Monday, February 28, 2011



The submission date for our dissertation is about to come to an end.Yet most of us still struggling completing here and there,including me which I could describe my situation as " I'm in a deep shit".
It really drives me crazy thinking all of these things.

Even it distracted me into the class.I couldn't focus!
For instance in Construction Business's class, we were discussing about 'market' and each words my lecturer uttered,I couldn't stop myself from relating it with my research.

Let say the lecturer was telling us about the importance of identifying the aim and objectives of our Business in order to cater the market demand.And somehow from nowhere I started to think about my research aim and objectives.Were it tally with my literature review or not and etc.

And when my lecturer started to talk about surveying (demography,needs and etc.) on the society,ensuring the successfulness of the business,I was thinking about my research methodology.How,I'm going to conduct my case study,survey or interview.

As a result, at the end of the class,I jot nothing except the date and the course title on my A4 sheet notes.I could say I just absorbed less than 50% from the lecture delivered.- Very BAD!!

 See..This was my note.Please ignore the 'doodle' at the bottom right of the paper.
(It's a piece of shit with 3 lovely houseflies)

 * Now,there'll be a studio trip to the northern part to visit the construction of the double lane of the train railway at Bukit Merah and also the construction of the second Penang Bridge. It would consume 4 days for the whole trip, started from 16th of March.- Guess what?I didn't plan to join it as my mind is still thinking of the dissertation.(Although I'm eager to join it as it would be my final studio trip.)

* A bit stress now and headache seems to happened frequently. 
* Baru undergrad dissertation,belum master or PhD. (but it will never stop my spirit,Insha Allah!)
* Hope for your pray..

Now I'm getting stress!! Is it wolverine or two bat man?
Tell me!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Salam'alaykum... (Usually, my Turkish friends will spell the word 'salam' like this.)

Couple of days ago when I was at the cafeteria, I stumbled on new Indonesian worker who is working with one of the food stalls' owner here.

He is a young boy and I guess he is around 20 years old.At a glance,he is just look like a normal guy but once he speaks,most of his words I could say 'a wisdom one'.

There was a time when he greet me, "Apa khabar?"
And I just replied "Khabar Baik." and I asked him back "Apa khabar?"

He replied "Alhamdulillah khabar baik".And suddenly he added, "Yang eloknya disebut alhamdulillah".

I was kinda "erk!".. (Oh malunya). But i take it as a compliment.Yeah,after all I need to be reminded no matter from who it is.

At one time, we met again and he asked me the same question. "Apa khabar?"
As I have learned something from him days before, so I answered 'confidently', "Alhamdulillah,khabar baik.Kamu?Sihat?"

"Alhamdulillah luarnya sihat,dalamnya tidak"..

Once again,I was amazed with his answer.I just give him a smile and didn't intended to prolong the conversation as he was on his duty.

*Sometimes Allah will sent for us someone who we didn't actually being thinking of to remind us.
*Accept and take as a compliment all reminders regardless from where it comes from.

1)My Turkish friends keep on calling me,inviting me to their house.Sorry Agabeycim,I'm pretty busy down here. Tamam kendine iyi bak!.

2)I just realized that I have the talent of being a 'fashion consultant'.- (ada cerita di sebalik ini)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Meroyan?If I'm not mistaken this term is being used to describe a condition of a woman practically after giving birth where she is kinda acting weirdly.(Correct me if I'm wrong)

So,currently I'm 'suffering' such condition.Suddenly I felt like I need an extra time for vacation etc.Releasing my mind from struggling finishing my 'works'.And coming from nowhere the 'homesick' symptom penetrate into my heart hence making the 'meroyan' syndrome worst.

" Abah, Ummi, Bang Chik nak Berhenti Belajar!!! "

My lecturers used to say that sometimes,we need to appreciate ourselves by treating something after struggling-to-die studying and trying to complete our research.It's somehow a motivational psychology to boost up our spirit and courage to face the next problems.

For instance,one of my lecturer once spending a month travelling across the Japan while she was doing her PhD in Kyoto as an appreciation for herself being completed her PhD.Or after few presentations she would treat herself slices of expensive cakes or buying a new shirt etc.

Well,seems like I need such an appreciation too.(after I've completed my research Insya Allah).-Buying something/going somewhere to appreciate myself.Sounds weired?(Usually others will appreciate others like a couple;the man giving something to the girl in appreciating her achievement in something.But seems like couple is prohibited and yet I'M STILL SINGLE,hence I need to appreciate it on my own.)

