right to welcome internationals as visitors, human rights observers, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, or otherwise.

For this reasons, we invite all take part in any way they can to support International efforts to organise voyages to Gaza. The efforts will not back down to the violence of the Israeli military and therefore the coming voyages will consist of more boats and more people. We also want to bring substantial support to the people of Gaza. This is a critical objective, both to meet immediate humanitarian needs, and also to help empower Palestine to have control over its own future, and to help facilitate the reconstruction of Gaza by bringing in essential building materials currently being denied access through the land crossings with both Egypt and Israel.

For more info on this convoy/program,please visit

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Campus Tour


This story is based on the true event.It was actually happened to me,last week.

After Friday Prayer at IIUM Masjid,my friend and I decided to have our lunch at Norazah Caterer a.k.a cafe 75 (tak mau guna nama cafe ali.saja ja buat pembaharuan)

We walked to my friend's car where he parked at Econs.Just few steps away from the Masjid,we were stopped by a guy.From his appearance,I assumed he is from UK.Once he speaks,I assume my assumption was correct.(dialect)

UK Guy : Excuse me.Where is General Studies Department?
Me : Hmm.. (a lil bit blurr.My mind n brain keep on gooling,searching for the location)
My friend: Lalala..(ala2 buat tak tak de la dia sebut lalalala)
Me : Hampeh tol.Kot-kot la nak tolong habaq.(I was blurr at that moment.)
UK Guy : ...... 'sigh'
Me : Sorry sir,I'm afraid I couldn't help you much. (ayat nak mintak excuse.hehe)
UK Guy : How come u didn't know the department?This is ur university right?
Me&My friend : Erk? (terkesima sebentar)
UK Guy : It's ok.Thank you very much.
Me&My friend : oh,welcome. (muka dah merah habis..malu..)

Me : Apesal tak tolong bagi tau tadi?Anta tau tak dkt mana GS Dpt.?
My friend: Tak tau.
Me : Sama la kita! hehehe.Tak tau jugak
My friend: Standard la budak KAED.Our life just around KAED.Studio + toilet + cafe.Mana ada masa nak amik tau tempat-tempat lain.
Me : Aa la..Lupa lak.


1)Budak KAED,budak KAED jugak.we are still part of IIUM community.Should familiarize with IIUM campus.

2)Suddenly terus berazam dengan jitu to make a campus tour on my own.Looking for places yang tak pernah pergi lagi. (malu habis sebab dh nak final year tapi tak khatam lagi tempat2 d UIA)

3)This incident was actually reflecting my ignorant.Ignorance should not appear in a Mu'min's life.We have to up-to-date with everything,especially the current issue. (Ha sape tau current issue dekat Trinidad & Tobago apa?)

4)I've learned something from that guy.He still said Thanks although we didn't help him.Their culture to greet and saying good things.Even his face still smiling before he left us.

5)sila korek sendiri hikmah2 di sebalik cerita ini.


Monday, April 19, 2010



Just a short post.
I spotted an advertisement at the door of musolla mahallah zubair this evening.

Nissan Sunny 1.5 for sale!
Year 1983
Good condition (how far the good is,i dunno.I doubt its 'good' condition)hehe
Price:RM 3000.00
Those interested pls contact Bro. xxx (sorry I forgot his name n phone number.If u're really intended to buy it,I can help u go and check again his contact number..hehe)

So,for those yang memang desperate habis to own a car with affordable price plus 'good' condition,can start thinking to have it.

Till then.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Allah knows best


Actually I've got few things to do this weekend.

1st,I've been invited to join a Program/Tamrin for my juniors from the foundation Studies IIUM.Need to squeez in during the sharing moment session.(What shall I shared?I don't think I'm the one who supposedly sharing thoughts with them.rasa tak layak la pulak..)

2nd,one of my friend invited me to participate in inter-faith dialouge which to be held somewhere in Damansara if I'm not mistaken.He offered me a place as he is one of the committees,I guessed.This dialouge really sparked my interest as I loved to learn new things.Listening to other religions' point of views etc.Getting to know the misconception on Islam and on top of that,making new friends.It is actually a serial dialouge and this one is the 1st series.Once I've missed the 1st one,it's difficult for me to understand the next series.

3rd,Insya Allah this end of month there will be a program for students whom just finished their SPM last year,and they'll enrolling to various universities soon.This proram is to give them an exposure on the campus life.The survival and continuity of Da'wah and Tarbiyyah in campus.Just letting them to know so that they'll not feel the 'culture shocked' soon.Thus, I have meeting to synchronize the program this weekend.

