Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dedicated for me to think.....


Live is not as easy as you taught.It full with obstacles and it is very tough and rough.Why is it so?Nothing else except Allah wants to test us either we are a 'real muslim' or not.

As a muslim, we have to face every single of these trials as a medium for us to be a better man.The patience we paid will be bought by Allah in exchange.Together with Allah's blessings, hopefully we deserve to live happily ever after in the Paradise.

Put Allah in our heart,the sweetness of trials and tribulations will be tasted...
O Allah,guide and bless me...

One of my friend used to paint a mural at our hostel building during our life time as a secondary school students..It stated,

A star has five ends,
A square has four ends,
A triangle has three ends,
A line has two ends,
However, Allah's blessings has no end!

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