Sunday, November 29, 2009

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It happened my 16 days nephew was admitted to the hospital due to jaundice. There was something crossing my mind. Why recently we heard most of new born baby especially in Malaysia got jaundice? I seldom heard the western born baby infected with it. Is it due to the medicines injected to the baby the moment they were delivered? Maybe Dr.Hudzaifah or anybody with good knowledge in it can explain further.

My nephew's skin is burning up due to the "blue fluorescent light"

There was 1 nurse came to my sister and her baby after few days admitted to the hospital.

Nurse: Madam, you’re going to be discharged today. (with smile)

Madam: Alhamdulillah.

Nurse: But before that, you need to settle few bills. Right now the office is close for lunch. You can make the payment around 2.00pm.

Madam: Ok, Insya Allah.

Nurse: I think you better sit and rest and ask your husband to pay it (the nurse is pointing at me with innocent face, assuming I’m the dad!).

Me: lol. Do I look like a dad? (I’m too young and immature to be a dad!)

We celebrated Eidul Adha nowhere except in our home. My uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. coming all the way from KL, Penang and other far far away places just to visit me to visit my sister and her baby.

We snapped photos infront of our house (pic of my uncles,aunts,cousin,etc. Can you find me?)

Insya Allah I’ll be leaving to KL soon as my practical training will be started this 7th December.

May this Eidul Adha gives us the spirit to struggle and sacrifice for the sake of Islam, and we hope the lesson from the sirah of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail can stick firmly in our heart.

Note1: Congratulation to my aunt for her engagement recently.

Note2: I’m too young to be an uncle right? Hehe

Note3: Congrat to my lil bro for achieving 5A in the UPSR


LuQMaN M.J said...

Congrats to all ^^

imran-md said...

ana x ngaji lg psl jaundice tu..
Tahniah adik ali-imran..
mmg dia bijak mcm nta...

ukur kira said...

to LMJ:yeah
to Imran:ana x sebijak nta lg bijak ing.

mhuno said...

AYAH? Tu tanda nta nak kena walimah nabil,..ana ni je xde org nak lg,..hehe

ukur kira said...

to mhuno:tanda2 tu rasanya kurang tepat.ana x sedia lg.Lg pun ana x dak calon lg.hehe
Tak de org nak dkt nta?Ish,x kan lah.Mgkin nta yg jual mahal?