We planned and Allah has his plan too.I wasn't be able to fulfill all of my 'to do' things this weekend.Hopefully there'll be hikmah from my absentees.I should have figure it out by now.Learned from the mistakes.A mu'min never felt twice in the same hole.


Note1:Someone asked me whether I'm ready to get marriage or not.Apakah?
Alhough I'm still single(ye ke? CONFIRM!! I'm SINGLE!)Just to clarify that I'm still 'too young',too rock (recently),unmatured enough,and few other things which made me unavailable at this moment.Got it?

Note2:Wishing all the best to Shu'bah n Pan in their Engineering Industrial Training.(Selamat merasai keperitan di perah tenaga untuk serve the system.Hopefully still have strength to attend halaqah etc.)

Note3:My friends,siblings etc. keep on insisting me to make my own face book account.I can't still decide it yet.Aduhh..(patutkah?)



While I’m alone in my room in UIA, (my roommates went home this weekend) unintentionally I missed my sahabat-sahabat from my secondary school. I just realized that I’ve left MATRI for about 5 years. But in between the time gap, I’ve returned to my beloved school for several times.

Truth to be told, I missed my teachers, ustazs,ustazahs,mak cik mak cik canteen, admin’s people in the office, gardener, and of course the students specifically my batch.

I can still remember the moment Cikgu Maimunah entered the class for physic and add math. She will invite anyone of her student to recite du’a and sometimes my named were being called by her.The best part was her tazkirah before started teaching. She used to read books from Ibnu Qayyim Al Jauzi. Oh, what a sweet memories!

Not to forget, other teachers. They are my best teachers I ever had.

This entry, I would like to update my classmates (5 science Umar) their current info on academic status.

I’ll start according to seating arrangement in our class.

Try to make it short and simple. Just their name and which university and what are they studying currently.

1) Mohd Hafiz Zainol Abidin – UTM Skudai, Mechanical Engineering (Material)

2) Mohd Affiq Abu Yazit – KTD, ICT (Am I right?)

3) Ahmad Abrar Ahmad Tarmizi – KTD, Electronic Engineering

4) Umar Afifi Zainordin – UiTM Shah Alam, Education (Physic) *Ada bakat ganti cikgu mai.

5) Ahmad ‘Imran Mohamed – Zagazig University, Egypt, Medic

6) Muhammad Ihsan Makmum – UiTM Penang, Electrical Engineering

7) Ali Noor Hanis Anuar – USIM, Medic

8) Abdullah Soofie – USM, Mathematics

9) Ahmad ‘Ulwan Ahmad Tarmizi – IIUM, Computer Engineering

10) Ahmad ‘Akif Adam – UTM Skudai, Chemical Engineering (Gas)

11) Adam Mohd Kadir – UiTM Shah Alam, Civil Engineering

12) Mohd Aiman Firdaus Othman – UMT, Chemical Analysis and Environment.

13) Ahmad Safiuddin Abd Rahim – IIUM , Aerospace Engineering

14) Abdul Wakeel Mahadzir – UniKL MIAT, Aviation

15) Abdullah Syamil Ahmad – IIUM (Kuantan Campus), Biotechnology

16) Wan Mohd Akamal Wan Mohd Zaim – USIM, Medic

17) Muhammad Mudzaffar Mansor – UiTM Merbok, ICT

18) ‘Ammar Sabri – UiTM Kota Samarahan, ICT

19) Abu ‘Ubaidah Sharuddin – UniKL MIAT, Management

20) Syed M. Islahi Syed Saifuddin Al-Ayubi – UniMAP, Mechatronic Engineering

21) Ahmad Ikhwan Rosli – USM, Physic

22) Ahmad Faiz Muhamad Sabri – Cairo University, Medic

23) Mohd Syakir Rosle – UniKL MIAT, Aviation

24) Mohd Syahid Md.Zin – UniKL MIAT, Aviation.

* Arwah ‘Ammar was in Egypt,Medic. (May Allah bless him)

Note:If happened my infos are wrong, please do correct me. Tq.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My dream come true..

Alhamdulillah...At last..
I'm off to China for two weeks...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wake up around 5.30am. UIA a bit peaceful as the semester break just started last week. Make my self prepared for Subuh. After quranic recitation, just spent sometimes surfing the internet. Checking my e-mail, reading the star online. The earthquake in China's Qinghai province coveres the headline of the news.Just gone through the news without fully read it. Hehe..