Suddenly,I've been dreaming to cycle around The Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland.Hahaha..What a nonsense!
(One day Insya Allah)

 The Millport.The main settlement in this 1168 hectares island.Subhanallah..

 Come on!! Let us cycle around the island!

 Subhanallah.. Nak pergi nak pergi!! (Sambil berlari-lari setempat)

 The 18km cycling around the island Insha Allah would not cause tiredness as we could enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The Isle of Cumbrae.

Anybody wanna follow me??
*Credits to Mr. Google for these pictures..

Pre-Graduation Dinner and Appreciation Night 2011

As I've promised before,here are some of the pictures during the QS Pre-grad dinner.It was held at the Federal Hotel,Kuala Lumpur with the theme of modern and classic.
*I guess you know who is the guy behind the 'smiley''s face. =)

Waiting at the VIP lounge before entering the hall

Special guest,Maher Zain.Hehe but the fake one.

The cool guys.They are good friends of mine

The charming guys.

With my senior (middle).He graduated last year and currently working with PLUS.(Dengar kata gaji masyuk.Bleh la blanja makan lps ni.hehe)

Future QS insha Allah. 

With two of my classmates.(Ya Allah,I just realized something.I need to gain extra height!)

Maybe it's enough for these pictures.Tired waiting for the pictures to be uploaded.
*Congratulations to my juniors (2nd Year) as they were the one who organized this Pre-Grad Dinner and Appreciation Night.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my latest reading material

My latest reading material, A 3rd serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul. (354 pages)
#1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors: Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

Bought it last Thursday in front of the univ. library.There were bunches of books which really sparks my interest but I couldn't get it all due to 'financial constraint'.(Even this one I bought it using my part time working allowance.)
-Just going half (not half actually.A quarter maybe) through of this book.No words to describe it; good!

*Let us instill in ourselves the reading habit. I love reading! - It helps you increase your knowledge and kick you off from ignorance.. (I think I inherited this habit from my mom and dad..Betulkah?)


pic via: emeylovalova

*I like this description on single..As a matter of fact,I like and prefer to be a single.(Oh no,this is not a say-no-to-marriage campaign.).- so, I dedicated this 'word of wisdom' to my eldest bro, Bang Chaq and some of my friends who keep on teasing and insist me to marry at my 'young age'.Letting all of you know that I preferred single!

*Oh boy, the campus election is just about to come.When?I'm not sure.Tomorrow maybe.And out of sudden people from 'nowhere' started knocking door to door promoting their constituency representatives.Bla bla bla..Sorry dudes if I was making a 'pork face' while you were trying to promote your manifestos.I'm not really 'into these sort of things'..In fact you were taking my time listening to your 'sweet dishes'.Sorry fellas.Just wishing all of you the best.
- Don't ever instructing me how to elect.Bro, you need to do this n this.Oh don't forget to bring along your matric card etc..-At the end of his instruction: "Emm.1st year student?"
"Hah?no I'm not.I'm 4th year." (I knew it! I've been looking so young all the time! hehe)(3 years I've been electing and I know how the system works ok!)
*By the way there will be no election at my faculty this session as the representatives won uncontested.
Anyhow,hoping those who are striving to promote and implement the Islamic issues winning this coming election.Wallahu'alam.

Sunday, February 20, 2011



Alhamdulillah,the pre-graduation dinner and appreciation night has ended last night.Insha Allah I'll try to make a special post on it later on.(and uploading few pictures).Overall,it was just nice.

Just received another work from my lecturer.Proposing a new/enhancing parking lot at our faculty as the current parking lots are cramp with cars especially students' cars.16 of us will be doing this job.We need to analyze,doing value management (conducting value management workshop) and later on design + make a cost plan + consulting with authority (electrical works,drainage/piping etc) for the proposed parking lot.(Need to read and understand the Uniform Building By Laws,UBBL)

Insha Allah we'll gonna present it to the Dean of our Faculty end of this coming March.

The time allocated seems impossible to achieve the aim as we still working on with our individual final year research.Worst,the drawing given (plan) for the parking lot wasn't the right drawing.Initially we've been told that it's the 'as built drawing' but later, I was the one who realized that it wasn't the 'as built drawing'.I managed to talk to the lecturer to clarify few things.Guess what?We need to re-measure the whole area and plot it as what it should be.(Using the GIS).