After finished reading news and few blogs,working out and settling some stuffs related to HIMEGA which to be held this coming end of month. Preparing registration forms etc.

I planned to go to the library to do research for my final year dissertation. Thus,around 10.00am, I headed to the university library a.k.a Dar- Al Hikmah Library (yeah the name given by the UIA).

I’ve spent few hours there, concentrating on my work until one guy spoiled my mood. Quite annoying! Walking without care the sound produced from his shoes. I thought a girl wearing a high heels but it was a guy wearing a leather shoes but making such noise. (adakah kasutnya mempunyai ladam untuk kawad?)Wallahu’alam..

Packing my stuffs and left the library around lunch hour. As my throat calling for a drink, I stopped by at a kiosk and bought a bottle of mineral water. On my way back to college, someone stopped me, asking something. He’s looking for Imam of UIA’s masjid. So, I brought him to the masjid’s office.

On our way to the office, that guy (is it pak cik or abang? ntahla..) kindda praising me for having the opportunity to study in the university and doing Master.Erk?Apakah? I stopped walking for a while and looked at my self. With dark blue jeans, brownish polo shirt, hair a bit spiky (I’m not intended to make such hair style. It happened naturally. hehe) and a dull colour bag make me looked like a master student? Did I? Nonsense..

So, I clarified my status to him. (not as single, couple or married) but as an undergraduate student. Huhu

Having lunch alone in the café before later my friends came and joined me. But seems I’ve finished, I just left them and walked to my room. Take a nap for a while before zohor..zzz

After zohor at musolla, I restructured and tidied up my research from the library. Adding few things which needed. Then, just spent my time during the “prime time sleep” by reading. “Barack Obama; Dreams from my father”. The no. 1 international bestseller.

After Asar, my friend and I planned to go for kayaking. So, we headed there, just inside the campus near the female sport complex. Unfortunately it was closed. We decided to walk around the man made lake and lingered there, enjoying the fresh air and warm sunshine. We were only left the place when the rain started to get heavy.

We were spending our evening time by wondering around the campus. Went to the
exclusive mahallah, rector’s residence etc. The moment we returned to our mahallah, it was still early, thus they (notice how i used "they" instead of "we") trying to ride my friend’s bike. Motocross type. For off road activity. Due to my “terbantut ketinggian”,ulangan, "terbantut ketinggian" I couldn’t be able to ride it. Quite high. Thus, I just watching them.. (what a pity). But my friend promised to bring his Kawasaki Ninja 250 tommorrow. Hehe.. (yang tu baru sentap nak bawak..rendah sikit)

After maghrib and a short refreshing of my quranic memorization, we (me, my friends and my big bro) went to have our dinner. Guess what? We had our dinner at the grave yard.

UIA’s students called the restaurant grave yard as it is located near to the grave yard.It's not a big deal at all.

Then, went to Giant Batu Caves and bought the double Dutch ice cream. Hehe. (nak rasa punya pasal.Tengok dalam TV macam sedap ja..)

After Isyak, YM with Abu Zarrin. Helping him preparing his resume. All the best to Abu. Dah dapat kerja jangan lupa belanja ek.hehe

That’s the story of my yesterday activities… Honestly, seems like no benefits from it. But, let us try to get some ‘ibrah from the story;

1) Our appearance and personality mirrored ourselves. The way we dressed, hair style etc. I should make a change to it. (Am I looked like a rockers??) Ya Allah..What a sinful I was.

2) We need to plan our works properly. Manage it !

3) We need to spend few hours from our 24 hours in Islamic development. Self purifying, muhasabah, reading etc. I admit, I’m lack in that part.

4) We are the ambassador of Islam. What we do, how we react or in other words, our daily activities mustn’t contradict with the Islamic teachings. People will keep on looking at us. (ini bukan ayat untuk suruh berpura-pura baik di hadapan orang) Try our best to be a good muslim.

5) You can find other lesson by your own..


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finding the white dots.

Lately I just realized that my post didn’t make any sense with the objectives of the establishment of this blog. Yeah frankly, I still can’t write and published posts which related to Tarbiyyah and purifying the heart.

What does it mean?

Simplest answer would be: my heart still full of black dots. I still can’t find my way. Stumbled in the middle of the road, looking for hands for guidance, and barely gasping the fresh air of Islam.

Menulislah kerana Allah… Am I doing that? Confused…or I just keep on writing to ensure my blog updated?

Hmm… I’m still finding the white dots. The dots which bring the Bless of Allah into my life.

It’s difficult to explain. People might see me as I am, but they can’t dive into my feelings. The feelings which full of black dots. The feelings which driven me to become who I am right now. At this moment. The feelings which reflected my writings.

I’ve lost while sailing in the black ocean. I’ve drowned without being able to reach and hold to the string of Allah..

Maybe this is the screening process from Allah?

Am I the one who supposedly being left alone?

Am I the one who caused the Da’wah moving slowly? Is it because of me?

Am I the one who bring fitnah to Islam?

If that so, now I’m so guilty..

Oo Allah, guide me… please hold my hand.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dedication to my sahabat..

This post is dedicated to my sahabat,Ali Noor Hanis b Anuar.
Although we just met few years ago,I mean when we were in form 4 at MATRI,you're very kind to me as if we have met years before that.

I still remembered the moment we had our so called "first conversation".We were in the class at that time,infront of the class or specifically at the teacher's table.You were telling us your story of your previous school.I realized that you are a 'selamba' type of person.Although you just met all of us (because you were the new student at that time)you were still acting "biasa.."

Your presence at MATRI made me feel a lil bit offensive and distracted as you just scored in your PMR.It created a threat for me to acheive a good result foward.

Your smart mind just been proven when you got 3rd in the class during mid year exam while we were in form 4 science.(if I'm not mistaken).For sure,1st was Faiz Sabri,2nd Akmal and 3rd was you.(FYI,you had break the tradition of our batch since number 2 and 3 always been manipulated by Akmal and arwah 'Ammar.)

At first,I thought you were kindda stingy guy,didn't want to share knowledge etc.But soon I realized that my preceptions were totally wrong!

You never give up supporting me.Teaching me in all subjects especially the critical one for me i.e. add math,chem,bio and physic.You lent me you add math workbook a.k.a koleksi kertas-kertas soalan SPM past years with full set of your answers.Brilliant! It helps me a lot.

Besides,you were my chemistry mentor.(Cikgu Zaiton pilih enta jadi mentor untuk group kita)because of your competency.You were such a good teacher for us.Guide us step by step especially in chem.(although you're the only one who deserved chemistry A1 in SPM.None of your mantee got A..hehe)

Supposely we were in a team for table tennis while in form 4.We were selected to play double, representing MATRI for MSSPs,but unfortunately,it was you the only one who was selected.(ada cerita di sebalik batu..hehe.shh..jgn bising-bising ali.)

Too many stories to be told..Just highlighting fews;flashed back our memories..

I planned to follow you,further my study in the same university after SPM.But, Allah knows best.You deserved to be a doctor.You deserved to study medicine while I'm not, although jepah offered to help me to ensure I'll enrolled the same university with you and him and do dentistry..huhu (thanks jepah)

"Kecewa...why I'm always be the shortest?"

from left:Umar,ali,akmal,me and adam

Although we're separated by distance,university,commitments etc. you still keep on messaging me.Asking my conditions etc.I really appreciate it.

Thus,I would like to dedicate this post to my sahabat,Ali Noor Hanis Anuar.May your life is shower with Allah's blesses,forgiveness etc.

May our bond of ukhuwwah remains strong abadan abada.

*Note1:Ali bila nak belanja makan?hehe
*Note2:Walaupun baru berkenalan time form 4,tapi proses tarbiyyah yang kita lalui bersama mengeratkan lagi ukhuwwah kita...Amin..
*Note3:Ali enta gi Jordan jgn lupa beli t-shirt untuk ana.Keychain tak mau! (Ayat demand yg sangat tinggi) hehehe

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My short listed books..

I just planned to buy few books which to be read during this coming holiday.Frankly,I supposely reading books which are related to my course as I'll be doing my dissertation soon. But,I just affiliated with books which are related to human behaviour etc.and of course,it is in english.

Here are the books which I'm looking for:

1)Law of connection & Law of Attraction by Micheal J. Losier
2)How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie
3)Teach your child how to think by Edward De Bono
4)Ford County (fiction) by John Grisham
5)The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (non-fiction)by William Kamkwamba.

Honestly,these books are quite expensive and I should start thinking how I'm going to get it.

My abah and ummi use to read lot of books and I'm sure I am affected with their habits.(although different genre of books)

My book shelve in my room at IIUM

Let us read and increase our knowledge as Malaysians or specifically Muslims are not really enjoy reading.Read in the name of Allah,and let us change the condition of the Ummah.May Allah bless all of us,Insya Allah.