Seems like my workloads are getting heavier from time to time. (I thought it should be vice versa as I'm about 'approaching' my ending year)

Aaaahh..Those eyes 're looking at me signaling that I'm the one who should present the proposal to the Dean.Hmm..
My lecturer had already said that she is expecting a good presentation i.e. within the time frame,compact yet informative and being able to convince the 'client' i.e the dean to accept the proposal.Manage to be distracted during the presentation as lot of questions will be thrown out and need to be answered based on facts and concrete justifications.- In other words,well prepared.It's kinda 'viva' for Master/PhD students..

Praying and hoping that everything will be going smoothly and blessed by Allah.
Trying to reschedule my time... (berpinar-pinar kepala)

*There is a wired feeling coming in to me as I'm about to finish off my studies.- I want to change course.Why I'm taking this faculty,I shouldn't be at this faculty at the first place etc.Argghh!!!-It kills my mood

(Mohon doa kalian)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dr.Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips


Have you ever heard about this Muslim's scholar?
Alhamdulillah he is currently in IIUM for a serial talk.Dr.Bilal Philips was born in Jamaica and soon being raised up in Canada.He was a Christian,communist and even an atheist before later he reverted to Islam.He was the founder and dean of the Islamic Online University which is based in Doha,Qatar.He is actively participate in doing Da'wah through out the world. He received his B.A. degree from the Islamic University of Madinah and his M.A. in Aqeedah (Islamic Theology) from the King Saud University in Riyadh, then to the University of Wales, UK, where he completed a PhD in Islamic Theology in the early 90’s.  (To know more on his background,please google it out)

Weeks before, as I noticed the poster of this talk,what comes to my mind was "I want to attend it".However, as I was quite busy,hence I had no time to register and confirm my attendance at the registration booth.Days later,I found out that it's already full and I was quite disappointed as I would be missed this talk.

Alhamdulillah, the organizer managed to change the venue due to the number of students who still requesting for seats for the talk and I was among the fortunate to get myself into it.

The first talk,syeikh Bilal shared with us his experience in doing Da'wah to the USA military units.This talk entitled 'Behind the Enemy Lines: Defending Islam'.His speech,way of presenting the topic and the gist were totally awesome.

His 2nd talk was delivered right after the Fajr prayer today.Entitled "The 7 groups of people under the shade of Allah" really touching my heart.This 7 groups of people is based on the Hadith tawatir i.e. being narrated by many sahabats.(The most authentic hadith)

Tonight there will be his 3rd talk but seems like I couldn't attend it as I'll be attending my pre-graduation dinner at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.(It's actually kind of conflict of interests.I really hope to participate all of his lectures.I really mean it)

Insha Allah,his final lecture (for this time being) would be tomorrow morning after Fajr prayer.

I love listening and gaining knowledge from public lectures especially those in English as it will polish my Language skills.Moreover,if that lectures are related to Islamic studies and being delivered by Muslim scholars around the world,it really drives my interest to attend it.Interesting to learn from different school of thought,cultures etc.

So,just reminding myself and my fellow readers,make ourselves free and available attending such lectures.(As most of us are lazy in reading,at least such lectures could cover up few things from that readings)

Hope to meet other Muslim scholars like Yusuf Hamza,Khalid Yasin etc.

*Language is such an important thing especially in doing Da'wah.- The way you addressing the people/audiences and presenting the idea is really a major aspects in convincing and influencing the people.
I still remember there was a Somalian syeikh who delivered the Friday Sermon few months ago at the Univ. Masjid.His Arabic was superb.Even some of my friends who have a 'little knowledge' in Arabic could spotted his unique Arabic.Subhanallah.

May Allah guide us and put us among HIS obedient servants.Ameenn..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My life is falling apart...

Yesterday was the day where MY LIFE IS STARTED TO FALLING APART...
That e-mail really killed my mood and even my life!
How I'm gonna face and enjoy each and every minutes of my life now?
Ya Allah....
(currently trying to 'Enjoy the stress')

 "So lose not heart, nor fall into despair: for ye must gain mastery if ye are true In Faith."
(Ali Imran : 139)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the heart/ intention is the matter...

عن أمـيـر المؤمنـين أبي حـفص عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه ، قال : سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عـليه وسلم يـقـول:

( إنـما الأعـمـال بالنيات وإنـمـا لكـل امـرئ ما نـوى . فمن كـانت هجرته إلى الله ورسولـه فهجرتـه إلى الله ورسـوله ومن كانت هجرته لـدنيا يصـيبها أو امرأة ينكحها فهجرته إلى ما هاجر إليه ).

رواه إمام المحد ثين أبـو عـبـد الله محمد بن إسماعـيل بن ابراهـيـم بن المغـيره بن بـرد زبه البخاري الجعـفي،[رقم:1] وابـو الحسـيـن مسلم بن الحجاج بن مـسلم القـشـيري الـنيسـابـوري [رقم :1907] رضي الله عنهما في صحيحيهما اللذين هما أصح الكتب المصنفه.

On the authority of Ameer ul-Mu'mineen (the Commander of the Faithful), Aboo Hafs `Umar ibn al-Khattaab radiAllaahu anhu, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam say: 

"Actions are but by intentions and every man shall have only that which he intended. Thus he whose migration (Hijrah to Madeenah from Makkah) was for Allaah and His Messenger, his migration was for Allaah and His Messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated."

I'm all round !!



A group of people were discussing something infront of the Lecture Theater while waiting for the lecturer to come in..
A: Seems like we still didn't have any representatives to perform during the upcoming Pre-graduation dinner.
B: Yeah..At least we have one.Plying guitar and sing or anything..Hmm..
C: Why not NJ?

A,B & C: Hey NJ,why not you represent our batch and perform at the upcoming dinner?
NJ: Ok! No problem..Any demanded song?
B: You seems to be suitable for Nasheed.
NJ: How if I sing any songs from Tim McGraw,Kenny Chesney etc.?
A,B &C: ............ (terkesima)


A: NJ is there any talk tonight at university Masjid? (related to Maulidur Rasul)
NJ: I don't know.
A: How come you didn't know?
NJ: Why should I know?
A: Isn't you the 'AJK' masjid?
NJ: Tooodia..Celah mana aku AJK masjid!..But as far as I aware, there is no talk today at the univ.Masjid.
A: See..I've told you that you're the 'AJK' Masjid..
NJ: ...........


B: NJ what is the Syari'ah verdicts on the issue of a man wearing a 'dragon-head' ring?
NJ: Why you ask me?
B: Because my instinct said that you are the person I should asked to.
NJ: I just share what I understand.. Bla bla bla.....

*Conclusion: Who am I actually?Some people perceived me as a so called 'ustaz'..(wekk!! I'm vomiting.Tak layak dowh..).Some of them looked me as a 'Rock' guy but having principles..Well, am I ALL ROUND?

*Note: Some of the dialogues might differ from the original one,but the gist is still the same.


"Forgiving someone doesn't mean forgetting what they did, it simply means letting go of the hurt"
(via: subzerofangire)


"O ye who believe! why say ye that which ye do not? (2) Grievously odious is it In the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not." (3)
(As-Soff : 2-3)

Move Forward !!

via emeylovalova

Monday, February 14, 2011

Maulid Ar-Rasul Sallallah 'Alaihi Wassallam.

"I have left for you two things,and you will never ever astray (deviate) as long as you hold to both of them tightly. It is the Al-Quran and my Sunnah." 
(Aw kama qal)

"Ye have indeed In the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is In Allah and the final Day, and who engages much In the Praise of Allah"
(Al-Ahzab : 21)

From Sayyadatina 'Aisyah Radhiallaha 'anha:

Indeed,the 'akhlaq' of Rasulullah Sallallahu 

'alaihi Wassalam is the Al- Quran. 
(Hadith Muslim) 

Rasulullah said: It is not a believer until I am being loved more than his father,his son and the whole people.
(Hadith Bukhari) 

Rasulullah said: Indeed, the closest person with me during the Judgment Day is the one who offered me 'selawat' the most.
(Hadith Tirmizi) 

Let us enjoy the stress...

One of my lecturer once said : Let us enjoy the stress !!

I bet each and every one of us are having stress.Family problem,academic challenges,working difficulties etc. And the level of stress might be slightly different from one another. 

The question is,how're we going to enjoy the stress?

"Do men think that They will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that They will not be tested?" (Al-Ankabut:2)

"He who created death and life, that He may try which of you is best In deed: and He is the Exalted In Might, Oft-Forgiving." (Al-Mulk:2)

So,stress is just about the test from Allah.Don't we feel lucky for being tested by Allah?
HE wanted to reward us something if only we could be patient and cope up with it.So,what are we waiting for??